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The man who complains about the way the ball bounces is likely the one who dropped it.

Lou Holtz

The magic is inside you. There ain't no crystal ball.

Dolly Parton

When he shoots the ball like that, yes. I think that he's confident, and we're confident in him.

Brad Randall

I don't remember much of the second half. I really don't remember the play. I don't remember who hit me, how he got the ball, if he had the ball.

Jon Brockman

I don't want to play golf. When I hit a ball, I want someone else to go chase it.

Rogers Hornsby

When we got up we started controlling the ball. They started attacking us and we protected the ball tonight.

Terry Boe

This season is the most we've ever thrown the ball, but they're the reason why.

James Reynolds

We finished a tight ball game and it was a nice win.

Bucky Johnson

It's fun and all. When the ball ended up in my hands, I was happy.

Deanthony Zanders

We were getting the ball where we wanted, but we just weren't scoring.

Danny Starkey

We got beat, there is no doubt about it. They beat us to every ball and we tried to stop them but couldn't.

Mike Jenkins

He's really good at moving people off the ball.

Matt Applebaum

With these two girls, we've got a great advantage inside, so we try to get them the ball.

Jeff Pustina

We hit the ball well, but they made a bunch of errors.

Don Noorda

We played a lot of small ball in the first game.

Sean Cotter

She is good off the ball and her players look for her a lot.

Krystle Horton

Clearly the ball is in Unilever's court.

Terry Bivens

See the ball; hit the ball.

Pete Rose

We took the air out of the ball a little bit in the last few minutes.

Joe James

Your job is to umpire for the ball and not the player.

Bill Klem

It's amazing how quickly the game can turn on you if you're going to turn the ball over.

Bob Benson

She's thrown the ball well this year.

Sheryl Neff

I got hit, but I just jumped and the ball happened to be right there.

Kyle Lowry

Her ball-handling is a real strength. And her shot has really come along.

Doug Knox

He reached in and touched the ball before I could get it.

Curtis Baham

We set the tone early. We hit the ball well early and throughout the contest.

Michael Lindsey

They did a great job winning the ball and tackling.

Kris Henry

Today we just got caught up and hung onto the ball a little too much.

Jana Epema

We just could not stay in front of the ball.

Cedric Bozeman

We were afraid to make a mistake. I was surprised we didn't make more good decisions with the ball.

Ashlee Stephens

This was the best that we've worked the ball as a team all year.

Brad Chasteen

We hit the ball like we should and did everything right.

Josh Stewart

Hand it off to Tatum Bell, run the ball.

Curtis Pulley

It was nice to see that ball go out. That was a big hit right there.

Danny Mitchell

Our plan was to get the ball to Cody White. They took that away.

Brian Cupples

She really started to hit out and placed the ball in the corners.

Wendy Hastings

He's been pretty consistent. He's very active away from the ball, and very aggressive to the glass.

Dr Jim Robertson

It was a lot different for us this time. We just couldn't get the ball inside as much.

Amy Voelkel

She's (Cavanaugh) good. She was the only one out there taking the ball for them.

Jacky Gaddis

The ball was on the ground, but he picked it up and got it on the tee. We got it through.

Tyler Albrecht

We executed and were able to get the ball to the right people.

Jerry Mackey

We practice that a lot, ... But that ball, not many people can hit it there.

Willy Taveras

When we needed him to, he's really thrown the ball well, so that's been a plus.

Tom Lowe

He's got great form in catching the ball.

Scott Hawkins

He's a big body in there, and he's a shooter, too. We find a way to get him the ball, and he gets a lot of points for us.

Stacy Schaffer

Rising really attacks the ball. I don't have to tell him what to do; he just gets after it.

Adam Hyndman

They beat us to the ball today.

Rob Gooch

As far as somebody that's crafty with the ball, he's probably the best we've seen so far.

Joe Mccarthy

We put the ball in play and ran the bases well today.

Lance Moore

You'll have to ask the guards why (I didn't get the ball). I have no comment on that.

Mike Buckley

Aja did what she does well, shooting the ball and cutting to the basket.

Cathy Inglese

We finally got the ball in the back of the net. I hope it's a sign of things to come.

David Burgee

It doesn't matter who scores the points, it's who can get the ball to the scorer.

Larry Bird

I thought Derrick really threw the ball well.

Joe Pinyan

I love talk and I love fishing. I'm having a ball.

Martin Milner

We really passed the ball well and it allowed our offense to click.

Vicky Groat

The guy catches the ball. He's been a consistent playmaker.

Rob Rang

He's on the ball. He's got a lot of ideas.

Lane Dunlop

It eliminates confusion in a ball game.

Jerry Diehl

We did everything we were suppose to do but put the ball in the hole.

Cary Thompson

Right now Polka is more aggressive and more skilled with the ball. He's so aggressive and really determined to do what he has to do.

Keaton Nankivil

We're not going to force the deep ball.

John Beck

Reggie was so open that all you could say was get the ball to him.

Mike Sewak

This game put us behind the 8-ball with a loss like this.

Lodrick Stewart

They know if they want the ball from me, be nice.

Chris Paul

We rolled the ball. We were patient in the strike zone.

Todd Moyer

If you're not sure what to do with the ball, just pop it in the net and we'll discuss your options afterwards.

Bill Shankly

I was striking the ball well, but I couldn't make too many putts today.

Mike Roberts

I'm just going out there to play ball. Whether it's him or anybody else, I'm just going to play ball.

Asante Samuel

And I started it all. I threw the home-run ball.

Bob Shaw

These are some of the top builders in our area who really dropped the ball on this.

Denise Sutton

One through nine in the order we continue to pound the ball.

Phil Hayes

When you're big and have a nose for the ball, that's a sign of a good ball player.

Jeff Haile

I'm very happy with my ball and rope.

Alexandra Orlando

She was attacking the ball unbelievably.

Richard Jarrett

At Walsh, ... it was almost like, 'Let Rob post up and give him the ball.'

Robert Whaley

I tried to dig a ditch to get the ball to go foul, but it didn't work.

Joe Crede

That was a ball we needed to come up with.

Mike O'donnell

She's a good ball player. She put her team on her back and carried them all the way back.

John Chancellor

They competed well at the break-down and spread the ball around.

John Rees

We needed to hit more free throws, and pressure the ball a lot more than we did.

Alton Greene

It wasn't for a lack of trying to get the ball inside.

Kraig Terpstra

We're trying to control his ball flight more with his irons more than anything.

Jamie Bermel

He's strong-armed and impressive. He can throw the ball 55 to 60 yards.

Aaron Owens

With the ball in her hands, there aren't too many that are better. She's the real deal.

Mike Gosz

Boy, he can run the ball down in center. He's got a lot of electricity in his game.

Chad Epperson

It was them getting the ball to Davenport. We couldn't stop her.

Crystal Smith

It's hard to throw the ball with someone in your face all the time.

Nick Reid

We started throwing the ball down the field.

Tony Gonzalez

You want your best scorer to get the ball.

Mark Simon

We hit the ball really well. We ran the bases well. Everything we did clicked.

Robert Waller

I'm getting a little of the hunger to play ball back.

Bret Boone

He kind of scares me, he can not only run the ball well, but he displays a great arm.

Terry Martin

We finally have the confidence to comeback. We can all hit the ball.

Lauren Clark

They're a good ball club. We weren't going to back down from them.

Ted Epley

So far we have done a good job hitting the ball. It's not just some of them but all of them that are hitting the ball.

Wendy Massey

She's very quick. She's very good with the ball but her speed is huge.

Terri Hunt

She's very fast, really similar to Kristin … but she has better ball control.

Alex Camargo

We're going to talk, but we've got to go out there and play ball.

Willie Kemp

In the second half we did a better job of taking care of the ball, and that was the key to our win.

Acie Law

We hit the ball very well. Even the out balls were hit pretty well.

Mike Cummings

I was mainly hitting the ball on the ground.

Alex Walker

[Miller] hits the ball consistently well.

Dennis Hashiguchi

When I throw a ground ball, I expect it to be an out, maybe two.

Warren Spahn

After Adam puts that ball in there, he has to take an angle to draw the defense away from the ball.

Dave Adams

She threw the ball really well. Whatever I called she threw and hit her spots well.

Norma Nelson

She really played her best ball game of the year.

Dan Dersam

When he has the ball, good things seem to happen.

Larry Cunha

We're claiming that the ball hit the ground and went into the glove.

Rich Rieker

I think it (ball control) was the difference in the game.

John Avery

I was just praying to get the ball up court and get a shot off.

Billy Mitchell

They can go get the ball with anybody and make all the plays.

Gene Stephenson

He just told us to go out and play ball.

Willie Kemp

Some of the balls were not coming through, so you just have to wait for the bad ball.

Runako Morton

The ball is going to go come onto the bat quite nicely.

Tom Parker

We hit the ball and we played defense. But you can't do anything about walks.

Alan Byrd

If they hit the ball out, they'd say "Sorry." If they hit it in but too hot for me to handle, they'd say "Sorry." If it was too well hit, they were sorry; too badly hit, they were sorry.

John Crosby

He just hammered the ball.

Steve Ralston

We have to make big plays defensively and get [the ball] back to our offence.

Tom Higgins

Their size was a big part of it. We couldn't get our hands on the ball.

Marilyn Coddens

She's a load. Houston is a good ball player.

Lenny Clark

I was really pleased to see us come through and hit the ball well.

Don Noorda

I always thought I could play pro ball. I had confidence in my ability, You have to. If you don't who will?

Johnny Unitas

Get the ball down the lanes and hit the pins. It's for the kids.

Marie Zidek

Our setters really did a good job of moving the ball around.

John Jewell

I was getting hit with back screens and I wasn't jumping to the ball.

Jeff Teague

If the ball bounced our way, it could have been a 1-0 or 1-1 game.

Jeff Steele

Those two guys both threw the ball really well.

Tim Funkhouser

My pitching philosophy is simple - keep the ball way from the bat.

Satchel Paige

We did not take care of the ball tonight.

Dale Scott

We have dropped the ball.

Carl Taylor

Nice to see a freshman get the hit. He's good. Not afraid. (He) just got up there, got a fast ball and hit it.

Dwayne Follette

The one thing I told them was to not let the ball come to the middle because that's where they want to get it.

Kathy Bocock

We hit the baseball well. I was proud of how they hit the ball Thursday.

Sid Wheatley

Brandon Heard is a very good ball player.

Brent Stroh

One of the advantages bowling has over golf is that you seldom lose a bowling ball.

Don Carter

My first thought was to get the ball inside to Jessica.

Marscilla Packer

We obviously did not take care of the ball. The pressure got to us.

Brandi Davis

He's a ball of muscle. He's so strong in a finish.

Craig Williams

I just give the ball to my teammates and they make it. It's that simple.

Boris Diaw

The big ball hurt us.

Chris Maloney

He hits the ball a long way and he knows how to win.

Gary Mccord

We're obviously putting the ball in play really well.

Scott Gilligan

Not really. (The guards) were hot at the end of the game, so they kept the ball in their hands.

Torin Francis

We're going to try to be smarter with the ball.

Paul Komar

The love of ball just spilled over.

Lynn Reichart

We love playing ball and we'll keep doing it if we have to.

Robyn Darbyshire

He's our stopper. He's taken the ball in all our big games.

Tom Callahan

Her curve ball moved very well. She had velocity on her pitches too.

Dave Dwyer

We weren't very quick to the ball (against LMU). They were much more aggressive. They got way too many points in the paint.

Brandon Hogan

They are dragging a ball and chain behind them now.

Peter Cartwright

They are well-coached and come off the ball well.

Bill Leggett

We stopped being disciplined with the ball.

Christina Solverson

They just hit the ball well, but I was happy with our defense.

Colleen Nave

In situations when games are tight, he really wants the ball.

Chuck Tolo

I wasn't worried, ... The main thing was getting them to put the ball in play.

Brett Myers

We drove the ball into the alleys, and that brings a lot of confidence.

Vance Arnold

They were a very fast team and they were good at getting the ball up front.

Luke Rumohr

When things break down ... he can pull (the ball) down and make something out of nothing.

Greg Marshall

We hit the ball pretty well. We were right on it.

Becky Shafer

I was older. So I didn't pass him the ball.

Sean Mallon

I like to play little ball.

Pete Civitello

We've got to locate their shooters. They're going to get the ball up and down and we've got to find their shooters.

Casey Durham

We had too many turnovers. We didn't take care of the ball.

Jennifer Kurelja

In the third quarter, we just couldn't put the ball in the basket.

Deron Collins

I threw a curve ball and I hung it and he (Buchanan) hit it right.

Chris Beaver

Julie threw the ball well tonight. She was in command from the beginning.

Tracy Brookover

We've got to get him some more shots because he's too good at shooting the ball for us not to do that.

Tim Parmeter

Amber Hanson hit the ball hard. She hit the ball harder than anybody.

Tim Hicks

The ball carries a lot better than it does in the Florida State League.

Lee Mitchell

The ball was dropping the right places, I guess.

Andrew Richardson

The attack is very good at moving the ball around and keeping control.

Jessica Scott

I had some anxious moments as the ball rolled on the rim for a second.

Bruce Barnes

He's our No.1 option. We just get him the ball and get out of his way.

Royce Huseman

Zach's a magnet to the ball. He can make every catch that I can make.

Terry Richardson

No one on their team went after the ball and there were four of us.

Tricia Graustien

One ball moves this way, one ball moves that way.

Lance Niekro

They can throw the ball very well, but they can also run the ball very well. We know that we have to be prepared for both.

Brandon Perkins

Everybody was hitting the ball that inning for us.

Aaron Bender

Until we can be responsible with the ball, it's impossible to win.

Bob Stoops

He's our go-to-guy. I would have liked us to have shot the ball a little better and pulled them out of that box-and-one. But they all stepped up when they had to.

Robert Jarvis

That?s Casey?s game, pushing the ball on the break.

Phil Stamm

I kept yelling. I was hoping the ball could get through.

Allison Baker

We weren't running the ball and playing like we're supposed to.

Jeremy Rhodes

I can't see your target because of the sun, so you'll have to tell me where it (the ball) goes.

Kevin Appier

He put the ball too high.

Luis Castillo

We couldn't catch the ball, and they could.

Jim Mcclure

I didn't ever see the ball; it was that fast. That angle when he threw a curve scared the daylights out of me.

Ron Robson

We hit the ball really well, which is what we needed to do.

Tiffany Hernandez

They're throwing the ball away once we get there.

Thomas Carroll

It came down to a possession or two, a ball going in and out.

Kyle Fowler

We have to play with intelligence and try to stop them getting the ball.

Nolberto Solano

To me, it's incredible for us to low-ball our budget like that.

Tony Young

Spring ball is always fun every year. I'm expecting to see a lot of competition out there.

Matt Muncy

We've got a couple of guys that can hit the ball.

Ryan Lawrence

I'd give Frank the ball every single day.

Kevin Barry

We're going to run and push the ball. My only concern is how well we will rebound. We'll have to see.

Major Corley

He threw a great ball. He just threw it up.

Jordy Nelson

Eddie did a great job. He was really on the ball and he was focused.

Nathan Waite

All ball. All ball. I got all ball.

Milt Palacio