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We've basically accomplished a sell-down of 2005 models.

Jim Cain

I love the game. It basically became my life.

Christine Laguardia

Basically the walks just killed me.

John Koronka

We're basically looking at a 21st-century fence, not a 19th-century fence.

Jarrod Agen

We'll go many years with basically no additional information on where it's headed.

Russell Schweickart

Basically, it will be America stepping backwards out of space.

James Reilly

The complaint was due basically to the behavior of one individual.

Pam Collins

It's an alarming trend to see two and we're basically in the middle of whale season.

David Schofield

Basically we were able to get a few kids on, bunt some kids around, steal a few bases, and we were able to pull it out.

Kevin Bowler

Basically, we're asking for monetary contributions right now.

Carol Lee

Basically it's a whole new season.

Stuart Creason

It basically boiled down to miscommunication.

Ryan Kaufman

Basically they need everything. They lost virtually everything.

Bob Mckibben

We do a lot of fitness work and it helps a lot. We can basically run all day.

Keith Wood

I was basically in the room, and they told me to get out there. It's tough, but I have to be ready.

Chris Mason

There is basically 100 percent pricing for a tightening in U.S. rates ....

Adam Myers

It basically took a hammer and a chisel to get it apart.

Robert Mclean

They have basically asked us to be patient.

John Wodele

He basically makes you feel it's not the end of the world, and we're all in this together.

Rheal Cormier

Basically, if it goes where it is now, it will have no impact on where you are (in Wisconsin).

Bob Larson

They were just wearing her down, basically.

David Defazio

Basically, the theater owners are tired of subsidizing it.

Sherry Weinblatt

It's basically two love stories with a lot of mixed-up identities.

Kate Lowder

Basically, all that is going to allow us to take our officers to a new level.

Dan Weiss

Basically, we've become a victim of our own success.

Frank Haas

Basically, it's just two guys who are professionals.

Warrick Holdman

It's basically saying I'll vouch for the guy.

Connie Barron

It's about rehashing old ideas and trying to make some money out of it, basically.

David Gahan

It sucks. I basically buy enough gas to get to and from work.

Robert Mooney

According to the witness, the defendant basically told her, do what I'm doing.

Kaylynn Williford

We were basically priced right out of Orleans.

Jen Dibble

It basically was an art before. We're just starting to scratch it into a science.

Dennis Conner

Basically we have a 'f--- you' button. It's not a taunt button. It's a 'f--- you' button.

Pete Wanat

Basically, everything but the studs and bricks.

Ronald Hill

They're basically trying to send off a signal ... look at me, I'm here.

Glenn Plum

You'd ask for specific things and he'd basically try to fool you.

Michael Assael

Basically this is for people who can afford a house, but for one reason or another, don't want to have one.

Tom Cavanaugh

They ran wild on us. That's basically what they did.

Bob Erickson

I basically felt I was the bad person of the school.

Shana Miller

(Aquinas) basically has four men. They are a very physical football team.

Bill Powell

Basically, it's business as usual.

Tania Graves

Basically, we will do everything we can with i-mode.

Takeshi Natsuno

Basically I got on a plane with a bomb. Basically I tried to ignite it.

Richard Reid

We'd never hear the end of it, but that's basically the same as what happened.

Jim Dyke

We?ve basically had a project going every year.

David Robbins

Basically, what the Y says is that it never turns anyone away because of money.

John Mcguire

It's basically been nonstop ever since.

Carl Miller

It's all basically news to me.

Sam Morgan

What I was paying them was basically chump change with what I would get back.

Michael Galardi

It's basically an honor system now.

Bill Mosley

They're basically saying 'do what you need to do.

Mark Lambert

Basically, costs associated with labor and manufacturing have caught up to us.

Patrick Rainey

We basically got dissected — there's no other way to put it. We weren't that bad, they were really that good.

Gary Warman

Basically, no matter who you are, Valentine's Day will give you something to be stressed about.

Bennett Madison

We basically played detective for a whole day.

Deon Santisteven

[The character is] basically me if I didn't luck out and get into show business.

Artie Lange

And he was able to basically fall into the Notre Dame job.

Damon Huard

They're basically teams of firms.

Barbara Brewer

Basically, they are taking care of me. Thank God they were there.

Jose Alvarado

Basically it was an overnight thing. We have zero clues.

Lt. Paul Honeman

There will be a good view from basically anywhere in the downtown area.

Gail Rogora

That's a big number. I'm basically just numb.

John Bunting

They've demonized her. They've, basically, tried to make her out to be some sort of monster.

Fred O'neal

Basically we're trying to clarify what's free and what's not.

Alan Davis

We basically gave them the two runs, making a key error.

Kris Doorey

You basically won that first game for us.

Roger Spring

Basically it was a boring day all around, no matter where you look. It was boring here and it was boring in New York.

Fred Ketchen

They basically do this just as a way to express their appreciation for members.

Mary Davis

Basically, [it] saved our bacon.

Jason Hamlett

You can always basically shut down the production operations.

David Londoner

Basically, it just makes you feel good.

Lee Perry

We were basically one and the same, although Jim was just about perfect, and, of course, I am perfect.

William Shatner

Basically, we're back to square one.

Raedyn Grasseth

The American people basically love the Endangered Species Act.

Brock Evans

This is basically a bill about fairness.

Sen Karin Brownlee

They're basically gutting it out to the stone and starting over.

John Osborne

I'm basically running to eliminate my job.

John Mills

It's basically a status quo economy.

Larry Chimerine

He basically got his MBA through his work with Thomas.

Richard Hunt

We want to serve our state and our country, that's basically it.

Clifford Jordan

It's kind of an ambient piece. It's basically a chilled-out piece.

Steve Kornicki

It's basically getting a clear handle on who is contributing.

Dan Kimble

It's basically a story about obsession and madness.

Natasha Richardson

Basically, our lives were put on hold. A lot of stuff I had to do on my own.

Natasha Lockwood

You saw both teams as basically who they are - both meat-and-potato teams.

Flip Saunders

It's basically a fun club.

Anna Stumpo

Basically, what you can take from the numbers of this report is absolutely nothing.

Andrea Ingram

It would basically be us on steroids.

Lyle Moore

Basically, everything anyone needs to know about minor baseball will be there.

Dave Cassels

We'll basically be able to map the entire [planet].

Dale Cruikshank

It would appear as though we just basically wanted this agreement so badly we got it - badly.

Henry Sokolski

We just basically eat it until we can raise prices.

Paul Howard

Basically they are advocating for a separate nation within a nation.

Tim Donnelly

It's engrained in the glass, basically. It's something that will not come off.

Tara Johnson

She basically touches every items that comes in.

Marti Dupuis

They basically needed us to breathe for them.

Officer Kenneth Polite

It is basically a predictor on where each team will be two years from now.

Jon Dever

They're basically showing off and endorsing how to do an IPO.

Ivo Welch

We're basically keeping up with the bed base. If we have the people here, we have to fit them on the mountain.

Nicole Klay

They offered us basically nothing.

Jon Lucas

We basically got hammered (Friday).

Dave Weisfeldt

It's basically my own life story as of high school.

Alvin Franco

The film is basically about the power of celebrity and the abuse of that power.

Rachel Blanchard

Basically I'm an opening act for Mama.

Vicki Lawrence

Basically, we were just a little better than them the whole match.

Igal Francis

The money's basically all gone.

Charles Brown

It's basically going to be a dry run for the Vista launch.

Dave Block

We're basically in a hold position. We expect more, and hopefully we'll see more.

Greg Eckel

When you get down so far, the only thing left is how clean the ambient background air is. It's basically clean air; it's as clean as its surroundings.

Geoffrey Fong

But it got down to basically nothing in 2004.

Wes Patterson

Basically had [the boys] do his dirty work.

David Rimmer

That's basically a year's worth of trash in one month.

Andy King

That was basically the only mechanical problem we had with the 58.

Michael Colucci

I basically fired my entire staff today.

David Bohrman

We basically never had a lease.

Dan Bricker

No. We are not. We have no tie-up with Volkswagen in Malaysia. What we manufacture here is basically for us.

David Chen

Basically I say a few prayers before a game and let that direct me, not superstitions.

Brian Mcbride

He was basically unelectable by the time he made the decision not to run.

Kent Redfield

Microsoft is frustrated, a little bit angry and basically saying, 'Let's get on with it,'.

Harvey Saferstein

I just saw it and ran. It's basically instinct. When you see the ball, you go get it.

Renee Montgomery

They're people with up and coming careers, basically.

Arlene Rosenthal

Basically, they're overpaying.

Michael Finney

Basically take their word for it.

Barbara Wise

He basically robbed Peter to pay Paul.

Laurence Fuortes

Basically we just judge the cakes and then eat them.

Melissa Norris

I basically had to sit there and talk about why I would be good for the show and give them my background.

Justin Chow

Basically, I woke up one morning and there was this new form of protest.

Greg Lukianoff

Basically, this is rabbit heaven.

Jerry Foster

I'm really not the coach here, I'm basically a supervisor.

Willie Powers

The GDP, up 3.3 percent is basically as expected and old news.

Lisa Finstrom

I don't feel as strongly as I did before on that. Basically, I shouldn't have made that comment.

Brad Cashman

There is basically no other way to try and realize your dream.

Angela Li

Basically the stores make it possible for us to do what we do here. We couldn't do everything we do without the stores.

James Simmons

They're generally a bad thing, if you're a property owner. You're basically a tenant on your own property.

Peyton Knight

Often, you're a loner out there. Basically, you're out in the woods by yourself.

Dennis Schvejda

They were living on oatmeal and chocolate, basically, for 10 days.

Charlie Hartwell

It basically would end the communication.

Rich Mckay

At that point it's basically a punt return.

Don Breaux

I basically took it as a challenge and not punishment.

Archie Miaway

They basically let us know that we had done nothing.

Marcus Thomas

They basically had a comedy of errors going.

Capt. Chuck Bastak

There was nothing involuntary about this. Basically, this guy got away with murder.

Steve Tash

All the equipment is basically out of date now.

Joel Brann

The idea is basically to remodel the blood vessels.

Dr. Demetrius Lopes

Basically, we're trying to stop the shell game.

Mike Casey

We're a little shallow. Me and Ben are basically the only starting pitchers we have so far.

Dan Carleton

It basically caused him to have a minor heart attack.

Peter Banko

He believed he was paying basically to have her be his sex slave.

Jeanine Pirro

Can't get in and out of the house without a boat, basically.

Melanie Khrest

We're basically going to be the same look, 4-3, and then we're going to adjust out of that and try and stop them.

Chip Williams

It?s basically Hartford and everybody else.

Sue Johnson

We basically dropped our pants in front of the world.

Tim Farriss

Basically, the academic units are running as lean as they can. We've already cut everything we can cut.

Steve Reilly

We do have a labor market that's basically on fire.

Brian Jones

We basically are free to go out and find stories.

Lisa Myers

I needed to start basically from scratch.

Linda Graves

We basically said have fun and enjoy the experience.

Tanya Lysacek

It's a little rich girl who is basically whoring herself to the Liberals.

Tony Abbott

What do you say to a man that basically murdered your husband? ... I'm just deeply sad. I'm not angry with him, just deeply sad.

Tom Mcdonald

We're basically trying to get the most out of what we have.

Carol Hunter

It's basically something for people to become aware of.

Fernando Senra

So basically, there is no way to contaminate anyone as far as I know.

Jim Springer

That's basically the distance jumpers strive for.

Matt Cook

Basically, we just want them to get in school and get learning.

Ann Davis

WorldCom and AT&T basically have a duopoly on Fortune 500 customers.

Pat Comack

It's impassable, basically. It's a disastrous time of day for this to happen.

Jeff Weiss

They basically keep our service centers open, and we couldn't do it without them.

Jackie Rubin

We basically decide our own destiny which is very exciting.

Roger Svennson

Basically, he's looking backwards.

Harold Vogel

What I am looking for basically is improvement and consistency from everyone all around.

Gus Logie

Basically, they delayed it by not allowing the firefighters to get on in and get into the complex.

Gilbert Bennett

Basically, we upped the ante.

Allan Needell

They all basically told me no.

Jim Decker

Work on the venues has basically been completed.

Valentino Castellani

We found a way to get it inside, and basically that was the difference in the game.

Jim Barnes

For us to get out of that with only two runs (was) basically the reason why we won. (We kept) the momentum that way.

Greg Bee

That basically got us going.

Sue Crossman

They basically put me off.

Malcolm Bell

It's basically the same company legally.

Anthony Ferrugia

That's basically where the McGuinty government has put this industry now.

Howard Hampton

Basically, they're going to get caught. They aren't the smartest criminals.

Melvin Ely

They have basically been theoretical objects.

Alexander Kashlinsky

No matter how much you improve something that is basically an unpleasant experience, it's an unpleasant experience.

Joe Queenan

You are basically going to have a paralyzed region.

Paula Scalingi

Basically, he left me there to bleed to death.

Wendy Harris

Our defense won the game, basically, and the offense couldn't back it up.

Ben Tonon

A lot of it is clutter. It's basically blight in our communities.

Donna Wisniewski

He's basically an illegal alien.

Greg Palmore

Basically, we were getting our foster-care license.

Lisa Webb

Basically, we compete each day for a uniform.

Lamont Davis

We basically played five on three.

Paige Moore

They're basically saying you've got to be perfect.

Alvin Green

We basically threw them a blanket.

Dr. Sheldon Teperman

Basically, the electricity in my heart wasn't working correctly.

James Lancaster

We basically are in support of the organizations that are on the front lines.

Jim Goodman

We basically each had our own opinion about what they bid.

James Garner

Basically protecting people from themselves.

Keith Benjamin

It's basically an unknown work.

Geoffrey Cassidy

Basically, we're letting our fan club pick a third of our set.

Dan Andriano

I think that decision has basically been made.

Gloria Whisenhunt