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It takes no genius to observe that a one-man band never gets very big.

Charles Garfield

From this day forward until the end of the world...we in it shall be remembered...we band of brothers.

William Shakespeare

You can't get a good job and be in a band.

Brandon Phillips

We're a band of Gypsies, we come from everywhere.

Billy Cox

It's nice to have someone with his amount of experience in the band.

Joel Blackmon

We've been a band for 16 years. This is what you dream about.

Billie Joe Armstrong

I thought I'd do something nice for the band... I'll hang myself.

Jason Newsted

I've gotten back with the band so I could get some rest!

Bela Fleck

It can be really tough sometimes. It's more than just handing out Band-Aids.

Kathleen Glynn

He would book a band even if they didn't draw, hoping to draw a clientele.

Sharron Burke

They're a thinking person's rock band.

Sean Ross

We were just trying to find a Band-Aid, just to get a fix in there.

Warren Maloney

They were a 'buzz' band going into it. Their shows were well attended.

Jason Kulbel

If I had a rubber band, I would have yanked it back.

Fred Brown

Best of the Beatles - The Pete Best Band.

Pete Best

The band seems more fun, now with Ben. Very tight, as always, though.

Mike Fontenot

During the parade, we had 400 [band] posters that were all gone by the end.

John Howell

The band was being showered with these sparks, ... I'm amazed at the carelessness of that.

Jim Macdonald

We have a wealth of experience in this band.

Bob Thomas

If he's late for practice, I'm responsible. He can ask me about anything, even if it has nothing to do with the band.

Jim Fitzsimmons

It puts a Band-Aid on an open wound.

Brad Korte

We had fun so we decided to put the band back together just for kicks.

Gerry Bishop

It?s very hard to secure a band like O.A.R, and sometimes it?s almost impossible.

Klint Briney

Definitely we're not a studio band.

Jason Stollsteimer

You have to get on your feet when his band is playing.

Kate Baker

We are about 80 percent band members.

Alan Sypert

The band really adds something to our lives.

Susan Russell

Would you believe a Band Aid brought us here?

Ron Hart

What we used to say was whoever had the bow tie got to lead the band. There was never any jealousy.

Pete Fountain

In 1934, I formed my own band.

Bob Crosby

We're a big mental health Band-Aid.

Bill Cook

He has a lot of awards from band organizations, but we've never recognized him for everything he does for the community.

Janet Price

We've never been a religious band, but the media wants us to be.

Amy Lee

They were definitely the hottest band in town.

Pat O'connor

The girls look like they are a band already - the boys don't.

Louis Walsh

I refuse to dance. And I can't dance anyway. I'm not in a band for that.

Liam Gallagher

No one in town has a seven-member band.

Penny Taylor

Because when we are right there is not a band in the world that can touch us!

Don Ellis

They're not going to apply a Band-Aid to a small problem, but correct the problem.

George Collins

It was a thin band of snow, and if you were under that band, you got pounded.

Ray Young

With a band of over 7,000 people I should be allocated a day.

Michael Headley

He played for almost 20 minutes with the band.

Rob Teitel

He said, 'I thought you forgot about me. Can I bring my band?'

Don Bowes

And it would be just a Band-Aid.

Randy Cross

He's mellowed out a bit, ... Now he has something else to be stressed about instead of just the band.

Jonny Buckland

Our influences have steered us where we are now and where we have gone with the band.

Joe Turman

Other bands will have one band practice before they go on tour.

Nick Hexum

This was a 120-piece band, and everybody can really play. It was amazing.

Ben Rogers

They are a band of brothers, and they all seem to want it this year.

Matt Young

We must not recall our troops because a band of assassins have demanded it.

Francesco Rutelli

They put a Band-Aid on it yesterday. You've got to let that do some work.

Joe Cangemi

He knows the secrets to what makes the band what it is.

Bryan Hooper

I'm in a weird band. We've done very well. The American Dream is alive and well.

Gene Simmons

Property tax rebates are a Band-Aid on the problem.

Cy Thannikary

We had people come from as far as Singapore to spend the day with us and the band.

Jim Robinson

With my little band, I did everything they did with a big band. I made the blues jump.

Louis Jordan

We're a pop art band. Not a pop band.

Chris Stein

We're shooting for the title of hardest-working band in America.

Chester Bennington

Mr. Greenspun's approach is a Band-Aid, ... a Band-Aid in the wrong place.

Robert Ross

We were up to the challenge. We're probably the best Green Day-type band there is out there.

Mike Dirnt

Hopefully we will turn some new people on (to the band).

Greg Joseph

I already know what I'm looking for. It's not somebody who fronts the band, it's someone who can hang with me.

Jason Newsted

We're opening for a band at a bar called Legends in Waltham.

Brad Callow

That's the Band-Aid we're hoping to apply as quickly as we can.

Harry Lee

What you're talking about here is a cancer and you have to cut it out, ... You can't use Band-Aids.

Jeanine Pirro

I think we all agree that the vocals are the most important part of the band.

Tyler Bond

There is a new harvest strategy that uses banding data.

Dave Sharp

Just ripped the Band-Aid off. He's kind of like that.

Mark Dindal

What do you get when you put two brothers and sisters in a band? A big fat melting pot of talent.

Richard Bacon

J.D. ... you are right for our band, INXS ... you are the rock star.

Tim Farriss

I'm not ashamed of my spiritual beliefs, but I in no way incorporate them into this band.

Amy Lee

My goal is to have them have a full band. Then I'll be able to help another band.

Aubrey Ireland

A band that almost was a rumor.

Seth Rothstein

We're a biker band. We believe that riding can set you free.

Pat Simmons

We're not a studio band, so this isn't our best. We still have more to say.

Brendan Bayliss

It's like putting a Band-Aid on cancer.

Bill Lane

I'm not there to fix him, give him chicken soup or put a band-aid on.

Kym Bernache

That's been a great Band-Aid for us.

Cheryl Jensen

It's really an all-star band of sorts.

Paul Souza

We want to be the band to dance to when the bomb drops.

Simon Lebon

They're an incredible live band.

Joe Armenia

They rehearsed like a band would. Pat said, 'I can get them to play as well as we did when we were bad.

Howard Paar

They are all jumping on the band wagon. They have an issue with more meat than they had before.

Kent Scheidegger

My brother told me about this and brought me in, he's in a band that wants to use this place.

Becky Mayer

We want to help get the band back on their feet.

Laura Evans

We have a 15-year band-aid approach – albeit a very expensive band-aid approach.

Gerry Reid

We've never had any problem not sounding like a band.

Lou Barlow

There's a closeness in the miners that's unexplainable. They're a band of brothers.

Jim Rose

We recorded the band pretty much live.

Aimee Mann

The dancers' interaction with the band provides the wink and nod.

Ivan Kane

Add-on devices are a Band-Aid approach for PDA manufacturers to provide solutions.

Tim Scannell

We have no idea if we're going to be a band next year.

Brian Bell

Our band is not for me to describe.

Omar Rodriguez lopez

If you had a buddy who played trumpet, he wanted to be in a band, too.

Scott May

I knew darned well I had a better band than he had!

Bob Crosby

We're more of a raw live band, and we wanted to capture that.

Gabe Borquez

Omigod what a band that was.

Charles Neville

They're a great band that plays a lot of gigs.

Dave Carlisle

There is another Motley Crue band out of Connecticut. We're arch enemies.

Brian Miller

A good bassist determines the direction of any band.

Aaron Carter

It was a natural progression with the band.

Billy Idol

I was in a band where the lead singer was insanely popular.

Steve Turner

I actually made the band in fourth grade. I was the only fourth grader to make it.

Laura Nunez

It's been a lot of fun moving into this new band room.

Eric Playstead

It's really good that we have this band room because we have a lot more space.

Eric Playstead

So everyone can see the tradition that our band has.

Eric Playstead

I was in one bar band from 1965 to '69, then I was in another one from 1970 to '79 - a 9-year bar band!

Eric Carr

They've always been a band that's about making a big splash.

Bob Beamon

I started my own band in 1993 and have been playing ever since.

Zona Jones