Compassion is not weakness, and concern for the unfortunate is not socialism.

Hubert H. Humphrey

Man may dismiss compassion from his heart, but God never will.

William Cowper

Compassion is a two way street.

Frank Capra

Compassion is sometimes the fatal capacity for feeling what it is like to live inside somebody else's skin. It is the knowledge that there can never really be any peace and joy for me until there is peace and joy finally for you too.

Frederick Buechner

By compassion we make others' misery our own, and so, by relieving them, we relieve ourselves also.

Thomas Browne, Sr.

There is nothing heavier than compassion. Not even one's own pain weighs so heavy as the pain one feels for someone, for someone, pain intensified by the imagination and prolonged by a hundred echos.

Milan Kundera

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.

The Dalai Lama

No-one knows what the soul is.. But what we do know is, the soul is where God works compassion.

Meister Eckhart

You may call God love, you may call God goodness. But the best name for God is compassion.

Meister Eckhart

He who feels no compassion will become insane.

Hasidic Saying

Compassion is the basis of all morality.

Arthur Schopenhauer

He's very strategic, has a lot of compassion for children, and we just love him.

Janette Fennell

Let's step up. Let's be a man. Make a tear run down your eye. Let me know you got some compassion.

Tom Costa

If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.

Jack Kornfield

Many times I'm overwhelmed by the compassion of the city.

Andrea Brown

She had the biggest heart, the most compassion I've ever seen.

Linda Thomas

Biblical orthodoxy without compassion is surely the ugliest thing in the world.

Francis Schaeffer

Compassion is not a popular virtue.

Karen Armstrong

Compassion for anyone who has ever had to go through anything so terrifying.

Taryn Manning

This is an outpouring of love and compassion, ... I am just so proud of my city.

Michael Coleman

She has a gift for words. She has a gift for compassion.

Barbara Carter

It's so people know there is a family who does care and has compassion.

Joe Hubbard

Character and compassion are what they learn.

Patsy Crisel

Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living things, man will not himself find peace.

Albert Schweitzer

The judges we work with are very fair with the people. You have to have a little bit of backbone and compassion.

Nanette Heller

A sign from the pope that he'd like to be close to you and show his compassion.

Paul Cordes

I have total compassion for CMR. But state tournaments are for Cinderella teams.

Karen Deden

She has no imagination and that means no compassion.

Michael Foot

Acts of compassion from our fellow Pennsylvanians are just extraordinary.

Tony Ross

This commission showed far more compassion than one we've seen previously.

Paul Taibl

The beautiful part of the story is the compassion and charity of the American people.

Tony Fernandez

It's compassion that makes gods of us.

Dorothy Gilman

None of us as parents brought up our children to be this way, ... We all have some turn out to be bad apples ... As one parent to another, I have a lot of compassion for him.

Marsha Kight

I have, I hope, a lot of compassion. I am certainly not an atheist. Maybe I am somewhere hovering between an agonistic and a believer.

Julian Gardner

He was tremendously insightful. He had a lot of passion and compassion in his profession.

David Swanson

At the end of the day, love and compassion will win.

Terry Waite