One of my favorite clothing patterns is camouflage. Because when you're in the woods it makes you blend in. But when you're not it does just the opposite. It's like "hey, there's an asshole."

Demetri Martin

Certainly there is no hunting like the hunting of man and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never really care for anything else thereafter.

Ernest Hemingway

I knew if we came in and had our best day, we would be in the hunt. For the most part, the girls came out strong and this is our reward.

Amy Klein

The only reason I ever played golf in the first place was so I could afford to hunt and fish.

Sam Snead

We will never stop hunting these people who have created havoc and murdered our officers.

Kartono Wangsadisastra

While hunting in Africa, I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How an elephant got into my pajamas I'll never know.

Groucho Marx

Going to war without France is like going deer hunting without your accordion.

Gen. H. Norman Schwartzkopf

I haven't heard much talk about rabbit hunting. Up by Baldwin is where they start.

Dan Mannor

Initially, the Scud hunting was done from the air only. From that altitude, 10,000 to 15,000 feet, to find camouflaged concealed weapons systems was a very difficult to do.

David Grange

The buffalo hunt is dead.

Jim Mcconoughey

You can always turn your back on a person, but you can never turn your back on a drug... especially when it's waving a hunting knife in your eyes.

Hunter S. Thompson

Although it may not be a castle, [it is the] functional equivalent of a hotel room, a vacation and retirement home or a hunting and fishing cabin.

John Paul Stevens

Any word you have to hunt for in a thesaurus is the wrong word. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Stephen King

I've known him for years, ... We hunt together. He's become a very close personal friend.

Mark Sanford

If they would call me ahead of time, I can hook them up with somebody. All I have to do is make a phone call and there'll be guys there with canoes and decoys to take a kid hunting.

Dennis White

There he was laying in bed thinking he'd never be able to hunt again. All those emotions were there, and now he has that feeling of success.

John Lockwood

It will not be a cause for panic. It will not be a cause for people to stop hunting. It will not be a cause for people to stop eating poultry.

Alex Azar

There are no alternatives to manage the bear population next to a hunt.

Martin Mchugh

It is going to be controlled somehow. Hunting is basically free management for communities and the state.

Keith Warnke

It's not that you can't find it (food and supplies), but it's more of a treasure hunt then it used to be.

Sandy Richardson

It's simply a matter of whether or not they'll be in the hunt for the championship. And there's a chance they won't be, but you can bet the farm they'll be favorites to win every race in the Chase.

Jim Hunter

She sought refuge, and he came down after, in effect, hunting her.

Joe Durkin

People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election.

Otto von Bismarck

I see levels below 17,500 as very attractive for bargain-hunting.

Hiroshi Arano

You're head-hunting. You've got to go to the body first, then the head.

Kevin Rooney

I was doing what I enjoy doing -- it was like hunting or fishing to me. I was going out and solving problems.

Dr. Michael Harris

A deal to service radar-hunting Harpy drones that Israel had sold to China.

The Jerusalem

He loved to hunt and shoot ... he was a pro-marksman shooter, and he loved that bird dog.

Jackie Graham

Game Damage Hunt and Weapon Restriction Area Review.

Gary Hammond

They love the thrill of the hunt.

Leslie Joseph

This is a vicious witch-hunt aimed at crushing the voice of dissent.

Aidan White

There are two times of the year that stir the blood. In the fall, for the hunt, and now for lacrosse.

Oren Lyons, Jr.

This hunting preserve would jeopardize our family's and our employees' security.

Laura Campbell

We can come back and have a good season. If we can figure out a way to beat Franklin Central, there's no reason we shouldn't be in the hunt to win another conference championship.

Tim Barthel

I always make sure I get home for the duck hunting.

Kevin Mccadams

We are always on the hunt for some really good people with some good ideas, ... There will be some layoffs because there are some synergies and there will be people doing the same thing.

Carol Bartz

I think of football as a sport the way ducks think of hunting as a sport.

Bill Watterson

We feel very good about the team we're bringing to nationals. Our goal is to be a top four team in the country and I'd say we're right in the hunt for that.

John Zupanc

Women were a little rough around the edges back then. They had to fend for themselves. They had to hunt and grow their own food. The men weren't always around.

Pam Imes

Hunting revenue is not growing. It's pretty much staying flat.

Joe Lewandowski

It's not what you shoot (on a hunting trip) that brings you back.

Bob Garner

He is a typical guy, liked hunting, fishing, sports, fast cars.

Rick Mcgee

It's like a treasure hunt, in a way, and you're a detective.

Jeff Warwick

The league won't be hunting Ducks in camouflage anymore.

Mike Babcock

First, we hope to make the day fun. But it is also a nice use of the building's lawn and a way to get people more familiar with the Hunt building at the same time.

Marilyn Solomon

If you ever kill off Saphira, I will hunt you down.

Christopher Paolini

This was the kind of game it's always going to be with Hunt.

Brian Foster

If people obey our law this hunt will be conducted safely.

David Higgins

If you open them up for deer hunting, you're basically closing them for two months.

Tom Shepard

Without a proper management plan, there should not be a hunt.

Jeff Tittel

We're going to keep hunting and keep eating.

Jeremy Wells

We feel like this is not hunting. It's clicking a mouse. You have to be there to be hunting.

Kirby Brown

Anybody with any hint of asbestos exposure is getting taken down. It's a witch hunt.

David Begleiter

We're going to fight to the end. We're still in the hunt. We're still believing. It's ugly right now, but it's not over for us.

Deonte Tatum

By no means is this going to be a witch hunt against HARTline, ... I want that known from the beginning.

Brian Blair

It seems like this was the opening of the Miller vs. Hunt trial.

Ron Natinsky

Essentially, Nazi hunting ends with him.

Marvin Hier

Hunting is an extremely safe sport.

Bill Balda

If they were released in the wild, they wouldn't be able to hunt for food or protect themselves.

Kathy Russell

To put it mildly, it was a great hunt. To me, being able to be in the field, that's the cake. To get a good shot at an elk, that's the icing. And to actually harvest something like this, that's the cherry on top.

Shawn Patterson

Using hunting dogs help in the conservation of game.

Paul Knutson

I've been hunting since I was big enough to sit on my daddy's knee. I was raised to hunt and to hunt with common sense.

Bobby Harper

My expectations for this year are to work hard, swim fast, and be in the hunt for the league championship.

Darrin Millar

It's a hunting accident, and unless something happens ... . We don't think there is any reason to believe it's anything other than a hunting accident.

Carlos Valdez

I know guys who go elk hunting every year. I look for Mr. Cooper. It's my hobby.

Richard Tosaw

With Rebecca and Laura in the lineup, we should be in the hunt again.

Steve Waters

I'm pretty confident they paid their dues and we'll be in the hunt again.

Brandon Day

I like hunting down the ones that aren't gay and converting them for a while, which I did with my ex-girlfriend. She was beautiful-French, blonde and stunning.

Rebecca Loos

Hunt with the big dogs or be relegated to the porch.

Shawn Michaels

This is obviously an important game. The winner stays in the hunt.

Mick Durham

It's a tough region, but if we have some outstanding efforts, we should be in the hunt. Our goal is to win county again and we want to be up there with a chance to win region.

Rick Glasper

They accused [Juan] without finding out the truth. It's a witch hunt.

Rosa Sanchez

Problem solving is hunting. It is savage pleasure and we are born to it.

Thomas Harris

[With cash in hand, Siebert is on the hunt for a good deal. ] If I made a mistake it's that I've been too conservative, ... It's slow, but black is beautiful.

Muriel Siebert

I don't care whether they hunt or not. It's a takings issue to me. These guys thought they were legal.

Rep. Dave Wolkins

We're going to have much more of both. We'll have more fishing selection now, and the hunting area will be expanded in the fall.

Chuck Wines

Andrew Cole is head and shoulders our best. He should be in the hunt to win the conference championship.

Michael Litzinger

This is not hunting. This is illegal in every respect.

Joe Jerich

He was a bit mad I think. He would go hunting with machine guns and things like that. He was an odd character, definitely.

Nick Mccarthy

I'm just trying to make it the best hunt they can have. I don't want anybody to get skunked out there.

Bill Lemke

I like finding it. It's the hunt, the hoping, the search for it.

Benjamin Miller

I think you have a good idea there, which is really strange. I think we should go hunting for it, but I've never been a hunter. I've got to see if George (Karl) has ever hunted before.

Doug Moe

My favorite thing to do is still to go back to Peoria, go to my cabin and hunt with the boys. This is a great lifestyle, don't get me wrong. But fun for me is going back with my buddies I grew up with.

Jim Thome

We're not out there hunting, but if an opportunity presents itself, we'll certainly look at it.

Jean Coutu

This is a cultural discussion. The simple fact is that hunting and fishing is more an indication of who we are. It's our life. What we're saying is we absolutely belong here.

Paul Wallace

If you look at hunting accidents, there's always one or more rules violated.

Thomas Baumeister

Cassie Hunt did a great job all day for us.

Denise Boos

Best I can tell, ... Howard Hunt is not in Annapolis.

John Kane

People around here have the deer hunt.

Marshall Topham

Hunt had two key plays on which they excelled. We had a bunch of opportunities, but we didn't excel. But each week, we're going to get better.

Brian Allen

We're going to have people in the woods during the hunt looking for wounded bears.

Lynda Smith

It's clearly a trophy hunt. No one eats the meat.

Lynda Smith

We are on the precipice of a population that could grow out of the bounds of which hunting can control it.

Dnr Secretary Scott Hassett

That was what he did, he worked. He didn't go fishing or hunting, he worked.

Keith Hendrick

It's basically what I do, instead of playing golf or fishing or hunting, which I used to do all the time.

John Urses

When you keep a child hunting and fishing, you keep them out of the courts. You keep them out of trouble.

Bobby Harper

You have to go so much because you have things to do and you have to go to work, but some of the pleasure things I was doing like going fishing or going hunting ... I've cut it back to a minimum.

Henry Winter

Whether he was in the woods hunting or if he was walking, evidence points to him being struck.

Larry Coggins Jr

It's hard to win the game when you can't get out from your side of the field. Hunt has a real good team, and they did a real good job of controlling their offensive attack on our end.

John Fidler

You can't have wild game dinners without wild game. And you can't have wild game dinners without hunting. And those things have to be done, and they have to be done in concert for the good of conservation and the great fellowship that we have.

Bob Garner

(We) were supposed to go hunting the morning he got killed. He was a heck of a hunter, a heck of a fisherman.

James Byrd

Hunting accidents aren't big news. They're pretty rare.

Bill Balda

It's a gentleman's hunt. The beginning and end aren't real gentlemanly, but the actual hunting is gentlemanly.

Todd Gessner

Some sort of a witch hunt.

Charles E. Schumer

It's a good time to go bargain hunting.

Tom Finucane

The cowboy days of bounty hunting are over.

Wayne Pollet

It's all about practice and consistency. The team is improving on a daily basis. They will be in the hunt at the end of the season.

David Hughes

The only reason I played golf was so that I could afford to go hunting and fishing.

Sam Snead

They were in a frenzy and there is nothing you can do once hunting dogs get like that.

Florence Tomita

I can't leave my nephew. I gotta take him fishing, camping and hunting.

Rusty Wright

Deer season is coming around this fall and people will be able to go out and hunt.

Paul Johansen

Tonight reminded me of the old Dick Hunt days. What I'll remember more than anything else is the special crowds.

Paul Vachon

This is a lazy person's idea of hunting. They drive right up to the animal.

Priscilla Feral

The lake already has been viewed as very good, if not outstanding, for boating, fishing, camping, and hunting.

Bill Duey

Russia is the last frontier. They compare hunting there to what Alaska was 100 years ago.

Denny Geurink

The perils of duck hunting are great- especially for the duck.

Walter Cronkite

Say someone from your area is going to Iowa to hunt big deer.

Brad Herndon

They're real big. Even though it's early, it still gets us back in the hunt.

Brad Coleman

They mostly hunt them with hounds around here.

Dan Mannor

I started by myself. I wish I had someone to help me when I got started. Having someone who knows how to hunt and shoot is very helpful.

Brian Meyers

He apparently armed himself and drove down here ... to Tampa, in effect hunting her.

Joe Durkin

I think we're still in the hunt.

Jack Reynolds

There are probably 20 different stocks ... I will be bargain hunting, ... on how they react to the upcoming correction.

Robert Fitzgerald

There's a whole group of skaters in the hunt.

Paul Martini

We had a pretty pronounced sell-off, and now some people are doing a little bit of bargain hunting.

Charles Lemonides

Will Hunting: Does this break the patient-doctor code?Sean Maguire: Only if you grab my ass.

Good Will Hunting

That was just part of the life, hunting and fishing.

Rachel Brown

I certainly wouldn't call off the Easter egg hunt.

Bobby Boyd

It's addictive to go out and hunt deer, elk, antelope, turkey and bear.

Brian Meyers

Memories are hunting horns whose sound dies on the wind.

Guillaume Apollinaire

We don't know exactly what their next move will be, but we assume they will return to the hunting grounds.

Shane Rattenbury

Because alligator numbers in those counties is assumed to be extremely low, there is not going to be many to hunt in a short time.

Jim Sutherlin

These guys, their kids will hunt with them, and their tradition will be made.

Manuel Torres

We just want to get them actively involved in hunting and the outdoors.

Darren Henrie

It's a wilderness hunt. You're at the Arctic Circle when hunting moose.

Denny Geurink

It's nice to still be in the hunt. A lot of good teams are done already.

Doug Griffin

This is not a weekend hunt, ... but rather a season long challenge.

Gary Morris

Since we don't have a good correlation between the presence of the virus and active human infection, hunting seasons probably wouldn't be effected at all.

Mark Drew

I do archery hunting, so I just enjoy shooting.

Donna Rogers

That's called 'Michael Hunt ad-libbing.

Ron Metcalfe

I think we'll be in the hunt to win again. We've got two good quarterbacks back and that will help us. I think if we stay healthy we'll be OK.

Jim Mayzes

We are still in the hunt for a spot in the FCIAC tournament at 6-6 this year and that's a goal for us.

Vin Laczkoski

We're still in the hunt. I felt a draw was a fair result.

Dave Skews

We don't believe in hunting, but canned hunting is more egregious than hunting in the wild.

Heidi Prescott

I was not only hunting for my liberty, but also hunting for my name.

William Wells Brown

If you can't hike 30-45 minutes to get into elk, then you shouldn't be elk hunting.

Gary Hubbell

This is a witch hunt. It's an absolute witch hunt on innocent people.

William Wiyakaska

It's great after a year away from the Swedish Match Tour to come back and be in the hunt.

Peter Gilmour

In this life we get only those things for which we hunt, for which we strive, and for which we are willing to sacrifice.

George Matthew Adams

A win's a win. We're still in the hunt for the playoffs.

Dave Poole

When you hunt animals, you may succeed or not. But when you open the fridge, you will succeed 100 percent of the time.

Nora Volkow

This is a great opportunity for hunters to extend their hunting season this fall.

Dave Ware

It broadcasts your availability to the work 'universe' without any of the reserve normally found in job-hunting encounters.

Margaret Stead

Quite frankly, this was a witch hunt.

Brian Chavez

We even had one gentleman who said he would come in early if we could find him a place to go squirrel hunting -- and we did. We believe in customer service.

Rod Reid

They'll have to hunt like everyone else.

Bob Nestle

Be happy with what you have and are, be generous with both, and you won't have to hunt for happiness.

William E. Gladstone

To hunt it's God's privilege. Every time I hunt deer or bear, I thank God for bringing me that animal.

Ralph Mazzuca

If there is standing corn or a food plot, that's a good place for deer to come and feed in the afternoon, and that would be a good place to hunt.

Willie Suchy

I know the group was surprised to hear how we feel about trapping. And they are surprised that we both hunt.

Jackie Fallon

It's a classic example of what causes a hunting accident in Texas.

Tom Harvey

This doesn't have a gym or a pool, but the Hunt center has a summer camp and other programs.

Linda Carlo

I don't have time to fish. I take my time off in the hunting season.

Bill Gottschalk

I am firmly against women riding in National Hunt races.

Dick Francis

The more people in the water, and the more diverse their activities, the more chances somebody will be in the path of a hunting shark.

Barry Bruce

Shane's tough. He's going to fight until he can't fight anymore. That's the one thing I think is going to keep us in the hunt.

Rod Williams

We have major concerns about stocking animals for hunting. This practice should be banned.

Heidi Prescott

We came into this game in the hunt and ready to play them. But Engel is a great, great pitcher. She deserves all the credit she gets.

Kelsey Ruitenberg

My absolute top priority is to make sure that everybody has the ability and the right to go fishing and hunting.

Dale Hall

There are lots of deer in four hunting districts north of Great Falls. Too many deer.

Gary Olson

He taught me how to hunt.

Gene Parker

And there's a book scavenger hunt.

Beth Schwier

There's something about birds that I can't do, so it always held a mystery for me seeing them fly, seeing them hunt.

Bobby Winter

I foresee us -- if we stay healthy -- being right in the hunt.

Jerrad Jeske

We are not on a witch hunt or out to get Mr X, Y or Z. We are out to establish the truth of these allegations.

Ian Neilson

The people of Arkansas, the hunting and fishing community, conserved these woods.

Scott Simon

These data are joining an increasing body of evidence that Neanderthal extinction was not due to any lack of ability to hunt.

John Shea

The actual hunt is a long way off. This is not a rubber-stamp process.

Brian Gorman

The idea behind quail hunting is that you have to hit the quail when it's about five to 10 feet in the air. Quail don't fly very high. But nobody should be shooting down.

Wade Wilson

Human beings are easier to hunt than deer.

Jack Sanders

He loved spending time with his two grandsons and his children. He also loved to deer hunt and fish.

Michell Bose

We're the most pro-hunting, pro-public access, pro-multiple use administration that has been in Augusta in a long time.

Patrick Mcgowan

People feel there is a witch hunt going on [with code enforcement]. My heart is with the Guatemalan people first and the landlords second.

Bret Taylor

What's your best price? It's the treasure hunt that makes it fun.

Shelia Strong

Smith is so athletic. Coach (Hunt) has to be proud of the effort his kids gave.

Phil Weaver

A certain amount of efficiency is needed in the hunt. We don't want to chase birds off the land.

Dennis Jones

Hunting is about ethics and character. If you have good character you will become a good hunter.

Bobby Harper

The Hunt for Red October?

Leon Harris

Don't try to be cute. Maintain your focus--you're hunting for a job, not reliving your past.

Scott Simmons

We will have good duck hunting right up until the end of the season. It is crazy.

Todd Gessner

They're on the hunt.

Richard Roll

We have scout teams who go out and ID where the birds are. And when we find birds using a field, we'll hunt that field.

Henry Scott

It's the other Cup -- Lamar Hunt -- so it's not a big deal.

Carlos Ruiz

If this weren't Ray Hunt, if this were anybody else the emotions wouldn't be there.

Ed Oakley

The hunt for Heim is not over.

Efraim Zuroff

It's just bargain hunting on the Nasdaq.

Edgar Peters

We've got a bunch of guys who get together every year for a dove hunt down in South Texas.

Eric Myers

The spring hunt is all toms and trying to get those guys to come in can be a real challenge.

Earl Steele

We're still in the hunt for everything. I feel we can make a run. I feel we will make a run if we play the way we're capable, but it shouldn't be a matter of if.

Elliot Washington

It's one more slap at Ray Hunt.

Ed Oakley