When you stop talking, you've lost your customer. When you turn your back, you've lost her.

Estee Lauder

Treat your customers like lifetime partners.

Michael Leboeuf

We definitely have had an increase in customers.

Dr. Rob Gilbert

Customers enjoy our Thai iced coffee and Thai iced tea, too.

Sandusit Butsri

This is only one of the many things Sony must do to be accountable for the damage it's inflicted on its customers.

Jason Schultz

Today we are represented at each country in Latin America, and are therefore very close to our customers.

Chuck Gordon

I think it's really up to businesses to come up with creative ways to attract customers. We have a lot of promotions planned.

Tom Craig

No longer will BT customers be reliant on TV schedules.

Brian Livingston

We have got a lot of downtown customers.

David Feaster

We do not mark up the cost of energy. Our customers pay the same price we do.

John Maserjian

We're anxious to get these vehicles to our customers who have ordered them sight-unseen.

Rick Kasper

Our customers have been here forever.

Keith Hall

Customers could see the initial adjustment take place (as early as) May 1.

Cynthia Messina

We have been in contact with our customers, we've been actively talking to them. Our customers are important to us, so we decided to compensate appliance repairs.

Stephen Watson

We understand that this issue is very important to our employees and to our customers.

Tania Graves

Right now we're in a position where we have more customers who want to do business with us than we have the capacity to produce.

Steve Roesner

Some of those customers that don't practice energy conservation may see their bill increase by 20 or 30 percent.

Jon Tremayne

These people (customers) can't get hit much harder. The people aren't getting what they pay for now.

Laura Reaves

I do. It really does give the opportunity to establish that bond with the customers.

David Sternblitz

There are more projects looming. Certainly the activity is there, and our customers are healthier than they have been. The wood composite business continues to do well for us.

Glenn Anderson

The health and safety of our customers is our highest priority.

Papatya Tankut

Our customers will receive a great Starbucks experience.

Bill Cummings

Most of my younger customers don't buy comic books. They buy the card games because they're more interactive.

Greg Bartholomew

We continue to be concerned with the weakness in the online business, particularly among dial-up customers.

David Mantell

We've always said that we would pass on to our customers any savings that we see from access charge reductions, and we're doing that.

John Zeglis

It's the type of business we are — we can't pass the cost along to our customers. We have to go with what insurance and Medicare does.

Dave Allen

A lot of people will wait and see what customers want.

Tom Sponseller

Right now, we are focused on assisting our customers and employees in those areas.

Jean Medina

Chase has the customers and Morgan has the products.

Ron Mandle

This (deal) will bring significant benefits to customers, shareholders and employees.

Jean cyril Spinetta

We're grieving for our employees, our customers, their families and their loved ones.

James Lee

I'm really concerned about industry here, because without that industry I have no customers.

Dan Webster

The contract manufacturers, the component manufacturers, the guys that build the boards and the parts, followed their customers along to China.

Dharmo Soejanto

What our customers are responding to is more ladylike.

Rick Weinstein

Heating oil customers have the worst of the situation.

Agbeli Ameko

It almost begs an emotional response by the customers.

Cynthia Hill

Our customers tell us no cost increases, we want decreases.

Ross Campbell

It's worth the investment. It demonstrates our commitment to offering the very best to our consumers and our advertising customers.

Bruce Howard

Agents book travel for customers up to 11 months in advance.

Steve Loucks

I'm an engineer. I see myself as a toolmaker and the musicians are my customers, ... They use my tools.

Robert Moog

I will miss my co-workers, customers and the job itself. I have been a cashier and worked a lot in the crafts area.

Beverly Clark

They aren't your typical customers.

Brian Vaughn

We have lost zero customers to Oracle's OFF SAP program.

Leo Apotheker

He knew the area very well and always treated customers with respect. He had a very difficult job to do, but he did it well.

Kevin Corbid

It may not be a perfect store — but it cares about its customers.

Steve Morrison

Oracle's strategy is buying customers. Ours is serving customers.

Tony Roddam

There's a lot of building going on. Our biggest challenge is helping customers keep up with demand.

Craig Mccollum

Make it easy for customers to make healthy choices.

Scott Simons

We would have to go to the West Bank to get clean water for our customers and for cooking.

Thu Nguyen

But it's worth it because it keeps customers coming back. They know we welcome them and accommodate them.

Jimmy Rodriguez

It's easily accessible. We want to be where the customers are.

James Weaver

We have not been out selling. Most of our customers come to us by other people telling them about us.

Jim Oxendine

Customers like it because it's so simple for them. It doesn't require customers to dramatically change their behavior.

Diane Morais

If you can't do something different over the air and offer customers the ability to do more, what makes them pay $2.50?

Linda Barrabee

When you throw in a lot of branches, it detaches customers from a bank. We try to provide our customers with that little extra.

Joseph Reid

It allows customers to make notations [on the design], but they're not getting anything of any value.

Nick Butkovich

The BPI didn't want to sue its customers, but it will do to stop them stealing music.

Struan Robertson

These mergers will be bad for competition and bad for the customers.

Claudia Kemfert

We regret any inconvenience this may have caused some of our customers.

Darcel Kimble

Every company's greatest assets are its customers, because without customers there is no company.

Michael Leboeuf

Some customers are seeing increases up to 70 percent.

Rob Gould

We don't want our customers to be embarrassed they fell for it. We want to fix it for you.

Melissa Collins

We will build out different types of stacks for different customers.

Christine Martino

San Diego customers will pay 10 percent of the cost of this project, and yet 100 percent of the benefits of this project will stay in San Diego.

Jim Avery

Now that it's out there in the public, (professors) have to be accountable to their customers.

Michael Hussey

We're probably one of their biggest customers.

Greg Gianforte

We are cold here. Even our Midwest customers are using more.

Paul Weinwurm

He's trying to steal away my customers.

Tim Baker

Without the standard chips, they wouldn't be able to expand their market outside of their two biggest W-CDMA customers.

Will Strauss

We need that 500 to become customers in order for us to have the base that we need to pay down the debt.

Lorenzo Carmon

Aren't they great? We've been giving them out to our customers.

Michael Landis

We're not asking you to pick up the tab for other industrial customers that go away. That is not true.

John Pledger

As the economy has slowed customers have become more concerned about price.

Lee Scott

The result is analytical data in which our customers can have the highest degree of confidence.

Walter Lynch

We have a really interesting business because [our customers] really range from [their] 20s to 50s. It's really about an attitude of dressing.

Beth Tunney

What I'm doing here is having more points of analysis near the customers, because the key here is quick containment.

Peter Watkins

In the customer's mind, we all do the same thing. The prices are about the same. What is it about the customers that drive them to us? It's not about you car, it's about you.

Vic Tarasik

That's the way I can offer the best prices to my customers.

Andrew Pantano

There are an awful lot of commercial [customers] who don't even want to go there, but they know it's inevitable that we will go there.

Jerry Meerkatz

For these large retailers, it gives them the opportunity to communicate one-to-one with their customers.

Peter Cullen

We see this as a continual process in an effort to focus on bringing our customers what they want.

Carolyn Walton

Our main goal is educating customers about their choices.

Juan Torres

RIM barely scratches the surface. We don't need any of their customers.

Brian Bogosian

They already have a tremendous brand name out there. They're not going to lose any customers.

Aydin Tuncer

I think it's a good move. It doesn't take away from the business and, if anything, will bring in new customers.

Bernie Marcus

It's good news for our customers.

David Moody

We brought her in to housebreak her and the customers fell in love with her.

John Beal

We're going to have to pass some of this on in some form to our customers.

Derrick Jackson

We continually strive to make Dunkin' Donuts chains more accessible to our on-the-go customers who rely on their daily cup of coffee.

John Gilbert

Most of my customers don't own trailers. How will they get them off the lake? What will they do with them? Where will they go?

Robert Nelems

We are in the process of notifying some customers.

Betty Riess

There will be thorough training for them to handle customers.

John Plecha

There are a lot of [repair] bays in the city of Toledo. Everyone is fighting to get customers into their bays.

Tim Price

We want our customers to have fun.

Michael Egan

You don't want this service to get in the way of your regular, paying gas customers.

Chuck Olsen

We try to please (customers). With what money they have, we can make something for them.

Yolanda Cruz

Wal-Mart listens to consumers and will only alter its behavior if you alter your behavior. Customers are the ones who give Wal-Mart its power.

Charles Fishman

I'm skeptical that enterprise customers are as attractive as Wall Street assumes.

Patrick Brogan

The reason I do that is quality control. It's well worth it because our customers keep coming back.

Bill Kipper

It's a benefit (employees) couldn't get on their own because they are an employee of this (bank) customer. We leverage our relationship with our customers.

Jeff Clark

We think customers are better off when they have a choice and that they ought to have a choice.

David Flanagan

We will continue to meet our obligations to all of our customers.

Kazem Vaziri

We struck a fair balance. We feel we've been fair with all our customers.

Frank Poirot

We are very happy with that and customers seem to be very interested with what we are doing there.

Greg Maffei

The new engine family will both improve air quality and make our customers more competitive.

Peter Karlsten

You get to know the customers. It helps you pay attention to the trends.

Cheryln Bennett

Typically, our customers don't push out our buses. And for their safety, we would just as soon they don't.

Julie Johanson

This is just another way we're communicating with our customers on the importance of energy balance.

Lisa Howard

We're a destination store, so we've had lots of customers say there's no parking.

Mike Ellman

Without the standard chips they wouldn't be able to expand their market outside of their two biggest W-CDMA customers.

Will Strauss

We do not expect our customers to notice any significant change in our pricing.

Parri Munsell

We believe that local people know their local customers.

Jeff Noddle

In larger stores and areas, there is more anonymity from customers. We try to take away as much as that (anonymity) as we can.

Tim Sutton

We're prepared to continue to collect waste from both our residential and commercial customers.

Bill Plunkett

In all steps along the way, what we're asking the customer to do is to call us. . . . We do this with all customers facing disconnection.

Dan Considine

The net effect is we've increased our price to our customers anywhere from 11 to 20 percent.

Barry Stevens

More customers would like to eat more organic foods.

Tracy Pawelski

It does have some ability to create incremental value by getting to non-GM customers and dealers.

Brian Johnson

Customers who have complex workplace requirements find us to be a better fit. We have a specific niche.

Gary Machabee

It can cost 10 times more for a retailer to get a new customer than to get more business from existing customers.

Allan Katz

The more time dealers can spend with customers, the more they can sell.

Nick Bell

Because we own the relationship with our customers, we know who [the bad batteries] were sold to.

T.r. Reid

The design team represents the culture that's around them and that's the culture our customers understand.

Richard Bradbury

Customers will not only save on the costs, but they will also get more services that they need, because they will get customized services from us.

Punita Pandey

It's a brand new design for us. We've gotten great reviews and comments from our customers.

Jody Cook

As we migrate customers from NetWare to OES, we're putting more resources in OES and less in NetWare.

Bill Hewitt

What they will determine is what needs to be connected electrically that does the most customers the most good.

Allen Staggers

For every day that we are not merged, it is costing us and our customers a lot of money. It is also very frustrating for our employees.

Walter Raizner

It will help customers to handle their security better.

Christopher Klaus

It was definitely an accident. It wasn't intentional. We would never do that in FSA to our customers.

Teresa Lasseter

Customers should protect the card the same way they would protect their debit or credit card.

Lil Brunner

We've had customers from Box Butte County - and we're talking customers way out in the country - on for years. They are as far away as 18 miles from our access points.

Jerry Leistritz

This is a very good thing for our customers in terms of our Trustworthy Computing initiative.

Ines Vargas

This minimizes the impact and downtime for our customers.

Tim Gause

Customers like choices. They want to be empowered by what a la carte gives them.

Mark Nichols

The principle was right there - you couldn't miss it. The more you did for your customers, the more they did for us.

Debbi Fields

There's been no impact on our customers.

Glen Mathison

We have seen two factors drive customers to SAP for their CRM requirements.

Bill Wohl

They have 25 million customers, we have 5 million customers. We want to go directly after their customer base.

Robert Price

For our residential customers it's a monthly bill increase by $2.96.

Faye Andersen

More of our customers are telling us they want to try open source but that they have concerns.

Philip Robinson

We have customers that say they stay with us because of the training program.

Mike Phelan

It was a surprise. The customers come from every social and professional category.

Pascal Pozzoli

It's good for customers; it's good for Honeywell.

Terry Karst

When you sell stock to the customers, they breed business.

Nigel Harrison

We'd like very much for all our customers to be digital customers.

Page Thompson

We're in business. It's a product we need to make available. If we don't make it available, our customers are going to go somewhere else.

Grant Wright

At the end of the day, Allegiance is executing. It is delivering on their promises to customers.

Dan Ross

When companies act a little bit more like people, they can connect with more customers.

Gary Hirshberg

Customers who've tried it once are willing to try it again.

Robert Keane

Boat season is right around the corner. But we're hoping we'll be able to get to our customers and they'll be able to get to us.

Verdell Pettey

When you talk to customers, you can tell that a lot of them are a lot more local.

Alex Jones

Forget what our customers ask us. We want to be sure what we ask them.

Robin Murphy

Customers want correct answers immediately in the medium of their choice.

Tony Adams

We needed to give comfort to our customers that gas was going to be available.

Joe Foster

What is important it that they will allow us to offer our customers world-class quality.

Gerhard May

Small-business customers are very conservative and very cheap. We don't have to explain ourselves for the most part.

Paul Graham

What are we going to do, sue our biggest customers?

Michael Kors

We seen a tremendous amount of new customers.

Randy Ferreira

This will help Alltel customers, too, ... because Alltel and Verizon use the same towers.

Brad Moore

I get to share it with customers. They can now understand what it took to grow this.

Matt Jones

This [certification] is to assure enterprise customers they are buying the right devices.

Dennis Szerszen

Her toys are very popular with our customers so we're excited to have them.

Al Bloom

When customers make a commitment to us, then I can do some resource planning that helps me control my costs. I pass that savings along to my customer.

Matt Scherocman

The skiers would come in here and it'd be really busy. Now it's just local customers and no tourists.

Maria Gonzalez

Customers now are asking for that same capability in their virtualized open systems.

Ron Riffe

Our customers are going to push us in that direction.

Maher Masri

The deal had to work for both Cox and our customers, and we think we've achieved that.

Alex Horwitz

You have customers, you have traffic in the area, you have familiarity.

Aaron Edwards

We don't want to set expectations for our customers that we are not able to fill.

Jen Dillon

The construction is a pain. A lot of customers can't get in here. But it'll be better when it's done. It'll bring more businesses out toward this way.

Susan Foster

We want to see an offering that attracts the sophisticated customers.

David Strow

We encourage customers to get inspired.

Heine Roikjer

Customers are confused. We're explaining the options and letting customers make up their own minds.

Dawn Duffy

It just made it very difficult for our customers to do business with us.

Terry Marshall

We have customers that come here from all over the country.

Terry Pratt

We're looking for things we hope will appeal to customers as an overall meal.

Tom Mcgrane

Our customers definitely think that's a great offer.

Mike Wagner

H-E-B has not experienced this activity with our customers or employees at any of our stores across the state.

Leslie Lockett

WorldCom and AT&T basically have a duopoly on Fortune 500 customers.

Pat Comack

Customers have been asking for a comprehensive security and compliance solution.

Richard Whitehead

I think they're super-motivated. ... They're not afraid to pay top dollar to get customers in.

Thomas Ken

They were there first. That's an advantage to have had real experience with real customers.

Larry Burns

We attribute to this car a great part of our ambition and our efforts to win new customers.

Sergio Marchionne

We've definitely heard from customers who weren't customers before.

Clyde Foster

We really try to react to our customers.

Janet Foster

We're going more where our customers are, and that's increasingly in Asia.

Tom Crafton

He loves sitting on the counter. I've caught him with a paw in customers' purses.

Pat Schneider

The question that customers ask themselves is, Can I bet the farm on this platform?

Peter Graf

This is probably the first true bill customers have seen. Until they see it, it doesn't hit them.

Larry Graham

It's neat to be around our dogs day in and day out. And our customers just love them. We have a lot of customers who come in just to see the dogs.

Dave Nagle

There's been no indication that our customers will retaliate against U.S. companies.

Tim Neale

All of the bandwidth is allocated all of the time to all of the customers.

Junaid Islam

We believe a happy employee will lead directly to happy customers.

Chris Hammond

They are not good customers -- they are great customers.

Jim Stewart

AT&T is breaking the law and invading the privacy of its customers.

Kevin Bankston

Now customers can shop with privacy.

Diana Davis

We realize customers are struggling to pay their bills.

Tom Cuddy

We want a marriage with our customers, not a relationship.

Daniel Drew

We're letting customers personalize and individualize their beer.

Pat Mcgauley