If you deal in camels, make the doors high.

Afghan Proverb

Always be closing...That doesn't mean you're always closing the deal, but it does mean that you need to be always closing on the next step in the process.

Shane Gibson

You have to assume there will be more deals. That certainly would be a positive for credit quality in the equipment space.

John Atkinson

In order to make deals you have to create some excess. Some guys have options, some don't.

Bill Bavasi

We have deals with AT&T and BellSouth.

Nicole Leverich

We saw a steady parade of deals.

Robert Bach

We have reached out to let customers know the great deals we have so they can give us a try.

Lynne Koreman

The deals will need to keep coming.

Mike Hawkins

This is a wake-up call that boards no longer do deals for the people at the top but for what is best for the shareholders.

Diana Yates

It was one of those deals where I landed and a guy landed on top of me.

Gary Walker

The key to our future is that we need deals where it isn't only good for the city but also is good for the county.

Jim Hicks

I think some of the smaller deals are prerequisites for some of the bigger deals they could really make some profits out of.

Jamie Friedman

I think their feelings were that a deal's a deal. But I think they said they would think about it.

David Towne

We are not getting a penny. And we don't have book deals.

Peter Quijano

If we aren't viable, we will reach out to all campaigns, ... Because this is not about cutting secret deals, this is about beating George Bush.

Stephanie Cutter

The markets are coming back, and there are tremendous opportunities for communications-related deals.

Promod Haque

Well, some of the methods -- the deals you have to make, for example.

Robert Bittman

We closed no large deals in the quarter.

Bob Goldman

You don't call the police for drug deals gone bad.

George Dunlap

Bankers feel pressure to keep up with the Joneses...but you do deals when you can do them.

John Duffy

Though the price of doing BEE deals may go up, this may be a blessing in disguise.

Sandile Hlophe

All of these deals can be different. There isn't one formula.

Gitesh Pandya

There is a place for both competitive and so-called negotiated deals.

Jon Teall

The deal's not a deal until the FTC rules, ... [Wednesday] was the first punch.

Robert Faulkner

In cross-border deals, to me etiquette is not an 'edge' thing. It is a prerequisite to being effective.

Mark Greene

It's less about business deals than about politics.

Jonathan Harris

Photography deals exquisitely with appearances, but nothing is what it appears to be.

Duane Michals

You can't build the bridge of trust with the scaffolding of lies and underhand deals.

Ian Paisley

Because Patti is a private businesswoman, we won't dissect the deals and the business that she does.

Rebecca Rausch

We have looked at the price they paid for the deals. Our conclusion is that they are not overpaying.

Gavin Thompson

All these deals right now are about dancing with the devil. This is a very fast-moving space.

George Bell

This is a growing market, and you'll absolutely see more of these types of deals in the future.

David Roux

But it's interesting to me to see the humanity in the choices they make and how they're dealing with the same things everyone else deals with.

Rosario Dawson

There is no artificial cutoff on signing long-term deals.

Paul Dolan

That was one of those deals where they had to spend it on somebody by Oct. 1 or give it back.

Colleen Alatalo

One's religion or spirituality will affect how one deals with death.

Lauren Weitzman

My deal's up in the summer and I'd love it if the club came to me with something else before then. I'd love to extend my stay.

Chris Perry

I don't see that many deals that [add up] to a full television package.

Patrick Comack

It's one of those deals where we're trying to build a tradition here. The girls are learning how to win.

Tony Turner

That is resulting, quite candidly, in some deals not being done here.

Brian Hunt

It works out to about $267 per use for the bookmobile. But (the county library association) deals with all the maintenance.

Sandra Collins

One of the things that bugs me personally is these two-year deals.

Jim Poolman

I think this is one of the most aggressive negotiations and best deals for a city to date.

Sharon Robinson

All the deals are done except WLKY.

Jeffrey Mills

We're trying to cultivate these deals as fast as we can.

Curtis Myles

We'll see a lot of all kinds of deals.

Rolf Breuer

I firmly agree with the way the IETF deals with [intellectual property] claims.

Paul Hoffman

Is rather arcane and it deals with very specific political issues.

Rod Lurie

We've been doing acquisitions all along. Now we can do bigger deals in excess of certain dollar amount.

Gary Sheffer

There are different rumors every day. We don't comment on rumors. When we make deals, we announce them.

Niklas Zennstrom

That's just one of those deals. That kind of happens to everybody.

Kejuan Jones

I negotiate my deals with a loaded shotgun. They were not on the set of the film.

Jim Jarmusch

We've already exceeded in 2006 our revenue for 2005 in terms of signed deals.

Jim Sexton

The ATU deals are done.

Barry Feinstein

There were no secret deals.

James Reilly

We think consolidation will continue to be a big driver in the sector, both cross-border and for domestic deals.

Vasco Moreno

The Irish press is incorrect when they say a deal?s done when the deal?s not done.

Bill Diffenderffer

There is just plenty of supply. There are deals coming out everywhere.

Dan Castro

He's a very specific actor. You know, he's so capable - just the way he deals with props is amazing.

Meg Ryan

My dad would trade monkeys for an alligator -- zoo-to-zoo deals; you'd find someone who needed what you had.

Robert Kirk

We think this is the future. This is a better deal, and better deals win in the end.

Stephen Taylor

As long as the market is willing to reward these deals, we will continue to see M&A activity.

Kris Jenner

Christ representatives can't cut special deals.

Keri Harvey

We'll continue to see energy deals work well.

Ben Holmes

When you have a couple of deals do well, you'll have more investors sit up and take notice.

Paul Bard

This is a breakthrough year because of the variety of deals.

David Liu

We've had a good crowd. People are grabbing the deals.

Gus Whitcomb

There will never be better deals to Cancun than what you'll see this year.

Anthony Stone

This is really a continuation of growth we see in 2004, ... We're out of the deals' costs and into the positive synergy momentum.

Keith Sherin

Only those with an excellent credit profile will benefit from the price war. Most borrowers will find it more difficult to achieve the most competitive deals.

Stuart Glendinning

She dealt with the incident, she deals with the children. She deals with everyday stuff.

Erik Eissinger

It's one of those deals where, if you lose one, you don't know if you'll be able to make it to the tournament or not.

Eric Osmundson

For every one of those good deals, ... there are probably 200 that somebody paid more than they could have paid at retail.

Eric Knight

He's got no liquidity. He's not going to get any more development deals done with that.

Eric Kaiser