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A man who has committed a mistake and doesn't correct it, is committing another mistake.


These people have committed no crime, but there is no supervision of the way they are being held.

Irene Khan

If someone committed a crime they will no longer work in my administration.

Valerie Plame

This is far more serious, organized, committed, than many of us realized.

Michael Ware

They're very much committed to moving forward with market reform.

Paul Calello

It's a great place to do the show. They're really into it. They're committed to it. It's a great location. It's not far from New York.

Barry Summers

It's fun to play defense with a group of players so committed to it.

Kelly Miller

These things have happened in the past, and we've committed to put on a show for the fans. We have a job.

Curtis Gray

It is much easier to repent of sins that we have committed than to repent of those we intend to commit.

Josh Billings

Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.

Tom Robbins

If Alabama had offered me early on, I would have committed.

Greg Mcelroy

We believe the same two suspects committed all four home invasions.

Vernon Keenan

We are both committed to advancing the culture of T&T. Consider us soldiers for the cause.

Geoffrey Dunn

The difference between the teams was commitment. The Chiefs came out more committed, determined to do their absolute best in attack and defense and that was the difference.

Chris Latham

We are committed to funding the Governor's School.

Assemblyman Louis Greenwald

She is feeling that she is not guilty. She is firmly committed to that position.

Frank Murphy

They are committed to correcting any errors so it won't happen again in the future.

Michael Walsh

The village is committed to the health and safety of the tower.

Laura Hurley

We're committed to staying in the seamless business for the foreseeable future.

Ray Adams

We are very committed to providing medical care to this community, but we're not there to be martyrs.

Colin Mcilreavy

We remain committed to accelerating our business plan. We'll have more to say about our plan on Jan. 23 and can't comment further at this time.

Becky Sanch

She had a really good year for us. She's a great kid and she has really committed to becoming a better all-around player.

Werner Christen

There's always a way - if you're committed.

Tony Robbins

Oh, I am committed. It's my claim to fame.

Tom Henschel

We are committed to New York but it's too early to tell where we will be.

Judy Tenzer

Proven that they are committed to helping us.

Alan G. Hevesi

The government is still committed to peace.

Palitha Kohona

We are committed to one another. If someone else comes along, we'll have to respond in appropriate fashion. But we think it's a very, very good fit.

Stephen Wolf

This sends a very clear message that we are committed to being in Santa Rosa.

Pat Byrne

It's tragic Mr. Ash died, but it doesn't mean Tim committed a crime.

Marcus Topel

As an actress she has the ability to be so committed to what she does. But at the same time [she can] put it all into a healthy perspective.

Susan Lynch

He's never committed any acts in the United States.

Matthew Archambeault

They talk of massacres. They talk of brutality. They talk of all sorts of crimes that have been committed against them.

William Walker

The outlay of capital that this company has committed to is just staggering.

Joe Jerzewski

There was insufficient evidence that Mr. Simmons committed a crime.

Chris Liegel

Absolutely not. We are committed to being in this business. We feel fortunate to be in this business. It's beneficial to us.

Lance Thompson

We are committed to getting to the bottom of what exactly happened.

Dan Senor

They have to get up earlier and eat breakfast earlier. The parents must be committed also.

Karen Tremblay

We have nothing at this point to show a crime has been committed.

Randy Belcher

We saw in Australia that South Africa are a very disciplined, committed team.

Michael Hussey

We are committed to getting you as much money on the streets as we can.

Robert Ball

We were a championship team before the slide, but the management was committed to rebuilding the team.

Yeng Guiao

He's committed to working with us to reduce his management staff.

Jim Flynn

We ask every player that. We try to get to the bottom of that with every player and find out how committed they are.

Jim Goodman

The magnitude of this public corruption will only be matched by the arrogance of the man who committed these acts.

Sandra Navarro

No one has ever committed as much as we have to the process.

John Bacon

A lot of people committed suicide when they saw there is no hope.

Adam Koenig

We are committed to getting those dollars to our partners.

Kari Ridder

We are committed to the residents of New Orleans, wherever they are living now.

Delores Killette

Cisco is committed to IPv6, but we're committed to integration, not transition.

Judy Estrin

I'm committed to providing a festival for the community. It's 47 years old.

Sharon Gillies

With full responsibility, I can say that the KLA has not committed this act.

Hashim Thaci

We have not committed to a contractor yet.

Marty Burger

There are no words strong enough to deplore the acts she committed.

Patrick Mcgrath

That there was gross misconduct and criminal acts committed by federal agents.

James Pate

For the act that was committed, he should be put in the very maximum security... it should be more.

Charles Hayes

He was wrong to do that. That doesn't mean he committed a crime.

John A. Macdonald

We've basically committed a mutiny. We've left DHH and we're working with the military.

Leon Tarnto

We're committed to the arts on the whole.

Michele Scoleri

We still have all of that on the table. We remain very committed to those programs.

Becky Carroll

Is committed to riding it out and going back to Tulane. We'll get through this.

Mary Reed

We're committed to doing this in a thorough manner.

Brian Turmail

I committed to the coaches on Saturday.

Quinton Hancock

The bottom line message is we're committed to continuing service.

Lois Bollenback

Being committed to each other -- that's the point.

Julie Berry

I respect him because he's very bright. I think he's very committed to his franchises.

Fay Vincent

Our tribe is committed to keeping things in the community.

David Barnett

Anytime that an arrest is not eminent after a crime is committed, it becomes more and more challenging for investigators.

Jim Shires

We remain committed to the project.

Jason Keadjian

It was not Fletcher Anderson Morrell who committed that crime.

Michael Rubin

The city is committed to expanding maritime cargo uses on the Brooklyn waterfront.

Janel Patterson

We're very proud. We're very committed to green building.

Sondra Guffey

We will never approach any game without being 100 percent committed.

Naka Drotske

We are looking into the matter but what is clear is that a crime was committed.

Badru Kiggundu

We are still on that path, and irrevocably committed to it.

Rowan Williams

Out administration is fully committed to the India-US civilian nuclear energy agreement.

Nicholas Burns

I think most everybody is committed.

Paul Hubbert

The college is committed to being a part of this community. We are here to stay.

Chere Weiss

She's committed (and) she's got the right mental toughness for it.

Holly Veloso

Many of the individuals we see are heavily committed to something we call 'fun.'

Mel Levine

I'd like you to tell me about the war crimes you saw committed there and also why you didn't do something about them.

John O'neill

I can't say enough about Ashton, he works hard and is a very committed player.

Willie Mcgowan

The ones that don't want to be very committed buy watches for Valentine's Day.

Lucia Shook

The only crime, if any, that may have been committed in these circumstances is the perpetration of a dangerous act.

Michael Grant

Committed to get Al Gore elected.

Sara Anderson

We are committed to the legacy of Sharon.

Meir Sheetrit

I'm not a megalomaniac but a facilitator for committed artists and curious audiences.

Kristy Edmunds

Enough effort has not been committed toward this case.

Raymon Alexander

If I have committed any culinary atrocities, please forgive me.

Ted Allen

Committed to defending the rights of all our men and women, whatever their beliefs.

Mary Walker

We are committed to working with the state to get repairs done.

James Connaughton

We were committed to using the new technology to bring better service to our customers.

Robert Simons

I think this shows the community is committed.

Bill Wheeler

It is imperative that the ultimate sanction be available for those who have committed these crimes.

John Ashcroft

She is committed to golf. She plays with a purpose because golf is important to her.

Jimmy Brown

I want to be in one place, I want to be committed to that one team and let's make the most of these final years of my career.

Jeff Garcia

My question is if they are really committed to spreading the word of God or the word of Ken.

Mark Weaver

I am committed like the hog, ... The hog supplied the bacon, you know.

Steve Holland

We have great confidence our airline will work well for Portsmouth. We are very committed to the area.

Tyri Squyres

I remain more committed than ever to bring a championship to Miami.

Alonzo Mourning

They're obviously pretty committed to getting the $1,200 out the door.

Carolyn Bennett

They were freed because there is no proof that they committed crimes against humanity.

Busho Ibrahim Ali

We're very committed to saving the climate and recognize that it's a huge threat.

Brian Campbell

This was one of the most shameful and arrogant acts ever committed against consumers.

Bill Newton

The team was definitely committed and courageous.

Kelly Grapperhaus

I've never seen John Sweeney so committed or so energized.

Melissa Carlson

We are fully committed to her confirmation and look forward to her confirmation.

Jeanie Mamo

I'm very committed to this project.

Linda Davis

When you say you are going to do something, you get it done. I committed myself to filling them all. I didn't quite make it.

Dennis Mcdonald

We really had to make believers out of MPS to let them know that we're serious about what we've committed to.

David Armour

GM is firmly committed to improving its performance in North America.

Jerry Dubrowski

We need more clarification on what offenses if at all have been committed.

Hiroshi Kamide

Most crimes are committed by people who are not particularly skilled at what they do.

Neil Boyd

We can now fine the property owners for acts committed by their tenants.

Mark Wood

He stole. He committed fraud. He committed perjury.

Owen Heimer

He's committed and determined.

Hilary Benn

If he has committed fraud, ... that would cast doubt on the things he was saying to the government.

Henry Klingeman

We don't really have a way to answer that yet, partly because there have been so few people released from civil commitment and partly because the number who have been committed is also low.

Jill Levenson

If we committed that cash toward a match for purposes of a grant, then we wouldn't be able to use it for anything else.

Jack Greene

As far as we are concerned, we are committed ... and (the talks) will go ahead as planned.

Anura Yapa

We're really committed to making hybrids mainstream and also keeping hybrids affordable.

Monte Doran

I feel a bit more committed to wanting to let people know that's not OK.

Beth Kivel

There are hurdles but we are committed.

Petroleum Minister Murli Deora

At the end of that, I felt that we had committed to the idea of recording it.

Jim Campilongo

Wal-Mart is absolutely and unequivocally committed not to engage in branch banking.

Jane Thompson

We're committed to advancing Arizona's competitive position as a destination for global business.

Barry Broome

Both of those girls have been very committed so far this season.

Charlie Bowman

The government is committed to reducing the gap in health status between aboriginal and non-aboriginal Canadians.

Nathalie Lalonde

We are a team committed to the beauty and culture of the South.

Laura Hall

We're committed to fair and equal treatment across the board.

Tom Jurkowsky

We made good adjustments at halftime. We committed more to denying them the ball.

Mike Giuliano

A lot of companies are calling for availability, but we're committed to FEMA.

Don Zimmer

That was definitely a concern for me. I'm always fully committed; I try to stick to things.

Pat Devlin

From the day I committed here, that's all I heard.

Marquez Smith

The first atrocity, the first war crime committed in any war of aggression by the aggressors is against the truth.

Michael Parenti

These children are growing up with entertainment, not art. When I teach them I try to mix in a little of both, but I also teach them to be committed to an ideal.

Regie Gibson

There's a little bit of awe you have in Terry, and so it makes you deeply committed to him and the process, ... C.

Nick Nolte

Although it was a very tragic situation, I believe no crime was committed by Tim Brooks.

Marcus Topel

They're totally committed to each other.

Joyce Wilson

Committed any criminal acts.

Paul Bergrin

Steven is extremely committed to DreamWorks, ... He doesn't want it to go away.

Kathleen Kennedy

The TSA has not yet committed to permanently choosing to not use commercial data. They need to do so.

Tim Sparapani

Circumstances are important. The circumstances mitigate the degree to which the crime was committed.

Daniel Joseph

We were interested and committed to bridging this gap. ... But management was clearly not committed to the process.

John Culp

It has to do with being a committed follower of Christ. I feel as though I am in transition from admirer to disciple.

Jim Cole

We're committed to doing the excavation and removal.

Jon Holt

I intend to run. I'm committed to being a part of this board.

Damon Shelor

People are committed when they know what they're committed to.

Doug Flynn

Those six players are committed to doing things the right way, in the classroom and on the basketball court.

Kevin Nickelberry

Sincerely and seriously committed to peace.

Velupillai Prabhakaran

We remain committed to accelerating our business plans.

Becky Sanch

We are all committed to fighting with every breath we have. The choir will go on.

Melvin Williams

Passionately committed to the success of the exchange.

William Higgins

I think each one of us has committed to improving.

Jimmy Haynes

The foundation remains firmly committed to its mission.

Patty Stonesifer

Alcohol is involved in a majority of all crimes committed.

Ed Paulk

We have committed the Golden Rule to memory; let us now commit it to life.

Edwin Markham

We are very much committed to Bill 27.

Ed Byrne

We are committed to changing the culture of the company to be more conservative.

Ed Breen

We are absolutely committed to being SIMPLE compliant.

Ed Simnett

Even the most committed alums say it was an ugly building when it was built.

Fred Peters

We have extraordinary volunteers who are incredibly committed to this event.

Ellen Kodadek

We're committed to being downtown.

Edward Hunter