I've learned that you can't have everything and do everything at the same time.

Oprah Winfrey

So divinely is the world organized that every one of us, in our place and time, is in balance with everything else.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.

Albert Einstein

We can be sure that the greatest hope for maintaining equilibrium in the face of any situation rests within ourselves.

Francis J. Braceland

Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life - learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.

Robert Fulghum

Order is not pressure which is imposed on society from without, but an equilibrium which is set up from within.

Jose Ortega y Gasset

The best and safest thing is to keep a balance in your life, acknowledge the great powers around us and in us. If you can do that, and live that way, you are really a wise man.


To acquire balance means to achieve that happy medium between the minimum and the maximum that represents your optimum. The minimum is the least you can get by with. The maximum is the most you're capable of. The optimum is the amount or degree of anything that is most favorable toward the ends you desire.

Nido Qubein

What I dream of is an art of balance.

Henri Matisse

Life is about balance too much excess is chaos.

Mettrie L.

In my view, it's all about balance.

Dr. Edmund Neuhaus

With jumping gear, you need a lot more balance, a lot of coordination.

Matt Cook

The tape adds a nice balance and a male piece.

Joyce Kirkendall

You teach them how to do laundry. You should at least teach them how to balance a checkbook.

Jacqueline King

We're trying to maintain a balance.

Mary Cleave

There's quite a balance here that people are trying to figure out.

David Chamberlain

The cold harsh reality is that we have to balance the budget.

Michael Bloomberg

To straighten out their balance sheet.

Anthony Diclemente

The balance sheet does not support (bonuses).

Councilman Henry Ficklin

I think it's more complicated than that. Balance certainly is not half and half ...

Margaret Heffernan

We did a nice job executing our offense. We had nice balance.

Brendan Nagel

It won?t go away anytime soon. I?m not pessimistic, but I?m not that optimistic. It will balance out.

Ashok Shah

You never knew what he was going to come with. He had us off balance all day.

Jamie Keefe

Whatever we do next, there needs to be a balance between what we do that's new and what we do with what we already have.

Lewis Greene

She will probably never be able to balance a checkbook.

Carolyn Howard

The three games have a nice balance to them.

Ian Mcgeechan

Much better balance for us. But, it's still not quite good enough.

Roger Mchone

I can't even balance my checkbook!

The Terminator

We have a balance in the house. It's not like 24-7.

Lawrence Awe

We had good balance. It was a good team effort.

Tom Armstrong

It's about having a good balance for the community.

Allan Cribbins

We came out flat and were one-dimensional. We've got to get more balance on our offense.

Trevor Howard

It takes balance. You need to be aggressive but not offensive.

Brandon Roberts

You can lose as much as 75 percent of your balance ability between the ages of 25 and 75.

Aaron Lawrence

We had good balance. Everyone shot pretty well.

Dean Cook

She kept us off balance.

Al Hutchinson

I think we are all aware that some accounts have a deficient balance.

Bill Cole

Participation would help promote a balance of viewpoints.

Christine Varney

Sometimes there could be movies that are neck and neck, and that could tilt the balance.

David Joyce

We didn't have the best composure tonight. We didn't have the best balance offensively.

Jack Edison

There's a very tight balance in world supply and demand.

Lynton Allred

We've got to get the right balance.

Lord Falconer

The consumer's balance sheet is actually quite healthy.

Gareth Williams

We can balance the environment and we can balance Australia's cultural heritage.

Brian Campbell

A balance between employee rights and employer's rights.

Joe Fontana

He did a great job. All night long, he kept them off-balance.

Will Minor

By revealing that balance, you make contact with inner joy and peace.

Martin Berson

There's no secret to balance. You just have to feel the waves.

Frank Herbert

I called the New World into existence, to redress the balance of the Old.

George Canning

The balance of power is gradually tipping.

Barbara Kellerman

We will have balance this week.

Courtney Taylor

The market is in a supply and demand balance.

Stephen Furlong

There's got to be a balance.

Frank Haas

By doing that, it creates balance and cohesion.

Lauri Ward

The ramifications are dramatic. We suspect on the balance they're harmful.

Larry Pearson

There has to be an appeals process. We have to balance civil rights and security.

Steve Stallone

It's all about the balance.

Mireille Guiliano

We have to balance that with the community's ability to pay.

Doug Hieter

Darkness and light, it's all about the balance.

Shaun Cassidy

We're now at a critical point in this debate, ... and the balance could really go either way.

David Sobel

I saw he was a little off balance so I tipped him. It's kind of surreal.

Jordan Reese

If you get off balance, it's just as bad as a hockey groin injury.

Catherine O'connor

'SC has to keep (Young) off-balance and put pressure on him. That's the only thing we can do against him.

Dennis Edwards

On balance I think it was an okay quarter. It would be nice if they were doing better.

William Becklean

The balance of the car is really good.

Kelly Collins

Kendra did a great job. She mixed it up and kept them off-balance all day.

Nick Parry

What is a reasonable amount? One percent of the balance was what was decided to be reasonable.

Dean Debuck

It was an illegal connection. We have since put the account -- and its balance of $120.30 -- in Mr. Miller's name.

Matt Pitzarella

A little bit of change in one of these things could throw it all out of balance and, evidently, that is what is going on.

John Wahr

Balance is the enemy of art.

Richard Eyre

I think a fair balance of a little bit of both.

Brian Simione

I am very independent. I try to keep a balance in Chinatown. I am not ruled by anyone else.

Dwayne Hultquist

This strength should continue into the balance of fiscal 1999.

Michael Newman

What we want to do is ensure there's a balance. That's the key.

Greg Gallaspy

I was hooked up to IVs, and they tried to get my chemical balance up.

Kodi Herbert

I think we can use (the study) to make sure we're in balance.

Sir Ralph Richardson

We continued to strengthen our balance sheet in 2005.

Bill Hayes

We wanted to be patient with the run. We strive for balance, and we strive for consistency.

Mike Rasmussen

So sometimes the patient makes the decision. You have to balance it out.

Sharon Ward

On balance, we are pleased with the outcome of the discussions.

Shyam Saran

Whether she is in her right mind or not depends on the balance of her medication.

Lisa Corley

Versatility and balance were the keys to this team.

Bob Mackey

We had great balance, great communicating. I'm really pleased.

Sarah Hill

We should have more balance. We should have more offensive firepower than we've had in a while.

Paul Tinnion

After all, they still need to know how to balance their checkbooks.

Linda Amsden

It does not look like the market will get into balance as quickly as people had anticipated.

John Gross

The more balance you can have in the Big 12 and the less they can pick on people, the better off you are.

Marsha Sharp

We try to have a balance ---- a little bit of everything.

David Ortiz

We think that this strikes the right balance.

John Hedgecoth

He was just wild enough to keep them off balance.

Tim Sims

He kept us off-balance and we were never able to string together any hits.

Marc Suyematsu

The goal is to have better numbers with more balance.

Alge Crumpler

They kept us off-balance and we never got any offensive rhythm.

Michael Holton

It was a good day. My fastball I was able to locate and keep them off-balance.

Rick Helling

There are men who can write poetry, and there are men who can read balance sheets. The men who can read balance sheets cannot write.

Henry R. Luce

We really shared the basketball. It was nice to see that balance.

Stan Joplin

We want to be a good neighbor, ... There's got to be a sensible balance.

James Schmidt

I would think that, on balance, that would be a major plus.

Bill King

And even if I got (the balance figures) I couldn't do it by the end of the year.

Sharon Adams

We have a lot of new faces in a lot of new positions. I am a big believer in balance and we addressed some needs.

Kelly Jeffrey

Carbohydrates are essential for good food balance.

Sharron Davies

I did that a lot in Japan. By doing that, I can get some rhythm back and keep my balance.

Shinji Mori

Until we get it right. I guarantee it will not be out of balance. ... That's just not the way to do things.

Sen. Hugh Leatherman

He was amazing. He kept them off balance.

Joe Siciliano

It's really a nice balance of unique items.

Cindy James

I think there's a good balance of something to choose from.

Debbie Harllee

He kept a good-hitting team off balance.

Mike Hargrove

I want balance in my life.

Ron Dellums

It is not a stretch to say the balance of Congress is riding on this case.

Rolando Rios

Changes in Hearing and Balance.

Brent Miller

This could be helpful if we have anything coming -- it would help balance the budget.

Jim Bennett

We have a lot of 'high touch' to balance the high tech.

Mike Dennis

We are still looking for additional money. A $330,000 operating balance is not adequate.

Connie Smith

I wouldn't sit here and say I'm a betting man and I would bet that I'd get around 'J' every time. But I had him off-balance a little bit and it worked out well.

Anthony Johnson

We did not have the appropriate balance that our client expects from us.

Ann Taylor

Striking that balance is the most important part of the job.

Kelly Reed

The most important institutions may or may not be the institutions with the best balance sheets.

Stephen Berger

Breaks balance out, The sun don't shine on the same ol' dog's ass every day.

Darrell Roya

Life is a balance between rest and movement.

Bo Oshoniyi

I wasn't able to keep my balance very well.

Desmond Clark

You couldn't miss him, he was just a natural with balance and maturity.

John Hawkes

It's a very clean balance sheet.

Robert Friedman

We now expect that on balance things could improve slightly in 2006.

Hubertus Pellengahr

We have shifted the balance from radio to radio, to any voice to any voice globally.

Shah Talukder

That's what we call real balance.

Marty Goldensohn

When one or more of those gets out of balance, that's when risk tends to go up.

Beth Haiken

You should balance the needs. Time is working against you.

Ellen Breslow

We made it clear that we need to balance our budget for 2006.

Everton Moore

Everything comes down to balance.

Elaine Taylor

I wanted to keep them off-balance and keep the ball down.

Ervin Santana

That's what you try to get. You try to get a balance.

Ed Wicelinski

The balance of power definitely had shifted.

Eric Robinson

It's like a declining balance, like a debit card.

Eric Olsen