Coaches are an integral part of any manager's team, especially if they are good pinochle players.

Earl Weaver

Sometimes I think he knows the offense better than coach [Norm] Chow.

Jason White

You never know what to expect with a new coach.

Kris Sanford

That's something that Coach B wants, to be able to put someone in ... and have her be confident in herself.

Natalie Jones

She's invaluable. Honestly, without having me being a literacy coach, there is no way we could run the program.

Michelle Anderson

I don't know, probably hire a coach.

Frank Hamblen

The coach and I have talked over the offer from Lincoln.

Oliver Bierhoff

I haven't had a go-ahead from coach or anything like that.

Kyle Schlicher

It will be unusual not to see Coach wearing the hat, he's been wearing it so long.

Jarron Collins

He's a nice, nice addition. But we do miss Coach.

Todd Hursey

It's nice coaching against my friend, ... but it's really bad when you get blown out.

Van Kirk

I've been coaching 14 years, and that's never happened before.

Anthony Bozzella

Coach Williams gets in there with them and encourages them. There's no nonsense about his attitude and approach.

Mark Wade

I hear a lot of coaching come out of his mouth.

Amy O'brien

The only Rattlers I will be coaching will be (former) Rattlers.

Doug Plank

It comes down to coaching, is what it is. I take responsibility for that.

William Moeava

A Michigan man will coach Michigan.

Bo Schembechler

It really has no bearing on any decisions. Coaching and playing is all we can do.

Joe Augustine

The coaching just gets stronger and stronger.

Phil Bennett

I'm a coach, and I wanted to coach at the professional level.

Rob Daum

Coach Bedford really would have been proud of what we've accomplished this season. He was the one that build this program.

Kent Thomas

What does [Coach] Parcells say? 'You get no medals for trying.'

John Crotty

You are only as good as the coach thinks you are.

Brian Williams

In practice I usually never take those shots. Coach never lets me.

Mike Gingras

I'm back now. I'm going to do whatever I can and whatever coach lets me do.

Jerret Smith

I'm the most superstitious coach out there.

Andy Smyth

(In San Antonio), I knew what I was getting into from a team standpoint, from a coaching standpoint.

Michael Finley

Without an actual coach, guys can kind of stray easily.

Peyton Stovall

What they do such a good job of is coaching effort.

Charlie Jones

As much as these are interesting games and fun for the fans, they are hard to coach.

Leo Golembiewski

Because I am the coach.

Hassan Shehata

[Coach Dan Hawkins] understands the economics of it. I try to balance it year to year.

Gene Bleymaier

They've come so far. They're so easy to coach. They do everything we tell them.

Teresa Gore

What Coach Wooden did was so special.

Pete Carroll

It'd be an unwise move for a coach or others to go against the committee.

Jim Lord

I would hope we have a coach in place well before then.

Walter Bugno

You coach all your life to see something like that.

Barry Humble

He's not a coach, he's a friend. He's like a fan, that's how we see him.

Patrice Servelle

Herb is a good man and a heck of a coach.

Bill Frieder

Now I am on top of Europe, not as a player but as coach.

Panagiotis Yannakis

Coaching them is a pleasure. That's why when they come out and have a half like that, it's like you don't know what to do because you don't see it very often.

John Chernick

He's got the kind of speed you can't coach.

Marvel Smith

They don't take advice from me; I'm too old. They take coaching, that's it.

Russ Grimm

It takes Tice out of the position of being a head coach.

Cris Collinsworth

The other thing you have to remember is that we have a lot of new coaching staff this year.

Ron Hassey

Ready and willing to give a new coach a try.

Tiffeny Milbrett

This arrangement will help Andy decide if coaching is something he wants to do in his career.

Jim Duffy

There's the guy to ask (about being a head coach) right there. He's been king before. I've never been king before.

Mike Trgovac

It's been great to be around the team as a coach.

Walter Roese

The thing I love most the coaching staff didn't give up on me. That's actually the reason I've broken out.

Jason Conley

She's always been looking out on our behalf. She's such a great coach.

Rachel Peyton

We accepted coach Dixon so quickly. The team is so close. We've trusted coach Dixon.

Megan Vrabel

I won't be coaching at the Hunters next year, and I won't coach in the NBL again.

Adrian Hurley

Jon is a very good coach,'' Tice said.

Brad Johnson

Coach P is a firecracker.

Chester Pitts

We do it as a courtesy to the coaching staff.

Bob Hopkins

He has something we can't coach; he has size and he actually moves pretty well for his size.

Mike Rudd

Diego Maradona should be the coach of Argentina.

Jose Pekerman

I'm thinking about playing there. My coach thinks I have a chance to play.

Joe Manning

Sometimes it is [more about beating Spurrier], ... It doesn't matter who he's coaching for, it's all about beating him.

D.j. Shockley

I've been coaching for 25 years. This is my 13th year at St. Catharine.

Kathy Cunningham

Coach saw us able to do that. He said, 'Why can't we do that every game?' So he has been stressing it ever since.

Mike Hoyt

It was kind of a place where I was able, in that conference, to grow as a coach.

Todd Clapper

And at the end of the day, one of the major players of that is the coach. It became pretty clear to me he was the best guy to keep on the job.

Oliver Luck

At the camp I had experience coaching team tennis.

Alex Spence

I'm the opposing coach, but I'll tell you what - that was a great goal.

Claude Julien

A great call by Coach Polk.

Jeffrey Rea

Coach (Fred) Trinkle will have them prepared. He always has something up his sleeve.

Jack Bagley

So Coach Turner called for a hitch-and-go. It was a great call.

Greg Jenkins

Coach McCaffery was great to us this year. It was a great year, and right now he's our coach.

David Ryan

As a coach I can't be more proud of my players -- the way they battled, fought back and put us in position to win.

Chris O'connor

I can't coach anymore. I want to run a team.

Larry Brown

He's a scout's delight, but a coach killer.

National League

Coach wanted to win as much I as did. He hates to lose. I hate to lose.

Quillar Marion

Coach Hill demands a lot of his players. He's a great coach and a great baseball guy.

Brad Hutt

Coach always preaches to us, get ahead, get ahead, make something happen.

Bryan Augenstein

I feel bad for their coach and their girls who came to play. I'm not sure what else to say.

Jim Getzloff

Coach Pitts is old school. He makes us work to get better in every area.

Joshua Bone

How come you didn't call me Coach?

Morrie Schwartz

Coach Williams made Morgan the star of the day.

David Haskins

We do not want him coaching into next season without a renewal.

Mark Rotenberg

She's so much more than a coach to us.

Nicole Mancini

He is exactly what we are looking for. We are fortunate to get a coach of this caliber.

Binky Waldrop

I used to be able to play in the game, but now with my age I just sit back and coach.

Kerwin Bell

This is the best time as a head coach. You get to be optimistic and see what happens.

Jess Munro

He was a big part of our team and did a lot for us. It's a big credit to Coach Anderson and the job he's done.

Squeaky Johnson

He knew I had head-coaching aspirations. You can't be the second assistant all your life.

Mike Sealy

The players are curious to see what kind of coach they are getting.

Vinnie Kirkpatrick

These girls have been so easy to coach, so grounded in their schoolwork.

Bobby Keanini

We'll address those needs as coach Boyle presents them.

Jay Hinrichs

Yeah. But he's that type of guy. He's got more presence about him than any coach I've ever been around.

Jeff Ulbrich

Mr. Halas hired me to coach the defense. That's what I did.

Buddy Ryan

Coach said life on the road is always a challenge, and it's not always pretty.

Chris Bryant

When we picked the date, we didn't have any idea that I would be coaching the varsity.

Brandon Bates

I guess I better let her step out a little more. That's bad coaching, not putting her in the right place.

Carmen Dolfo

That was the thing that indicated to us that Coach may not be back next year.

Jr Inman

I informed the coaching staff, and they thought I was kidding.

Arne Krogh

Everything, I feel, is so much better. She is always involved with us and there is so much more coaching going on. She's awesome.

Nicole Garbin

This is the biggest win that we've had since I've been coach. He's a tremendous player for us.

Josh Thomas

We knew they were slower, so we wanted to come out and run them. Coach wanted to set that press up so we'd get the ball a lot.

Ben Boyd

It really helps knowing the coach believes in you. That really motivates you.

Justin Forsett

Coach was so mad, he didn't even fuss at us. We were ashamed at ourselves.

Dietric Slater

Life as a coach is full of frustrations.

Didier Deschamps

I'll be back with my old high school coach and I'm psyched about it.

Paul Gross

... In my eyes, I'm playing for somebody I consider a coaching legend.

Steve Wichman

He brought the same passion and determination to coaching as he brought as a player on the field.

Mark Mccullers

Coach Mark Few has really turned that program into a powerhouse.

Brandon Cole

Coach had challenged me to come out early and get some buckets. The basket just got bigger. In the end result, it really doesn't count because we didn't get the win.

Vincent Grier

The play didn't fall out of the sky. Was it an accident, good luck or coaching? It wasn't an accident.

Joe Kapp

We want the GM to hire the coach and that's a smart thing.

Dan Gilbert

He's got great knowledge of the game; he's like another coach.

Vic Gongola

I think it was a little hard on coach and hard on me.

Janae Voelker

It's pretty amazing what Coach Pearl has done.

Jerry Meyer

Coach said to throw it as hard as I could, ... I didn't even see it, I was eating grass.

Chris Wolfe

I was probably harder on them than I should have been, but I would say anyone that has a chance to coach their son or daughter should do it. It's the best experience a coach can have.

Frank Spurchise

He was a poor coach when it came to looking after a group of people.

Paul Wilson

Even if we got the win tonight, it wouldn't be enough to pay coach back.

Danny Sanders

It was always, 'OK, coach, we'll take care of it,' .

Billy Reed

It was one of the most down moments in my coaching career.

David Hooper

He's no longer the golf coach, we'll put it that way.

Patrick Moore

Just a run, no, it's a coaching–.

Miles O'brien

He said, 'Coach, get me out. I can't play, they won't let me play.

Bob Weiss

It's nice to get Coach Saban a win. There's always competition.

A.j. Feeley

We've been doing this forever, and our coach really put it on us to kick some butt.

Heather Ward

I will be a college coach at some point.

Linda Sayavongchanh

So Coach gets on guys? So what? If he didn't care, he wouldn't get on you.

Morris Peterson

He's a great coach, but that's a great team, too.

Trenton Hassell

Duncan Fletcher's a loyal coach but he's got this one badly wrong.

Bob Willis

If I'd had met her when I was coaching with him I'd have had no shot, ... I guess you could say I came preapproved.

John Baxter

Almost every client we coach has some resistance or dislike to budgeting.

James Gottfurcht

When you have that many personnel bests, it's a huge accomplishment for any coach and team.

Brian Deming

She's years ahead of her age and coaching experience.

Alex Estrada

Coach [Byron] Walker is a really, really good coach, and that program is one of the top in Broward every year.

Mike Gonzalez

We wanted to make a run to put the dagger in. Coach told us to put the dagger in play by play.

Bradley Starks

Coach executed an almost flawless game plan.

Lee Mcelroy

This coaching staff we have is a big bonus.

Denny Rinehart

Coaching in the best conference in Iowa was an opportunity that doesn't come along every day.

Adam Dejoode

The one thing is that they haven't had a whole lot of coaching. So it's kind of like when you say something they eat it up.

Brian Berger

Because of the nature of the injury, he really couldn't do much. He would try to come out and coach someone and I would yell at him to sit down.

Daniel Lewis

If (Gallagher) has to choose, I would like for him to stay as the wrestling coach.

Cory Lempka

Later in his career, he was almost like another coach for us, ... He would lead and we would follow.

Paul Maurice

I've been coaching basketball for 35 years and I've never been in a game like that.

Steve Thornton

This is a fun team to coach. This is a great group.

Jodi Korbas

As far as I know, I'm still the football coach.

Robert Newell

The Last Coach: A Life of Paul 'Bear' Bryant.

Allen Barra

He's certainly won more state championships than anyone else, and his record as Gainesville's baseball coach will probably never be equaled.

Don Brewer

Every coach in the area loves that kid.

Kyle Penney

I thought she played awesome - she's a stud. I love coaching her and I thought she played really, really well.

Connie Yori

Playing for Coach, you just wanted to go out and do your best for him, ... … We loved playing for him.

Carolynn Martin

We all love and respect coach K. We want to send him out with a big bang.

Matt Smith

I just know him as Coach O'Brien.

Bryan Gilmore

Coach Looper is amazing. She is probably the best at bringing out the best in each player, because she understands us all so well.

Meagan Denny

But I don't want that. I think we need a change. And if we find a coach tomorrow I'd step aside gladly.

Jean Petit

Laurent Fournier is the new PSG coach.

Francis Graille

18 years of witnessing Coach Gunter's mastery.

Pokey Chatman

There'll be more competition for spots. For a coach, competition is great.

Bob Hiester

It's awesome. I can't even describe it. It's something I've dreamed about as a coach for years.

Randy Jordan

Coach Meyer has prepared us, but on Saturday he can only do so much. It's our show.

Mike Degory

That's one of the biggest upsets I've been a part of coaching. It will definitely go down as one of the biggest of my career.

Kelvin Philpot

He's by far the most laid-back coach I've ever had.

Kyle Korver

I've had Greg and Charlie since seventh grade, so that's all I've known as a coach.

Jenn Henderson

He's become like a coach on the court.

Alvin Brooks

Any good coach has to have the team behind them.

Billy Godwin

I'm not a great coach. But I do know how to work hard.

Penn Kurtz

Each of the members of our first team is much better than our coach.

Alan Sherman

Coach (Jones) drew it up for us all week. He said, 'This is how it would be,' and it was. It was awesome.

Colt Brennan

Coach was calling the plays and I was making my shots.

Marcelus Kemp

Well Bob, you're awfully small, and I was but I said coach even if you kill me I'll die happy.

Bob Yates

If I was coaching the boys, I would broadcast girls basketball and football. If I was coaching the girls, I'd broadcast football and boys basketball.

Bob Julius

I don't know if Coach will let him shoot a a 3-pointer. I don't know.

Josh Ruark

This was the most difficult decision of my time as coach.

Juergen Klinsmann

Now why couldn't that have been the case when I was coaching all those years against Don James? Washington never had a bad team back then.

Jim Walden

I'm getting some education here and good coaching. I'm around some good athletes.

Andre Hall

Things keep on surfacing, emerging around coach McKay.

Peter Simonson

Players from the Electricians receive good coaching.

Joe Burcar

Nobody wants his legacy to be: 'He was a great NIT coach.

Dave Odom

I've been coaching for 21 years and had a lot of good players. Max is as good as anybody I've ever coached.

Don Hansen

He could talk with coach Wooden or a fan and you couldn't tell the difference.

Joey Meyer

I trust him to bring the right coach in.

Skip Mills

He's a good guy and an awesome coach. He's gotten us where we are.

Laechia Conley

The best coach that I've ever had and ever will have is Dennis Andersen.

Mark Hopp

You don't coach that kid very often in your career. I'm hoping I get another chance to coach one.

Rob Senseney

I'm a coach or a mentor.

Scott Hobson

Coach, you need to read this.

Kerry Tharp

I haven't really asked her. My wife was not thrilled about me going back into coaching.

Roe Burns

I'm really not the coach here, I'm basically a supervisor.

Willie Powers

But I see that as the role of coach.

Nathan Twomey

(Only), he's such a damn good student, he doesn't have to go into coaching.

Mike Price

Coach challenged me a little bit. I became a little more assertive, a little more aggressive.

Jerome Gumbs

No coach is perfect. You can't please everybody.

Rachel Peyton

Our No. 1 concern is his health. He has a contract and we expect him to coach.

John Shaw

This is not for me, it's for Russia and my coach.

Tatyana Lebedeva

When I was assistant coach of Harlequins, I came to Castres and got walloped, so I've seen what they are capable of.

Paul Turner

I'm thinking, as the coach, I've got to find a heavyweight.

Danny Struck

The doctor's said that I couldn't come back. But coach (Jack) Clark was always optimistic that I would be back for this.

Andy Johnson

Coach has had a great career, a great run. Whatever he does, we wish him the best.

Willie Roaf

But I think that's the most important job on the coaching staff.

Cris Collinsworth

He has been hopeless and helpless. It was just so hard to see as a coach.

Bart Schouten

As a coach, he's awesome. Awesome. He knows his stuff.

Mike Walton

Coaching is coaching. If I want to coach leprechauns, I'll coach them.

Roy Thomas