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We know how to work in the developer world, so we in no way see ourselves as catching up.

Justin Osmer

Suburbia is where the developer bulldozes out the trees, then names the streets after them.

Bill Vaughan

For the developer, it makes all the difference in the world.

Karl Gawell

Some people had no idea that they were talking to a developer about a development.

Mariella Smith

Upon completion, the developer will proceed to renovate the building's interior and exterior.

Paul Mann

Who's the developer next door?

Peter Mcgowan

[A developer that is ] creative. Somebody that thinks outside the box, urban design, mixed-use.

Jerome Kisscorni

There is a lot of developer and consumer interest around these applications.

Joe Wilcox

It's a cost, but it's a long-term thing. We don't want to be called just another developer.

Tim Gates

The city has grown up around the airport, and now a developer wants to go out there and build houses.

Irma Carson

The project continues to work for us and for the developer as the pieces come together.

Jack Anderson

We have a contract in place with a developer. We're not at the point where we can name the developer but it is a local developer. Details will be presented as soon as we can.

Alan Hawthorne

The board?s feeling is that the developer was intentionally trying to create a problem, and we were trying to avoid a problem.

Lawrence Sager

You'd have been a property developer.

Matt Helders

We're not trying to get into a fight with the developer. We're trying to get some kind of a resolution.

Luis Rosero

We came away thinking that the developer just tried to dazzle us with dollars.

Katie Chesser

Catron County is pretty developer-friendly right now.

Karren Weathers

I think as a developer tool, it's first-rate already.

Paul Dorsey

What they have to do now is work their way into not just being a great game developer, but a great game company.

Mike Hickey

This is a commendable gesture by the developer. It's unprecedented in the city.

Garvis Sams

He's getting his first chance to be a developer. Let's see what he makes of it.

Billy Procida

There is only one answer. The developer has to pay for the roads.

Ben Jordan

Jack has the vision and the developer has given him carte blanche. He (Jack) hasn't had that before.

Nancy Betty

If London Towne is really only concerned about the developer owning it, then they have no reason to be concerned, because we will own it.

Charlestine Fairley

It's a very developer-focused infrastructure for workflow.

Scott Woodgate

I'm really a novice about being a real estate developer.

Holly Brubach

I find that [SQL Developer is] very similar to Toad, but the cost is right.

Chris Tryon

The long term risk is that a developer will chip away at the commitments to public access.

Ken Fisher

I will tell you, it's extremely generous of the developer and it helps us out.

Jim Malcolm

The developer is going slowly, but it is still forging ahead.

Chris Blackwell

It concerns me. We can be wiped aside in the interest of a larger developer.

Aaron Edwards

We have a developer trying to build down there and (the airport is) a problem.

Jim Wood

We're seeing a growing appetite in the developer community for Eclipse.

John Andrews

Structure is able to keep up with demands of the developer without any difficulty.

Leslie Robertson

We've been trying all over town to partner with a developer.

Brandon Harrison

That lane would benefit the developer and the township in the long run.

Chris Pianese

He has no equal as a leader and developer of reporters.

Tom Scarritt

Basically, it takes Eclipse in the large PHP developer community.

Ian Skerrett