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One may define flattery as a base companionship which is most advantageous to the flatterer.


I can bring something they don't have, ... I can hold the ball up front; this team has the base to do well.

Jovan Kirovski

Ours is a 50:50 JV, with an equity base of $10 million each.

Ajit Nambiar

You guys knew the base was open. I knew it, too.

Felipe Alou

I base my fashion taste on what doesn't itch.

Gilda Radner

This alliance has a wide and important mass base among our people.

Abdul Aziz Hakim

Everybody who played got a hit, got on base or scored a run.

Lynn Rook

We do a lot of brainstorming with our talent base of 6,500 experts globally.

Faith Popcorn

I can't think of anything he didn't touch on. There wasn't a (voter) base that he didn't reach out to.

Neal Thigpen

Alone from base effect, we will not be able to achieve that growth.

Michael Ganal

He's in trouble. He needs to shore up his base now.

Bob Stein

That's going to be home base. We're going to be Tech-Tulane.

Bill D'ottavio

He heard from his base that this is a civil rights issue.

Geoffrey Kors

This speaks to us receiving a $1,800 increase added to our base salaries.

John Pinder

She's very aggressive, and she has a good eye. She's not afraid to take the extra base.

Bob Coolen

We don't throw it when people are on base.

Ashley Lewie

I think it will be our base that is selected.

Warren Wenz

That's the way to never say die. You were two runs down and you got on base.

Ronnie Reyes

You can't put a slug out there at first base and expect him to make plays.

John Kruk

We're still on base to accomplish this.

Charles Carrier

That's something I've really been working on. With my speed, it's something that can get you on base a lot.

Davina Flores

We can do alerting and reporting through the base appliance.

Sheila Baker

In Europe you see a stronger base of knowledge for the technology than you see in the U.S..

Daryl Plummer

NASCAR is not the same sport it was 10 years ago. It has evolved, and with it, so has its fan base.

Robin Braig

We had runners on base in the following innings, but we just couldn't get them in.

Russell Brann

We need to be more aggressive about expanding our customer base.

Jim Fowler

I liked throwing out base runners.

Ruddy Lugo

We left a lot of runners on base.

John Sumner

There is no question it would have taken some of their luster away had we lost the base.

Tony Sheridan

We're spending at a level not supported by the tax base.

Melindo Persi

They are already making purchases, finding jobs, adding to the tax base.

Heather Hedrick

The physical condition of the base is the best I've seen.

William Bender

We're paying for that through our own donor base, through volunteers and grants.

Jerry Ryan

I don't hit a lot of home runs. That's not my game, but I'll take them when they come. My job is to get on base.

Randy Winn

The only alternative is that 100 percent of this gets paid by the existing tax base.

Jonathan Marshall

We've got a customer base, and our production is up.

Richard Haney

We're basically keeping up with the bed base. If we have the people here, we have to fit them on the mountain.

Nicole Klay

Five hundred to 1,000 Iraqis come on base every day for training.

Ross Hieb

In six games we have left 49 runners on base.

Joe Bogus

Springfield's attempt to eliminate our base totally failed.

Mark Souder

We base our philosophy on defense. You win with defense. You get rewarded by defense.

Fred Lee

The fan base in Hershey is tremendous. Everywhere we go, they're there.

Louis Robitaille

Last year the amount over that [base] was $40,000. Last year, we weren't really very far off.

John Donner

Very devastating to communities with a small tax base.

Jim Gibbons

I base most of my fashion sense on whether or not it itches.

Gilda Radner

She always seems to know where she should be and when to be there. At the plate she's starting to hit a lot better. She always seems to find a way to get on base.

Allison Maire

What really goes on is the touching base.

Claudia Stewart

When we got on base, we were aggressive.

Brad Francis

We probably could play him at first (base); he just wouldn't be a very big target to hit.

Joe Cunningham

We left a lot on base and didn't take advantage of all of our opportunities.

Keltie O'dell

The supply base is of limited size.

Don Beverlin

This allows us to customize our services to the membership base.

Joe Mullins

Always be ready to speak your mind and a base man will avoid you.

William Blake

The market seems to have put in a little bit of a base here.

Mike O'hare

This really helps our retail base.

George Halk

They can't recruit very well if they have the lowest [pay] base.

Tom Jennings

We needed (a hit there) with guys on base and didn't get it.

Marcus Maringola

What is remarkable about this growth is that it is coming off a high base.

Michael Keenan

I walked to the plate trying to get on base.

Scott Podsednik

It was a very good game. They hit the ball very well (with) runners on base.

Rebecca Pack

We are seen as one of the shining examples of base redevelopment.

Daniel Stewart

Get yourselves focused, build a financial base, then go for it.

Greg Zandlo

They're not allowing him to leave the base to see his family. They're telling him it's for his own protection.

Guy Womack

He gets on base and should help our offense quite a bit.

George Tsamis

We've got a two-run lead; you can't put guys on base, especially late.

Kyle Davies

If he doesn't win votes from the left and center, he won't win it on the PAN base alone.

Jorge Chabat

You want the wage base and the job base to adjust to the housing reality.

Susan Wachter

For him not to come out and look at it, he has no base calls to make.

Sid Cash

I feel my role right now is to get on base, ... That's all I'm really focusing on.

Kaz Matsui

They were stuck to the gills. The problem is that although there is a lot of snow there was no base.

Brad Belke

If you can do it yourself, you should. The goal is to build up your base of customers.

Sam Taylor

There is a noble and a base side to every history.

Thomas Wentworth

We just needed a few more base hits in a row and we would have had that game.

Jackie Iwaniec

You don't have to worry about slumps with him because he can always bunt to get on base.

Marc Gustafson

If it's ball four, all you have to do is say 'ball four,' ... You don't have to say 'take your base.'

Nick Nolte

In doing voter registration, you always go to where your base is.

Bill Peaslee

We have a strong family base. We talk almost every day.

Yan Stastny

You really don't throw a football with your arm, per se. You throw with your legs. You have to have good balance and a good base.

Bill Musgrave

We don't know how long it will be before they arrive back at their Smyrna Airport base.

Randy Harris

Clearly, Microsoft is accelerating its attempt to get the Notes/Domino base to come to Exchange.

Matt Cain

I always thought I should base how good I am on how good I feel I am.

Neve Campbell

We just couldn't get on base. It's hard to score that way.

Carson Kainer

It was pressure from the media, that got us on the base. That's the one area we were unable to search.

Mark Fierro

He'll sit there and go, 'Get on base, I'll hit you in. He puts this team on himself.

David Eckstein

We applied a base density, but if your acquire development rights, you could go above that.

Royce Hanson

Everything I know about tennis I know from her. She was the base of my knowledge.

Novak Djokovic

It was a battle every inning, ... I didn't have a 1-2-3 inning. There were people on base every inning. But I was able to make pitches when I had to.

Brandon Claussen

It was definitely exciting, and we're building our fan base.

Brad Callow

The base molding is tall and has a lot of detail.

Darren Harper

He's coming up with men on base. We've got the right guy at the plate at the right time.

Tommy Bond

All I tried to do was make the routine plays and get on base for the big guys.

Placido Polanco

This really is a new application driven by the customer base.

Dan Ryan

It damaged what is called the structure course. It's a base course, not the top layer.

Steve Homan

There's no such thing as a partisan base.

Stephanie Herseth

Climbers eat well at base camps.

Don House

We've never been able to recover the customer base.

John Lawton

We're hopefully going to build a base of knowledge for them.

James Potter

They each have their own positive qualities at first base.

Sandy Montgomery

You're going to have to provide this, or you'll lose the client base you already have.

Will Stofega

It's a really big deal. It will give us another mission. The Army will be part of the air base.

Merrell Lane

When Jody does her job and gets on base, good things happen for us.

Judy Shaubach

She bounced (off the ground). (And) she almost beat out the two ground balls to second base.

Frank Bonacci

If you get on base a lot, that's how you score.

Don Sutherland

That was smart base running. That ball wasn't too far past the catcher.

Lance Moore

I didn't have the base I needed to win the election.

Rodney Alexander

From a job point of view, it was a very good thing that they saved the base.

Robert Hatcher

When you get Jessica on base, she makes things happen.

Lisa Dey

There was almost no technological base where we arrived here.

Clive Smith

The base is his last refuge at this point.

Charles Franklin

We were on top of the bunt every game. Only one person got on base on us using a bunt.

Bill Beasley

Houston, Tranquility Base here. The eagle has landed.

Neil Armstrong

The loss of this base would have devastated Connecticut.

Tony Sheridan

We just have to get her on base and she makes things happen.

Jay Marston

That was a costly base-running mistake.

Stan Mckeever

We left too many guys on base today.

Irish O'reilly

We will not be intimidated by anybody. We will do our job and base decisions on the facts, on the law.

Vusi Pikoli

We did some good things. We had guys on base every inning.

Pete Porath

This (military base event) is to show that the R.O.C. military should be more developed.

Henry Liu

With all the base stuff, this is a nice, positive thing. It would be nice to see our boys win.

Greg West

Our customers are close here. This is the knowledge base for our products.

Tim Healy

It was very highly successful, not only in our eyes, but in the eyes of the customer base there.

Randy Kessel

It will be an old Army base in Arkansas, ... That's way too far.

Roy Grant

I talked to a friend on second base and he said, 'He's eating us alive.

Brian Dozier

Early in the game, I left a man on third base with less than two out. That's not very much fun.

Nick Punto

They walked a lot of guys, so we had chances with runners on base and couldn't come through.

Pat Neary

It's really wearing and deteriorating at the base of the diversion dam.

Larry Mires

I got good metal on it. I was probably at third base when the ball landed.

Eric Reed

My first base hit to win a game in the big leagues.

Edwin Encarnacion