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No bank is going to cash a check issued to someone else.

Thom Mrozek

You might as well praise a man for not robbing a bank.

Bobby Jones

A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don't need it.

Bob Hope

If you owe the bank $100 that's your problem. If you owe the bank $100 million, that's the bank's problem.

Jean Paul Getty

It was annoying. I wasn't angry with our local bank because they were doing the best they could.

Sister Jean Abbott

Political pressure on the Bank of Japan will linger.

Kazuhiko Sano

You had to go out and dig stuff out of a snow bank.

Merlin Hove

He absconded with money from a bank and has disappeared.

John Vance

We congratulate Royal Bank.

David Rowland

Take it to the bank, it is going to rain.

Tony Haffer

There was no agreement on the value of CC Bank.

Dennis Phillips

They are in the bag. The money is in the bank. It's in a J.P. Morgan account.

Von Hatley

Citigroup already broke the ice. There is less market impact for Bank of America.

Tim Woolston

What it means for the bid, in order for GM to accomplish its goals, is that KKR needs to find another bank.

Pete Hastings

I suspect that there is a significant buyer out there, probably a central bank.

Paul Merrick

Make sure the bank gives you an absolute commitment.

Paul Hense

But a prudent chancellor would keep some money in the bank so that he could do something about it.

Peter Spencer

Someone can intercept your banking information across the radio waves.

Neil Sindicich

I did not call bank. I will not try and fib 'ya.

John Olinger

We're very happy about (the bank opening) and our people are excited.

Austin Imamura

The bank knows your account number.

Sue Hofer

They probably cased the bank -- knew when she arrived.

Jeff Lanza

This will certainly heat up the debate at the central bank.

Anthony Chan

One little girl asked her mom if she could take $20 out of her piggy bank, ... I asked her if she did. She said, 'It was more.'

Troy Miller

I have no problem having money in the bank.

Gigi Arntzen

Happiness: a good bank account, a good cook and a good digestion.

Jean Jacques Rousseau

We're banking on coming back to nothing, ... or not coming back at all.

Ricky Romero

MDA and (Community) bank were responsible for disbursing all the funds.

Patrick Sullivan

Lewiston-Auburn has probably been the area that's been hit the hardest by bank robberies.

Stephen Mccausland

I looked at Mel. He was healthy. I was banking on that.

Don Baylor

The bank wants the customer as bad as the customer wants the bank.

Tiney Mccomb

Times are changing and even the Bank of Italy has to change.

Domenico Siniscalco

The [proposed] bank is a limited purpose bank.

David Barr

I cried all the way to the bank.


You don't have that. How would the situation be any different if Mr. Giordano were a bank president?

Dennis Jacobs

Given the absence of investment banking relationships, these analysts can be less delicate.

Frank Barkocy

We don't want them to go into full-service banking.

Sen. Delbert Scott

I don't think Chase and Bank One will let that happen.

George Albright

We've regularly highlighted this account as an example of a big bank getting it right.

Susan Hannums

We're banking on these kids that come to take over.

Jan Bowman

We have already made big progress in banking reforms.

Liu Mingkang

The Patriot Act made it easier for you to identify the bank accounts.

Jerry Bernstein

Surely no one thought they were about to rob a bank?

John Graham

Banking is a critical industry for us.

John Wookey

Currently, they have frozen our bank accounts, they've frozen our assets, so that we are unable to access our assets to pay the tax bill.

Bruce Misamore

He was a banker's banker. He saw banking not just as a business and a profession but as a way to give back.

Bruce Baker

We created this business with no bank financing. We did this out of pocket.

Forrest Lucas

She's all-American. I think people saw, bank shots, post-ups, she does it all.

Ray Willis

We will definitely reform the Agricultural Bank of China.

Tang Shuangning

The loss of the West Bank was a shock to everyone.

Al Aqsa

We will never let the BOJ repeat the mistake the bank made in August 2000.

Kozo Yamamoto

It's up to each bank to decide whether they hold the authorization against the account holder.

Chris Roberts

We are betting the bank, building our future on convergence.

Michael Capellas

The Great Taos Bank Robbery.

George Guidall

We are in absolute position to be the bank that moves into the Pacific century.

David Coulter

Milk, it does a bank account good.

Brad Penny

I see no further central bank tightening this year.

Luz Lorenzo

Reunions are big business for some of these people. They have bank accounts and everything.

Pammie Jimmar

We're also talking about job cuts in our private banking business.

Rolf Breuer

The Deutsche Bank, how about that?

Jack Lynch

I have talked to Berlusconi repeatedly about the budget and the Bank of Italy since August, but to no avail.

Domenico Siniscalco

We're banking on it.

Chris Moore

There was one student that brought in $100 from his piggy bank.

Debbie Shelton

This really raises the stakes in European banking consolidation.

Matthew Czepliewicz

They didn't want an ad up there for a competing bank, so they put up their own ads on both sides.

David Rice

Babcock & Brown is certainly trying to be as aggressive as Macquarie Bank.

Jason Teh

The economy will slow more quickly than the Reserve Bank assumes.

Shamubeel Eaqub

They won't want to be taken over by a much smaller bank.

David Liston

There's just more targets out there for bank robbers to hit.

Frank Bochte

Basically, this is a bank.

Robert Routh

You may have $100 in the bank and be expecting a 1099 for $1, but it says $1,000 because some computer had a bad day.

Laurence Foster

The investors really made a profit on those, Bank of Communications, or CCB.

Kitty Chan

I filed electronically on April 17. I had my refund in my bank account by April 20.

Gary Gudmundson

Right now it's not a no-brainer to go out and say you should bank at an e-bank. It depends on what you need.

Jim Bruene

Most of our new banking stores are located in fast-growing areas.

Gerrit Van Huisstede

I could have lost everything, everything in my bank account and my identity.

Mary Jackson

That's the power of a bigger bank.

Reggie Fuller

We want to be the leading investment bank in the world.

Josef Ackermann

At the time, there was no minority banking service in New Orleans.

Norman Francis

I do not cash my checks nor even look at them. I just put them in the bank.

Alderman Joe Charles

We're a community bank, so we don't have to have a branch on every corner. But we will have to add more branches.

Doug Compton

They stole the piggy bank. Absolutely we will go after them. They are the deep pockets.

John Tate

With any bank consolidation, there are efficiencies to be gained.

Marty Adams

It's changed banking for the better.

Martin Mayer

It all looks pretty disappointing for the Reserve Bank.

Darren Gibbs

They have to approach us about it, if they will use as a corporation, individual or bank.

Lucio Tan

I would never let the bank earn interest on my credit card.

Ma Weihua

The place is growing very rapidly and the banking sector is growing as a multiple of that.

Bryan Sanderson

Now, I have no enthusiasm to talk to anyone else. I like the bank.

Roustam Tariko

When the reviews are bad, I tell myself that they can join me as I cry all the way to the bank.


You know that bank I used to cry all the way to? I bought it.


That way, the onus is on the bank (to perform).

Jim Mcmanus

This is not the money for setting up the new bank. This is additional money of US$3 billion.

Keith Scott

I used to visit that bank with my father in the 1930s.

Boyd Ealy

There are similar security measures to those of online banking.

John Proctor

To the extent that there is some uncertainty, and there's less uncertainty now, then that's a good thing with the bank.

Jonathan Ross

But we were told Friday that they [FEMA] had put $39 million in the bank.

Frank Michel

While inside the bank.

Pedro Medina

Markets across Asia appear to be watching what will happen with the Bank of Japan.

Toru Otsuka

Community banking is not knocking on death's door. It's alive and well.

Michael Stevens