Only for the phony is commercialism-the bending of creativity to common utility-a naughty word. To the truly creative, it is a bridge to the great audience, a means of sharing rather than debasing.

Ernest A. Jones

You agreed that we would double commerce by the year 2010. I believe, personally, that we can do even better than that.

James Peterson

The force of commerce got us in this mess and it's the only force that will get us out.

Gary Hirshberg

If there were a problem with that, we'd wreck the golden goose of e-commerce.

John Ryan

These are chamber of commerce numbers. This is great for marketing.

Joel Wagher

The pursuit of the small business has always been the holy grail of e-commerce.

Geoffrey Bock

It's still about e-commerce.

Bill Coleman

It's really historic; it's amazing. What else in California do the L.A. Chamber of Commerce and the SEIU agree on?

Ben Austin

Food and beverage sales through promotion and mobile commerce.

Tom Moore

We understand and are very sensitive to the fact that it affects commerce and business.

John Hutchinson

Our crowd each week is the newspaper and the chamber of commerce.

Monica Halsey

It (Orangeburg County) is a location they (Commerce) know they can win.

Gregg Robinson

Jan. 31, 1946 was the very first meeting for the Kennett Chamber of Commerce.

Jan Mcelwrath

The real value is in business to business e-commerce.

Brian Kelley

Chapter One (of the Internet) was about e-commerce and e-business. Chapter Two moves us to 'Do it for me'.

Lou Gerstner

With the growth of the Internet and the use of e-commerce, you're going to get more and more of these situations.

Bob Lewin

We're going out to the counties and work through their chambers (of commerce) to get the word out.

Jim Rich

Jon has just been a wonderful addition to the Ankeny Chamber of Commerce, and he steps in and just does whatever is asked of him and then some.

Julie Cooper

We must maintain our competitive advantage on commerce traffic.

Anthony Adams

We know that when we close (the interstate) it does cause a burden on commerce all the way across the country. It affects way more than Wyoming.

Tim Mcgary

The pervasive impact of e-commerce dominates the discussion.

Charles O. Holliday

It's not your father's chamber of commerce.

Joe Reagan

We've had a great commerce experience with Nebraska.

Pedro Alvarez