When the sun is shining I can do anything; no mountain is too high, no trouble too difficult to overcome.

Wilma Rudolph

If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?

John Wooden

If I were dropped out of a plane into the ocean and told the nearest land was a thousand miles away, I'd still swim. And I'd despise the one who gave up.

Abraham Maslow

You've got to get up every morning with determination if you're going to go to bed with satisfaction.

George Lorimer

The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man's determination.

Tommy Lasorda

Let us not be content to wait and see what will happen, but give us the determination to make the right things happen.

Horace Mann

It's very, very difficult. It is complex and it requires quite a bit of determination and funds.

Anton Rychener

With her determination, I believe that she will. You couldn't have done what she has done and come back for more if you were not determined to be a success.

Tina Kinzel

In my opinion it's determination and love of your fellow man.

Norma Stiglet

I've been so proud to be associated with them all year, just the character and determination of the team.

Bob Cook

We have not made a determination about where the bears will go. My goal is to find the best and most appropriate place for these bear cubs to live out their days.

Barry Penner

Teamwork, determination and confidence. That's what kept us in it.

Keenan Stanbridge

We have not made a determination yet whether we will call him as a witness at trial.

Bryan Sierra

NHTSA has made its' determination.

Jill Bratina

He's definitely a talented player with a lot of determination.

Glenn Vietmeier

The determination to win is the better part of winning.

Daisaku Ikeda

These kids don't have the same drive and determination that I did.

Damon Bailey

I have no problem with the CMC looking at any politician or any bureaucrat, and they can make that determination.

Peter Beattie

He brought the same passion and determination to coaching as he brought as a player on the field.

Mark Mccullers

I don't know how to explain it but they're not losing their determination to win despite those consecutive victories.

Jong Uichico

A good golfer has the determination to win and the patience to wait for the breaks.

Gary Player

After we receive that information we will make a determination as to charges.

Linda Pruitt

If you're a real artist it would take more determination to subdue the desire to paint.

Michael Bingham

We can be exasperated, and certainly are, but that doesn't reflect on determination to carry out the mission.

Janet Norwood

We are certain that Dana will tackle this challenge with the grace, courage and determination that have become her hallmark.

Kathy Lewis

Failure to move now or to signal new determination to (do so) will make these weapons accepted currency.

Rosario Green

I'd take five of him, with his determination and work ethic.

Daniel Berthiaume

It's not money, man. It's just determination and aspirations.

Ramon Taylor

When it comes right down to it, it's our guests who have the largest say in the determination.

Chuck English

I've got a lot of anger in me, ... A lot of determination, too.

Paul Farris

A determination that unlawful conduct has occurred will result in aggressive law enforcement activity by the FTC.

John Seesel

We are telling the American people to have patience, courage, resolve and determination.

Muammar Qadhafi

We don't have any determination whether or not it was a planned trip, ... We're looking at those aspects.

Richard Garcia

We just had to step it back up, and play with more determination.

Justin Wendt

The passion, the determination and the heart that guy has is unbelievable.

Robert Sarver

There was a determination made to report 34 cents that quarter.

Mark Koenig

Don't tell me what you believe in. I'll observe how you behave and I will make my own determination.

Alex Trebek

Nobody's made a determination that he's to be deported. There is no deportation order.

David Leopold

Her drive and determination got me. She's so competitive and I wanted to be a part of that.

Chante' Bowman

Most investigators conducting research make that determination themselves.

Jane Duffield

The determination of exactly when, we can't say with scientific certainty.

Mark Rosen

I thought both teams showed a lot of determination and perseverance.

Alan Mattox

For me, it all comes down to the determination of the critter. It's a matter of environment.

Rick Yates

No degree of dullness can safeguard a work against the determination of critics to find it fascinating.

Harold Rosenberg

I think this is never a crime under any circumstance. This is a consensual issue. It's an issue of self-determination and self-autonomy.

David Gorosh

They can't make a determination or even speculate what the cause of death is until after the medical examiner completes the autopsy.

Toni Chovanetz

The determination here is, was he in the course and scope of his employment?

Trey Davis

Continuous, unflagging effort, persistence and determination will win. Let not the man be discouraged who has these.

James Whitcomb Riley

I knew he had the determination to come back.

Jake Yarborough

The market is reacting more to the U.S. and UK determination to wage war.

Valerie Plagnol

I was very proud of the character and determination Adam showed in that match..

Chris Fuller

They brought that determination, and they were going to do it no matter what.

Lexa Larsen

It's worked out well. It took a lot of hard work and determination to get where I am.

Dan Cleary

Pursue one great decisive aim with force and determination.

Karl von Clausewitz

With happiness and determination, but without confrontation with the security forces.

Bentzi Lieberman

It was all determination. As the old saying goes, ?Where there?s a will, there?s a way,? and as you saw, we had the will, literally.

Jason Fraser

The fire department saw that and believed they had an explosion. But after looking at it, my determination is that there was no explosion. ... I really can't comment any further.

Kevin Dunn

This new determination should put to rest any questions about whether duties are justified in this case.

Steve Swanson

That took the kind of courage and determination you want on the Supreme Court.

Leonard Leo

Never underestimate the determination of a kid who is time rich and cash poor.

Cory Doctorow

Do not underestimate the determination of a quiet man.

Iain Duncan Smith

We showed a lot of heart and determination coming back.

Wayne Wilson

That's something that always stuck with me about his work ethic and his determination.

Barry Rohrssen

Her determination (was) to stand up, not merely for herself, not merely for all women, not merely for African-Americans but for all Americans.

John Hope Franklin

Two years have passed and that determination has not yet been put into law.

Jim Quirk

It says a lot about our heart and determination.

Shan Foster

At the core of life is a hard purposefulness, a determination to live.

Howard Thurman

We are simply showing public documents for them to make their own determination.

Ernest Williams

Determination is what separates him from others. It's hard to deny him.

Pearl White

At this point, the determination is to meet the Aug. 15 deadline.

Zalmay Khalilzad

I would . . . be so exhausted by my determination that I had no strength left to do the actual work.

Etty Hillesum

We believe it's critical that the air resources board makes a determination that adequate fuel supply would be available.

Eric Rose