You don't have to be a "person of influence" to be influential. In fact, the most influential people in my life are probably not even aware of the things they've taught me.

Scott Adams

He who wishes to exert a useful influence must be careful to insult nothing. Let him not be troubled by what seems absurd, but concentrate his energies to the creation of what is good. He must not demolish, but build. He must raise temples where mankind may come and partake of the purest pleasure.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Nothing in the world makes people so afraid as the influence of independent-minded people.

Albert Einstein

Be around the people you want to be like, because you will be like the people you are around.

Sean Reichle

Because everything we say and do is the length and shadow of our own souls, our influence is determined by the quality of our being.

Dale E. Turner

(Propaganda) proceeds by psychological manipulations, character modifications, by creation of stereotypes useful when the time comes - The two great routes that this sub-propaganda takes are the conditioned reflex and the myth.

Jacques Ellul

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.

Mark Twain

It is easier to influence strong than weak characters in life.

Margot Asquith

The function of prayer is not to influence God, but rather to change the nature of the one who prays.

Soren Kierkegaard

Well, the fact is that one cannot retrace one's steps, and the steps one has taken greatly influence the future.

Vincent van Gogh

There is a boundary to men's passions when they act from feelings; but none when they are under the influence of imagination.

Edmund Burke

The way you think, the way you behave, the way you eat, can influence your life by 30 to 50 years.

Deepak Chopra

Envy, my son, wears herself away, and droops like a lamb under the influence of the evil eye.

Jacopo Sannazaro

Absences are a good influence in love and keep it bright and delicate.

Robert Louis Stevenson

The true teacher defends his pupils against his own personal influence.

Amos Bronson Alcott

Power lasts ten years; influence not more than a hundred.

Korean Proverb

To listen well is as powerful a means of communication and influence as to talk well.

Dr. John Marshall

The objective of his life is not just to make money, but to have influence and to follow the heritage of his grandfather.

Ferdinand Dudenhöffer

I have more influence now than when I had the power.

Gough Whitlam

The unreal has about as much influence on them as the real...

Gustave Le Bon

But in reality, in the long term, it does become a destructive influence in lives as it begins to consume more and more.

Brett Beal

Stricter standards applied to those who influence impressionable young people.

Robin Oakley

Has always been a kind of clearing house for power and influence in Italian finance and business. It's a place where things happen, if you like.

Keith Baird

That's a card our negotiating partners have which gives them a certain leverage, a certain influence over the U.S..

Clyde Prestowitz

We don't want to influence anyone else's statement.

Lauren Peduzzi

Citizens want not just input but influence.

Deborah Reyher

We're not here to influence voters; we're here to make sure they get to vote for the candidate of their choice.

Paul Lee

One of the hallmarks of the human brain is the extent to which cortical, cognitive, namely prefrontal areas can influence and control behavior, and these areas are the last to develop and perhaps never cease doing so.

Matthew Gervais

You can see what kind of a major influence this company has.

Fred Ketchen

(My parents) aren't so much an influence on why I play, but I get my love and my passion for the game from them.

Amanda Johnson

Manners are one of the greatest engines of influence ever given to man.

Richard Whately

She was a woman of positive influence who was all about progressing. She wanted things to change and grow.

Jessica Brown

These donations appear to be intended to influence a process that should not be open to influence.

Hank Morris

If you idolize someone for their accomplishments, and those accomplishments spurn you on to make gains in your own life, then admiring a celebrity can have a positive influence on your ambition, or even your mental health.

Abby Aronowitz

That (is) the gist of our challenge, that the National Environmental Policy Act and its state counterpart, the California Environmental Quality Act, are on the books to influence how decisions are derived, not to be applied after they're decided.

Teresa Schilling

The most fundamental in me is coming uppermost, and the transient, the sensational, is dispersing, because it can't adversely influence what is essential to me.

Oskar Kokoschka

Ultimately, a battle for market influence between geopolitical factors and the flow of U.S. data is likely to be settled in favor of the former.

Kevin Norrish

In my experience, these investigations can take years and generally don't have any immediate influence on the fundamentals of the companies.

Thomas Gunderson

He was very anti-Communist in his appearance, ... He would always be talking about how we should be doing more stories about the Communist menace and communist influence and Russian influence.

James Bamford

Nowhere is the erosion of American influence so visible as the place it counts most : emerging Asia.

Gordon Chang

The detected violations were of procedural character and do not influence the election results.

Lidiya Yermoshina

We don't know how much of (the trustee's) report was the independent assessment of the experts and how much was a result of the Commission's influence.

Horacio Gutierrez

We have absolutely no bearing and no influence on what [the industry is] saying.

Matthew Clark

It's everywhere. It's the drug influence.

Charles Henry

INFLUENCE, n. In politics, a visionary _quo_ given in exchange for a substantial _quid_.

Ambrose Bierce

You cannot antagonize and influence at the same time.

John Knox

From a policing perspective, our job is to gather evidence, analyze evidence and present evidence. What happens after that in the court system we cannot have any influence on.

Wayne Oakes

Blessed is the influence of one true, loving human soul on another.

George Eliot

If they don't report, they're hurting their credibility with the very people they're trying to influence.

R. Roth Rudd

Ambitious youngsters are not going to let $600 influence their career choices.

Mike Hayden

This will certainly influence the attitude of donors at the conference.

Gunnar Wiegand

I think the city manager's had too much influence on policy.

Larry Klein

There was already a fuel burning here in Wichita to take a look at this. This is just another avenue to take a look at this influence in our community.

Jan Beemer

I think it's pretty clear our influence is waning as far as agenda setting.

Noah Feldman

They believe a new generation of students is where hope is. They look for the opportunity to influence a new generation.

Dr. Yvonne Seon

Springsteen is a huge influence.

Craig Finn

You may not be able to influence the cost of diesel or fertilizer, but you may be able to influence your lease.

Paul Patterson

I am here to be direct with you. You have the power to influence this campus and the society we live in.

Keith Edwards

They appear to be just singling out driving under the influence.

John Whitaker

Certainly it would have significant influence on whether the committee would add a second year.

Josephine Potuto

The church influence washes over, runs through, pervades everything we do.

Robert Wilkes

The bank cannot disregard the exchange rate because the exchange rate can exercise considerable influence on developments in inflation.

Xolile Guma

This is a big-time card with a lot of influence.

Rex Johnson

Perseverance is an active principle, and cannot continue to operate but under the influence of desire.

William Godwin

The influence of a beautiful, helpful, hopeful character is contagious and may revolutionize a whole town.

Eleanor H. Porter

He used his energy and influence to get things done.

Dick Riley

We'd like to influence them to let us have some say in what goes on and to convince them to hire local workers.

Doug Adams

The people who influence you are the people who believe in you.

Henry Drummond

The greatest ability in business is to get along with others and to influence their actions.

John Hancock

A lot of the people are under the influence of drugs.

Mark Schlosberg

Leadership is influence.

John C. Maxwell

That is going to influence production a bit.

Rob Schlichting

The opinion was that he was not under the influence.

David Nagle

Our goal is to influence peer culture so that we can prevent violence from happening in the first place.

Kathryn Xian

Authorities said Mills was under the influence of drugs when they found her.

Tarik Minor

Fifteen- and 18-year-old women e-mail me and say what an influence and impact I've had in their life.

Amber Frey

I don't give so I can have influence over there.

Jim Haslam

They're not the only carrier, but they certainly do have a huge influence on the prosperity of the metropolitan Detroit area.

Michael Conway

He will influence the debate, but he has no chance of winning.

Craig Oliver

It's not the money. It's not the fame. It's the influence.

Clay Aiken

Dan Flood exercised every ounce of political power and influence he had, and he had a lot, to get the federal agencies moving.

Michael Clark

This is before the hurricane and does not influence what the Fed is going to do, and CPI is more relevant to the markets.

Peter Boockvar

A little bit of an influence is there, but we don't sound like Alice in Chains, ... We're influenced and don't lie about it, but everyone is compared to someone.

Sully Erna

It's really a rewarding feeling when you're around really good people. What influence you've had is hard to say, but when you see good people doing good things, it's a very rewarding thing.

Pat Doyle

Appraise war in terms of the fundamental factors. The first of these factors is moral influence.

Sun Tzu

There's just no way that the modern canvassing board in Pinellas County can influence an election. It's just about impossible.

John Hubbard

The greatest ability in business is to get along with others and influence their actions. A chip on the shoulder is too heavy a piece of baggage to carry through life.

John Hannah

She's a calming influence at times, she's a source of energy at other times.

Mark Peperkorn

The poverty and the influence of the church were very damaging. It damaged all of us emotionally. To be poor deprives you of self-esteem.

Frank Mccourt

It will be a veritable who's who list of persons of influence in Creek County.

Clark Brewster

The UAW has a lot of incentive to negotiate concessions out of court, given the lesser influence it would have in a bankruptcy scenario.

Mark Oline

The question for each man to settle is not what he would do if he had means, time, influence, and educational advantages, but what he will do with the things he has.

Hamilton Wright Mabie

In the time to come Japan and India are going to move closer to counter balance the rapidly increasing influence of China in global politics.

Rajeev Sharma

My views may have had some influence ... But their views have influenced me as well.

Jim Craig

His influence is immeasurable. There's not an artist that's come out of grad school since the 1960s that hasn't been influenced by Rauschenberg.

Ron Bishop

Never was under the influence of alcohol or drugs while performing his broadcasting duties for the station.

Danny Bonaduce

We're the economic engine of the country. You know, the influence is moving west and the east doesn't like it.

Roger Walker

Erin is our only senior and has been the best captain I've ever had as a coach as she is always in the young girls' ears when they make mistakes and she is a calming influence for them when I'm not being as quiet.

Vin Laczkoski

He could influence the outcome of the race. If he does have any ideas he wants to see advanced, this is the time to do it.

Joe Monahan

We don't have that much influence over Chinese oil interests. We're watching. That's about all we can do.

Robert Ebel

They had been influenced by Bauhaus. They have much in common in the way they used their cameras, their use of angles for illustration and their use of backlighting. You can see the influence of cinema and architecture.

Boris Kossoy

If I had more influence, ... 100 percent of the housing (on Fort Ord) would be affordable.

Sam Farr

Atkinson insists. ''I would never have taken this job if I didn't think it was completely free of advertisers' influence.

Jason Binn

The opposition is not outside the process. They can't influence the process. The government, however, now has no one to blame for its policies.

Vitali Meschoulam

Somebody like Chavez sees China as the counterpart to the U.S.. They see it as a way to diversify their sources of influence.

Claudio Loser

The fundamentals have become superfluous. None of the metals would be where they are today without the influence of fund buying.

Angus Macmillan

Leadership is more ? if not much more ? influence, rather than position.

John C. Maxwell

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.

Henry Adams

He's been extremely influential in the good health we have in this district now. He has had a tremendously good influence on the district and it naturally follows to the community -- even if he is an Aggie.

Charles Tighe

They should resign, ... Where is their embarrassment? Why are they still in positions of influence and collecting directors' fees?

Hal Vogel

I'd like to coach after college. I've always had great coaches, so they've influenced me to want to influence another group of girls.

Megan Hill

What an incredible, incredible man. I'm indebted to him for many years of friendship. I grew up four doors away from the man and I've known him since I was four- years-old. He had a big influence on my life.

Robin Burns

We do not have influence or leverage to convince the Chinese to change their regulation or refrain from enforcing them.

Jack Krumholtz

She hated this man. She wanted him fired, and you cannot hide that kind of animosity from your children. The influence that Sharon has had over her children … cannot be ignored.

Bart Adams

She was impressive: articulate, poised and mature. I never got the idea she wielded a lot of influence.

Dennis Jett

The division of support that appears to be occurring now may influence the ability of the superintendent to move the agenda forward.

Walt Rulffes

We can readily see their beneficial influence upon our economy, the design of master-planned communities and even into the civic fabric of our community.

Jerry Starkey

We spoke about his love for cricket and what cricket does to influence the world.

Brian Lara

Aristocratic women definitely had influence in ancient Rome and knew how to influence powerful men.

Lindsay Duncan

I don't know if I feel necessarily more cynical in terms of corporate influence. I think I am more aware of it.

Johanna Cleary

I don`t think any of the previous matches will have any influence.

Brian Kerr

No, it's this decade, the one we're living in. It's the only thing that can influence you.

Richard Archer

Corporations have deeper pockets and therefore more influence than individuals do.

Maureen Richardson

Influence peddling is their forte.

Grant Smith

I suppose I agree that we have had an influence on modern popular music.

Dave Gilmour

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to influence state law. Little old me spoke and I was heard. It?s democracy in action.

Audrey Miller

You have the potential for extreme, unprovoked violence when under the influence.

Pat O'brien

I love my country, but we don't have this culture. Mayan influence is everywhere in Guatemala.

Pablo Gomez

I don't know how much influence we'll have in Congress, but we've got to try.

Jim Dodson

It is reasonable to question whether this aluminum could then influence breast cancer.

Dr Philippa Darbre

There wasn't a trail that led to an assumption of (Nevin) trying to influence anything.

Michael Gill

We had a different lineup. We brought Chris back and it was a calming influence on the rest of the squad.

Jim Nisbet

Fiber has a major influence on body weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

David Ludwig

James has been a tremendous influence at the club, not only with his performances on the field, but also with his coaching.

Gordon Drummond

The influence staffers have on the rest of the world is highly underrated.

Larry Richardson

The Pub Council was probably the most exciting. That group has probably had more influence on freedom of speech and freedom of press than any other group at the university.

Ryck Luthi

It's much easier to influence them. At this age, you have more of a grip. As they get older, you begin to lose that grip.

Vernon Isabella

It appeared that he had been under some sort of influence of either alcohol or prescription medication.

Trish Hoffman

I write non-fiction, and he didn't influence me. He was one of the great writers, but I don't know that he influenced a generation.

Gay Talese

I think I was a bit of an influence.

Lon Buchheit

It was a much different experience this time around, ... He knew it was out of his hands, first of all, and he didn't try to strong-arm his way with influence. It was a beautiful time.

Marc Broussard

It's not about money. The money will flow. It's about power and influence.

Michael Ovitz

I feel heavy pressure. I don't think the setback will influence me at home, but I hope I can ignore the home crowd and purely focus on the game.

Ding Junhui

We will not allow any violent act or any illegal act to influence our journalists.

Ming Pao

There may be more cycles of hyperventilation yet to come as Hurricane Rita blows through the Gulf of Mexico, but the DOE data for last week was a calming influence.

Tim Evans

It's important for you as an individual to look at the document. The public response has had an influence on the process.

Cathy Cook

I don't see Oldenburg as an influence, but he casts a big shadow as an extraordinary artist.

Donald Lipski

He had a tremendous influence on me. It was about a relationship with a man you would go to the wall with.

Rick Brosterhous

This is a widespread disease. Soft money is the way to buy access and influence.

Donald J. Simon

Anyone can be a teacher or professor, but not everyone can influence you to strive for excellence and make a difference in the world around you.

Curtis White

It would be completely different if they came from Stuttgart, but some of these players are here from Kaunas and there's a measure of influence we can have there.

Phil Anderton

We were looking for influence and why we have to suffer through 'Godzilla.'

Walter Isaacson

Ideas, ideas, backward and forward. His influence is layers and layers of spirit.

Dizzy Gillespie

The yen has been a definite influence on Asian currencies. Korea definitely has one eye on the yen. I suspect Korea would hope the yen would move more than the won.

Greg Gibbs

If you get to thinkin' you're a person of some influence, try orderin' somebody else's dog around.

Cowboy Proverb

He was only able to identify six homes. The rest he couldn't remember because of his being under the influence and because of his drug habit. He admitted to doing this to support his drug habit.

Trish Hill

I've had a wonderful life. If I died today, it doesn't owe me a thing. I've tried to be a good influence on everyone I've met along the way.

Jerry Andrus

There are government assistance programs, but they have a diminishing influence on the housing market.

Nicolas Retsinas

The president only has so much influence over the economy and legislation.

Angel Mata

Most books, like their authors, are born to die; of only a few books can it be said that death has no dominion over them; they live, and their influence lives forever.

William Styron

What happens in the development section ... will influence positions on other parts of the document.

Munir Akram

He's going to be playing and coaching. He¿s a great influence on the lads and he's working with the Academy goalkeepers, which is good as well.

John Coleman

You have to make sure you start to influence the customer early on. You have to outthink and outsmart your competitors.

Lee Cooper

When the state or federal government control the education of all of our children, they have the dangerous and illegitimate monopoly to control and influence the thought process of our citizens.

Michael Badnarik

The biggest influence on home values is supply and demand.

Robert Irwin

It's going to increase his visibility, it's going to increase his influence.

Bryan Wilkes

They all had a big influence on me.

Darlene West

We can't undo the deals already signed between India and Israel but the thinking is to try to influence future deals.

Talat Masood

It's clear that voluntary disclosure is not working and even small gifts can influence behavior.

Dr. Troyen Brennan

Russia is saying you can't have your cake and eat it. If you're in the Russian sphere of influence, you get cheap energy. If you aren't, you don't.

Chris Weafer

The Japanese yen will become less of a driver for Asian foreign exchange and the influence of the yuan will grow.

Irene Cheung

Influence: What you think you have until you try to use it.

Joan Welsh

It's about finding a use for everything. We wanted to apply what we learned when we came home and try to influence others.

Kate Macaulay

The Influence of Sea Power on History.

Ralph Peters

There are other ways to influence representatives to cut taxes.

Iris Lav

Here, we'll have a chance to influence the younger generation. They'll see another path they can follow.

Seth Wescott

I enjoy directing something I've never seen. If I see it, it tends to influence my directing, and I end up second-guessing myself.

Jason Ballweber

That was a very big mistake. He should have kept everyone guessing. Now he seems to be losing influence much faster than we would have thought.

Shigenori Okazaki

They influence our average wages.

Joel Wagher

We are certainly seeing the influence of higher oil prices on the U.S. economy.

Koichiro Suzuki

Basically, he was like the main influence on me getting back in. I was still in touch with him and everything. He was the one who helped me out to get back in.

Ruben Perez

People don't feel they have any influence at all.

Jim Koch

Conclusions arrived at through reasoning have very little or no influence in altering the course of our lives.

Carlos Casteneda

Even when he was in there, we were ready for him and we stopped him. Missing him was a big influence on their plays.

Dan Walker

If it weren't for Sean, I don't think there would be a triathlon club. There wouldn't have been enough influence to get it done.

Jennifer Anderson

Sam is a good kid. ... She got hooked up with this idiot. She never would have done something like this without some influence from him.

Carlos Casillas

It's amazing the influence of a coach, ... A coach can build a spirit or break it down.

Todd Brown

When you are caught driving under the influence and the result is a conviction, that record will translate into your driving record.

John Carlos

I was surprised how deeply that affected us. Every comedian will say Johnny was just the biggest influence on their life.

Paul Provenza

Mr. Richards has been a good influence on our running and in life.

Brett Koehn

There are so many factors driving employers away from retiree health benefits ? ... escalating health costs, demographics; all sorts of things influence employers' decisions.

Laurie Mccann

I think the fact that I created something and had an enormous influence is indisputable.

La Monte Young

It's really been a positive influence on everybody involved in that program.

David Stead

When it came to crunch time, he was there for us. He was a very calming influence for us. We knew if one of our defenders got beat, Shep was back there.

Tim Guter

I actually have a moderating influence, rather than radicalizing influences.

Azzam Tamimi

China sits in the United Nations and they are the determining influence of our foreign policy.

Alberto Romulo

[These figures] really reveal the growing economic influence of the Hispanic community. Hispanic immigrants are not just job takers. They're job creators.

Michael Barrera

We wanted to see if women who had hysterectomies differed in some way from those who did not, and whether the hysterectomy itself had an influence on heart disease.

Barbara V. Howard

My parents were divorced and I didn't grow up with my father, but I spent a lot of time around him, and his influence on me has been profound.

Laura Linney

I think in general there's been a turn toward fashion with an ethnic flavor. There's definitely a Brazilian and Hispanic influence.

Cheryl Hall Lindsay