I'm disappointed, but I'm not going to run around like Dennis Rodman and head-butt somebody.

Greg Norman

How many young hearts have revealed the fact that what they had been trained to imagine, the highest earthly felicity, was but the beginning of care, disappointment, and sorrow, and often led to the extremity of mental and physical suffering.

Catharine Esther Beecher

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.

Martin Luther King Jr.

There is a lot of disappointment that we were unsuccessful with the eradication program... as a state.

Casey Pace

It wasn't a question of being upset. It was disappointment with the way things have been going.

Randy Carlyle

He joined the military to defend our freedom. The biggest disappointment to him was not being deployed to Afghanistan to be with his unit.

Ladonna Somers

It is a sickening blow. I have had a few injuries in my career, you have to get over the disappointment.

Simon Jones

The results are nothing to write home about, ... disappointment.

Craig Moffett

This was a pretty big disappointment. We need to work on a lot of little things.

Domenique Esposito

It looks like the trials are progressing well up until now. If this new one does not do well, that would be a disappointment.

Yisca Erez

There's certainly some disappointment.

Gerry Hunsicker

The market is already in a serious downtrend so any disappointment is going to clobber the market.

Katherine Beattie

Investors are concerned about economic growth in the U.S.. We're seeing a bit of disappointment.

Thomas Koerfgen

I don't think this came as a shock or a surprise to anyone. Certainly a disappointment, but not a shock or surprise.

Mark Fagan

Part of our disappointment is that through each round we've cleared a hurdle.

Andy Walker

There is a little disappointment but we have lots of hope and intensity for Wednesday.

Djibril Cisse

I think anyone would be disappointed with a .230-something season. Now I've dealt with disappointment and hopefully I can bounce back and learn from it.

Brian Dopirak

You win a state title in Florida and you automatically have that bulls-eye on your chest. Now, if we don't get back and defend our title, the season will be a disappointment.

Glenn Witkowski

Although the quarter (for CNH) was a disappointment, the outlook shows some promise.

Scott Burns

It's just a disappointment. It's not just this event, it's the culmination of a class -- a two-semester class.

Charlie Wood

There was a big disappointment that fourth quarter growth (for 2005) was below expectations.

Ryan Wibberley

It wasn't a surprise, but it was also a big disappointment like we could have won but we didn't. We've worked really hard.

William Bradshaw

It's a real disappointment.

David Donahue

It has been very difficult for Pfizer to develop drugs. It has suffered disappointment after disappointment.

Michael Krensavage

I was planning on working this week, then going to Detroit. It's a disappointment.

Tom Nalen

We do share the same disappointment, but we would rather go forward. The damage has already been done and there's not much we can do.

Francis Lim

It's a disappointment but not unexpected by the market or any one else.

Miles White

It's a big disappointment. Although there's nothing legally we can do, we've got to move on and try to get the best deal we can with the roads department.

John Findlay

Frustration?. Disappointment. ... We've been ranked No. 1, we haven't finished No. 1.

Sue Murphy

It's not about Mike Catt and his disappointment, it's about England winning the World Cup.

Mike Catt

We cannot accept it when disappointment degenerates into violence.

Giacinto Facchetti

Bush is our man. We don't have an alternative. I am not going to abandon him over this, but it is a real disappointment.

John Doolittle

There was a lot of disappointment in the air. No one likes to be in that situation.

Philip Serghini

They're all good quality players and it is a disappointment.

Jerry Friesen

That was the greatest disappointment for a man who had invested his whole life in this.

Shimon Samuels

There is a great deal of disappointment within the movement.

Paul Weyrich

It was a disappointment not making nationals.

Greg Allen

'The Island' was a gigantic disappointment.

Adam Goodman

People probably expect Wahpeton to win (now). It would be a big disappointment if they lost.

Bruce Yaggie

I don't think it was anger. It was disappointment. I was disappointed. I wanted to meet him, too.

Nancy Jones

It's definitely a disappointment, because we were all very enthused about it.

Homer Thompson

We were on the verge of having a really good team. That was my only disappointment.

Bob Knight

It's a mutual disappointment it didn't succeed.

Joan Williams

Rio will probably be the one company that doesn't provide a disappointment somewhere.

Brian Henderson

We've got to put this away. At this point, we almost expect to. If we didn't, it'd be a disappointment. It would mean a lot.

Ali Mann

We were so close; it's just a big disappointment to lose when you're so close.

Mari Pehkonen

He is feeling a tremendous amount of disappointment.

Dave Allen

Morrison turned out to be a bitter, defensive guy, by far the biggest disappointment of any of my idols.

Anthony Decurtis

There's a lot of disappointment and sadness for David and his family, obviously.

Alan Chvotkin

We always promise and deliver disappointment.

Jeff Smoller

The loss was a disappointment. But we did not play well.

Jim Haley

Not surprising but a disappointment.

Dave Easter

I believe we have to run the football. It was a grave disappointment last week.

Bob Spoo

It's a huge disappointment. It's something at the beginning of the year, if you told me it would have happened, I would never have believed it.

Jerod Void

The Nasdaq market's sell-off was a disappointment.

Tsuyoshi Segawa

BP's growth was the main disappointment in 2005 due to hurricane disruptions. Growth should bounce back in 2006.

Jonathan Wright

It's a huge disappointment, obviously. I don't think the better team won.

Carminda Ranches

The big disappointment, there was a lot of missed tackles. We need to communicate better.

Josh Bullocks

This is a major disappointment.

Pat Comack

What you're looking at is disappointment.

Stuart Smith

I sincerely apologize to the people for creating a shock and disappointment.

Hwang Woo Suk

We just didn't hit well today. It's a big disappointment, but we still have a shot.

Karen Albanese

If we don't make the playoffs [by finishing in the top six], it'll be a disappointment.

Travers Evans

Obviously it's a disappointment. It's just one of those things that happens in sports.

David Newhan

I've got no tears of disappointment from tonight. But I don't have any tears of happiness either.

Erika Holst

This is a marginal disappointment. Revenues were slightly shy.

Erik Suppiger

Disappointment and the idea that we could do so much better in this state.

Edwin Eisendrath

The Street was expecting $4 billion, so on the capital spending front it was a disappointment.

Eric Rothdeutsch