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A better world shall emerge based on faith and understanding.

General Douglas MacArthur

Peace is not the absence of war, but a virtue based on strength of character.

Baruch Spinoza

Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear.

Albert Camus

General principles should not be based on exceptional cases.

Robert J. Sawyer

Freedom is a system based on courage.

Charles Peguy

Insurance is really based on looking at the past.

Don Griffin

Action based only on principles isn't always good even if it feels good.

John Chancellor

I'd like to report... that this is an accident based on initial findings.

Arturo Lomibao

I think you always go out and do books based on what you're curious about.

David Halberstam

War is based on deception.

Sun Tzu

I make a recommendation based on the revenue available in any given year.

Nancy Allen

When we did our due diligence, we did it based upon the thought of putting athletic fields there.

Mark Rapoza

You structure your policy based on demand.

Tom Mcmillan

We wouldn't be able to (make an) offer based on this exercise. This is very preliminary.

Matt Burdick

This is clearly a deal that's based on a higher-for-longer oil price.

Neil Mcmahon

All the decisions are based entirely on the election code.

Scott Haywood

Based upon what I know, I think Bell is bullish.

Stephen Ross

It appears to be a totally random attack based solely on his race.

Sgt. Dave Haywood

Outrageous accusations based on erroneous information.

Chester Coach Scott Langerock

Our decision was based on patient safety. We support it then, and we support it now.

Bill Byron

Real power... is based on a legitimacy that is not democratic.

Andreas Gross

Based on how far we've come, we have to be prepared for some pullback along the way.

Marty Cunningham

It's clear he entered the home based on a dispute they had the day before.

Harold Jewett

I believe we did our best, based on what we knew at the time.

Bernard Kerik

Our reaction will be based on a realistic analysis.

Isa Gambar

They're going to do the right thing based on the record.

Kelly Turner

Could be based on a legally insufficient theory of law.

Nancy Becker

The program is totally performance-based.

James D. Watson

It's really grown into a community-based occasion.

Larry Spasic

Based on us receiving a petition ... we will then react accordingly.

David Raith

Casey Jr. has based his campaign on a hypocritical line of attack and he should be called out for it.

Dan Ronayne

Based on this success, we'll see where that takes us.

Wendy Linsky

It's all based on the facts, but there are some things that are unknown, ... It's animated by its own sense of imagination.

Douglas Mcgrath

The growth was very broad-based.

Rajiv Dutta

Most of the stuff I write is based on life experiences.

Bryan Martin

Comedy has to be based on truth. You take the truth and you put a little curlicue at the end.

Sid Caesar

Based on where the ball is, the two-man crew is always going to have a blind spot.

Nelson Ellis

It is very hard for land-based banks to start an online-only bank.

Alenka Grealish

Most of the images of reality on which we base our actions are really based on vicarious experience.

Albert Bandura

What sets Samaritan apart is we are a faith-based agency.

Margaret Jones

The contest is based on the whole stage performance.

Julie Birrenkott

This is not performance-based compensation.

Dave Petso

The quota is based on cautious estimates.

Karsten Klepsvik

We charged him based on the evidence we had on him at that time.

Bob Lee

I'm willing to pay people based on the value they create.

Nell Minow

It's a Web-based system. Folks can do their own research.

Aaron Williams

We certainly thought that based on (Cousins') prior actions, he certainly would have armed himself with that.

Gary Hester

We asked them to re-evaluate the choice to let her come based on her comments and writings.

Anna Hadingham

It's a hip-hop record, but it's a musician-based hip-hop record.

Mike Shinoda

This year, we'll see games based on musical acts that will be successful.

Greg Ballard

This is a grim prognosis based on business as usual.

Klaus Toepfer

One big issue is the faith-based initiative.

Adam Hunter

Our success has been word-of-mouth based.

Tom Shaw

A lot is on the table. We'll make the decision based on the best information we have available.

Paul Dee

A lot of today's trade is based off the stock market.

Jeff Palma

This entire ordinance is completely based on physical appearance.

Cheryl Conway

Based on the lyrics I think it's not as highbrow academic.

Dennis Lyxzen

The measurements are based on the Golden Spiral.

Steve Mann

We're looking for our share to be up in '03 based on those.

Jim Schroer

I eat as much organic and plant-based foods as possible.

Coryne Tasca

All share analysis is based on a flawed concept.

James Ferguson

This is the beginning and we will work to make it a result-based dialogue.

Barry Lowenkron

Based on the purchase price, they should be all right. We paid the most for them.

Andrew Simpson

With something that's more emotionally based, you can't sort of screw the line up a little bit and adlib and something.

Joan Allen

Based on what we have heard from manufacturers, we believe that 0.1 is doable.

Michael Kashtock

Everything I did was based off of my shoeing.

Charlie Hill

Based on what we've heard, they're much easier people to deal with.

George Parker

Knowledge is in the end based on acknowledgement.

Ludwig Wittgenstein

The amount of mitigation is going to be based on construction costs.

Jonathan Marshall

The price is based on what the market will bear.

James Hamilton

The jury thought he was guilty based on the evidence.

Chere Avery

The optimism in the film is really based on my own experience of coming to America.

Roger Donaldson

Like your income tax schedule that you pay based on your ability, this is the amount you pay based on your ability.

Marc Basnight

I didn't want any senators to vote based on his assertion that I'd approved his speech.

Thomas Hubbard

It is assumed that the adverse affects were based on a drug reaction.

Dr. Herman Scholtz

It is courage based on confidence, not daring, and it is confidence based on experience.

Jonas Salk

Based on talent and experience, we have two top 25 teams in the nation.

Del Hessel

Based on our investigation to date most are unbranded.

Debra Sirower

It's all based on the discount airlines theory.

Dale Moser

What the state gives us is based on what the federal grant amounts are.

Rodney Hendrix

As a New York-based sports editor put it to me.

Robert Whiting

You have to permit based on the reserves you have, but this is elephant country.

Tim Arnold

Based on our PeopleSoft acquisition we should be able to integrate without much disruption.

Gregory Maffei

We decided to build widget accessibility into our web-based applications.

George Morris

We think it's time to have someone permanently based in Beijing.

Tony Fratto

Our agency is community based, so we have tried to adapt to fit the needs of the community. We are not the same as we were 40 years ago.

Thomas Jane

We laid 27 counts . . . based on our charge assessment standard, those are the ones that have met it so far.

Stan Lowe

They are starting to embrace performance-based contracting to their advantage.

Geoffrey Segal

Society is based on the assumption that everyone is alike and no one is alive.

Hugh Kingsmill

But based on solid technological advances.

Star Trek

All that was contained in the report is based on presumptions and allegations. There's no proof.

Riyad Dawoodi

If it was just based on actual dollars, we would probably be in New York, no question about it.

Bill Cryer

I wouldn't (use it) based on the results of this trial.

Timothy Gardner

They always are. They always have been, ... Guys play or don't play based on performance.

Norv Turner

Unless it's spiritual, a 'belief' can only be based on facts.

John Barker

You manifest based on who you are already - so you must own the identity of the dream in order to manifest it.

Joy Page

You cannot deny someone a job based on media reports.

Bruce Murray

It's a fee-based service, much like we delivered to MOR.

Robert Ketchum

Mood disorders and addictions are genetically based.

Paul Royer

We can't go to war based on ignorance.

Scott Ritter

Their accusations are not based on the truth, but on their desire to win a lawsuit.

Bill Maer

Permission-based marketing is the way forward.

Joe Mcnamee

It's Web based, which is the key. It really is the next step in this type of an application.

Mark Basham

They project out from 2001 to the future based on what they expect future air traffic to be.

Julie Rodriguez

I think the optimism is based on reality.

Gerardo Copca

Based on the serious nature of this ring, we are checking all of this out.

Diane Jackson

What we are doing is based on our policy. We are following policy.

Sonya Jackson

We believe the future of the airline industry is based on alliances.

Jon Austin

Fee-based accounts can be appropriate for a wide range of customers.

Mary Schapiro

I would assume (the demographic) is very broad-based.

Pocket Books

Firmly based on our party's fundamental values.

John Hume

We pay based upon on ratings. As the audience grows, we pay more per ad.

Jack Miller

Based on your word, he is innocent.

Christopher Hickey

I establish my own fees, based on reasonable charges.

John Dunlap

This is just a rough assumption based on the figures we have.

Jim Pedderson

That won't be new to us. Our program is based on CAMTS standards.

Pat Miller

The bill is not based on sexuality. It's based on need.

Peter Brandt

It's not really a broad-based slowdown, ... I find it difficult to be too alarmist.

Chua Hak Bin

We are very confident that, based on the evidence, we should clearly prevail.

Gerald Richman

It's based on what we understand is the safest way to utilize these vans.

Frank Butler

It was based on the idea that the Jews are wealthy and that if the boy doesn't pay, the community will.

Michel Wieviorka

He said that there is no clear-cut answer. It's opinion based on opinions.

Tom Eithun

The allegation that the assembly was faith-based is unfounded. We don't believe there was any wrongdoing.

Patrick Rocks

Based on the behavior of these deer, we cannot account for the distribution of CWD on the landscape.

Nancy Mathews

It's hard to sign an artist based on just a riff.

Bob Merlis

This will have the tendency to authorize police to make decisions based on ethnicity.

Claire Guthrie Gastanaga

Based on where we stand today, we expect to make these estimates.

John Joyce

It allows them to budget based on past usage.

Buddy Eiland

He was sent to Iraq based on lies.

Al Zappala

Based on the data we have, it's likely there will be something else.

Stephanie Prejean

It's based on the last couple of games.

Neil Callaway

Some will say I don't deserve to go to Turin based on this result and that hurts.

Miki Ando

He did this based on his love for this building. I don't think he did this maliciously.

Kathy Emerson

[The area] is 98 percent student based. There's an opportunity for more than that.

Chris Brewer

It's based on paranoia. You're taking people's rights away.

Mickey Garcia

So the club is not based on the members' sexual orientation.

Michael Calderone

It's a pretty broad-based approach and it addresses a lot of things.

Sen. Brandon Bell

They're based on a lot of assumptions, but they're also based on some reality on the ground.

Audrey Singer

We believe, based on studies we have done, it will work even better.

David Stout

The economy is simply not broad-based enough.

Javier Zuñiga

They will essentially be based on seniority.

Tony Evans

We will not turn anyone away based on their ability to pay. We are willing to work with anyone that is willing to work with us.

Terri Clark

It said 'based on a true story.

David Lattin

I wanted to come up with something based on stopping power, which would make the aggressor unable to attack you.

Michael Janich

The future for American-based B2C could be partnerships with Asian-based B2B operators.

Edward Zeng

It's a great idea to have something like this that is primarily based on academics.

Eric Hilton

The fundamentals of ceramics is based on functionality.

Elizabeth Moss

It's based on need. There's a ranking system.

Elaine Miller