The lower one speaks the closer a woman listens.

Marcel Achard

Anyone who thinks the art of conversation is dead ought to tell a child to go to bed.

Robert C. Gallagher

If you ever have to support a flagging conversation, introduce the topic of eating.

Leigh Hunt

A conversation is a dialogue, not a monologue. That's why there are so few good conversations: due to scarcity, two intelligent talkers seldom meet.

Truman Capote

It is all right to hold a conversation but you should let go of it now and then.

Richard Armour

Men are capable of talking hours on end over only one subject, women do it and don't even require a subject.

Curt Goetz

Conversation may be compared to a lyre with seven chords - philosophy, art, poetry, love, scandal, and the weather.

Anna Jameson

Conversation is the art of speaking without thinking.

Victor De Kowa

Conversation enriches the understanding, but solitude is the school of genius.

Edward Gibbon

Ideal conversation must be an exchange of thought, and not, as many of those who worry most about their shortcomings believe, an eloquent exhibition of wit or oratory.

Emily Post

I often quote myself. It adds spice to my conversation.

George Bernard Shaw

The trouble with her is that she lacks the power of conversation but not the power of speech.

George Bernard Shaw

Bore: one who has the power of speech but not the capacity for conversation.

Benjamin Disraeli

Education begins a gentleman, conversation completes him.

Dr. Thomas Fuller

There is no conversation more boring than the one where everybody agrees.

Michel de Montaigne

Marriage: a long conversation chequered by disputes.

Robert Louis Stevenson

Chamber music -- a conversation between friends.

Catherine Drinker Bowen

There is no such thing as conversation. It is an illusion. There are intersecting monologues, that is all.

Rebecca West

Do not start a conversation with negative information. You won't go anywhere with it.

Nancy Friedman

After Labor Day, we'll have a conversation with voters about what Proposition 75 is really about.

Sarah Leonard

What is reading, but silent conversation.

Charles Lamb

You could see it. He was always talking to himself. He would be as close as you and I, and you could see him carrying on a conversation with himself.

Tim Walker

Giving half answers won't make the conversation half as long.

Dave Johnson

It's a conversation I never wanted to have.

Drew Perkins

He was possibly the brightest human being I've ever engaged in conversation.

Gretta Bader

The desert has its holiness of silence, the crowd its holiness of conversation.

Walter Elliot

Conversation is food for the soul.

Mexican Proverb

Conversation like television set on honeymoon...unnecessary.

Peter Sellers

This was the first conversation, we will hold further meetings.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski

I would hesitate to characterize the conversation beyond confirming that it took place.

David Sloane

When I have a conversation with anybody, I do look deep into them.

Andy Cole

There can be no situation in life in which the conversation of my dear sister will not administer some comfort to me.

Mary Worley Montagu

They're probably recording this conversation right now.

Jose Basulto

Debate is the death of conversation.

Kitty O'neill Collins

We have had another constructive conversation.

Peter Doust

Conversation is an art in which a man has all mankind for competitors.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Conversation is an art in which a man has all mankind for his competitors, for it is that which all are practising every day while they live.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Not the end of this whole conversation.

Thomas Hall

If we make that field goal, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

Lorenzo Neal

We wanted it to be a conversation between an expert and a layman.

Brandon Williams

It was a brief conversation. I told (Brooks) that I didn't want to hear anything.

Dave Reed

You set the tone of the conversation in a positive mode, and that is really what counts.

Nancy Friedman

Your ignorance, cramps my conversation.

Sir Anthony Hawkins

The most influential of all educational factors is the conversation in a child's home.

William Temple, Sr.

I was now alone with a strange people, in a strange land. Our conversation so far as we had any was carried on by signs.

John Dunbar

When you have a conversation with him he cannot separate sex and food. They're like one issue to him.

Barbara Lazaroff

I speak to him fairly regularly, I am sure it will come up in conversation.

Barry Hall

All we can do is open up a conversation.

Kevin Mattson

We're really inviting people into this as a conversation.

Mark Hanson

There was nothing about killing in that conversation.

Gerald Schwartzbach

All of the conversation is how he's going to write it.

Adam Tracy

A man's character may be learned from the adjectives which he habitually uses in conversation.

Mark Twain

The job has not been offered or discussed. There hasn't been a single conversation.

Steve Maviglio

We are in conversation with the other title sponsors and that's all I can say. I don't want to get into it any more than that.

Stephen Blythe

That first conversation inspired the planning process.

Steve Tarver

It was a confidential conversation, and I don't really want to comment on it.

Rod Thorn

Conversation is the enemy of good wine and food.

Alfred Hitchcock

The bulk of our conversation is at the dinner table.

Leanne Mrock

We are going to have to sit down carefully and see what has to be in a conversation like this for it to be captured by the Criminal Code.

Steve Bilodeau

That conversation never even came up.

Bill Marolt

It becomes a three way conversation between me, the painting, and the viewer.

Joan Marron Larue

I had a nice little conversation with him. He seems happy to be here, quick to smile.

Billy Beane

To listen closely and reply well is the highest perfection we are able to attain in the art of conversation.

Francois de La Rochefoucauld

I had a great conversation with him. It was a private conversation, but he was very happy for me.

Mike Tannenbaum

That turned a two-way conversation into a one-way discussion.

Rob Young

He wasn't out, but he wasn't there. I had a conversation with him and it was more like a conversation with myself.

Lindy Ruff

It's great conversation. In the industry, it's great talk.

Shelley Berman

This is someone we approached and talked to, and after we engaged in conversation with her, she became ill.

Bill Warren

They can?t be part of the conversation.

Chris Mcgoey

This conversation was spontaneous. There certainly was no script. It was not even particularly coherent.

Doug Christie

But it got so personal that we couldn't even have that conversation - she wouldn't even respond to me.

Steve Kijak

I had very little conversation with her.

Robert Cowan

He is so lifelike, you might find yourself in a conversation.

Susan Starrett

It was like sitting in on a conversation with him.

Tim Mcnulty

Whenever my mother talks to me, she begins the conversation as if we were already in the middle of an argument.

Amy Tan

I don't see that conversation going that way at this point.

Jeff Atwater

I feel comfortable that we can open the doors of conversation with the county.

Karla Owens

It's a normal conversation.

Jeff Kelly

He lives for the challenge of conversation.

Lee Nelson

He just ran out in the middle of the conversation. I thought it was a fight.

Martin Wright

By doing it this way, you have an opportunity to have a candid conversation with all those involved.

Darryl Seibel

The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.

Sir Winston Churchill

There may have been something behind that dinner, but I just took it as a casual conversation.

Steve Waugh

These are very unpopular policies, and ASUH was left out of that conversation, but the PTA was included.

Katie Barry

The mass media doesn't contribute to an accurate conversation about it all.

Davarian Baldwin

We talked about it and had a good conversation.

Buzz Peterson

I've been waiting to have this conversation for years.

Pat Gleason

He strains his conversation through a cigar.

Hamilton Wright Mabie

The governor said the most important thing was that it's a solution. So we'll get to have that conversation some more.

Brian Mcclung

I can wear a hat or take it off, but either way it's a conversation piece.

Hedda Hopper

We concluded this very cordially. It was a rare chance to have a nice conversation.

Mike Ferreira

That's always a starting point of conversation when you find somebody with the same accent as you.

Barbara Wilson

Confidence contributes more to conversation than wit.

Francois de La Rochefoucauld

The president stood up, turned his back and said, 'The conversation is over.'

Yulia Tymoshenko

The hurricane dominated the conversation and the war is no longer on the front burner.

Frank Pallone

It?s been good for the students. It?s opened up some really good conversation.

Leah Kirkpatrick

Perhaps I shouldn't repeat this conversation.

Jean claude Van Damme

My 40-minute conversation with him.

Ray Lahood

To enhance the conversation with the governor.

Patrick Guerriero

The thing you can do online that you can't do in the physical world is interactivity and two-way conversation.

David Card

I let him kiss me because he had been in war and he fought for me, ... I only wish now I had had a conversation with him or asked his name.

Edith Shain

It seems odd, but they'd end every conversation with 'Have a nice day.

Eugene Nelson

What a delightful thing is the conversation of specialists! One understands absolutely nothing and it's charming.

Edgar Degas

This is a conversation I have with clients all the time.

Evan Snapper

They are also skilled in the art of conversation.

Ziyi Zhang

I never heard any such conversation.

Ethel Rosenberg