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There are good running backs and there are special running backs. He is special.

George O'leary

The backs were more decorative than functional.

Tim Copeland

They have pretty good backs, but we do have Mr. Hughes.

John Lawrence

They had our backs against the wall. We just flat out performed.

John Bush

I thought it was the right decision. It's a monkey off our backs.

Tom Fleming

Usually we have outstanding running backs in this system.

George Gilbert

I was the first to say we got the monkey off our backs. Everybody was really happy about that win.

Crystal Langhorne

He's run a 4.9 in the 40. He's been beating some of our backs.

Tim Foote

We rotate three backs.

John Franco

He's putting those costs on the backs of the counties and on the backs of the recipients.

Dennis Wittig

It would be huge to get that monkey off our backs.

John Barnes

I think Bo liked the big backs.

Lorenzo White

I'm a big fan of great running backs.

Patrick Pass

They rotate several backs.

Paul Jacobson

When we're down big, we're resilient. When we have our backs to the wall, we go crazy.

Bill Resler

He's very passionate, ... When people he backs don't succeed, that's an emotional thing for him.

Jim Davidson

We had nothing but the clothes on our backs we came up with.

Michael Mcpherson

Sometimes life has a way of putting us on our backs to force us to look up.

Charles L. Allen

PH is so fast. Those running backs, their feet never stop moving.

Jack Turner

We have a good selection of backs.

Tom Little

They were homeless and without everything but the clothes on their backs.

Mickey Henson

There's something about the character of this team that when their backs are up against the wall, they respond.

Tom Donahoe

It kind of breaks their backs.

Roberto Garza

We know we've got our work cut for us. Our backs a little against the wall and we've got to come out fighting.

Travis Ward

It has been a while, but it was huge to get the monkey off of our backs.

Cassie Schrock

And they have their backs against the wall. They may be on the verge of extinction.

Mike Sutton

We've got to get it together, as we have our backs against the wall.

Sean Murphy

It's definitely crushing. We have our backs against the wall now.

Jason Varitek

I had a horrible game. Now our backs are against the wall. We've got to go there [Seattle] and win two.

Sheryl Swoopes

Al talks to us every day. He has our backs.

Luis Torres

Our backs ran hard and our quarterbacks played well.

Glenn Davis

There's no doubt that our backs had plenty of opportunities thus far in the tournament.

Frans Ludeke

Our backs are to the wall. We dropped two games we shouldn't have lost.

David Jordan

Those back-to-back 3s, they've done it all year and that really broke their backs.

Matt Herting

If you see a defense team with dirt and mud on their backs they've had a bad day.

John Madden

Maybe. But running backs in the NFL make millions of dollars.

Aaron Wies

The defensive backs, they will do what they have to do. But the best thing for us to do is get our hands up.

Mike Rucker

We lived in danger, they had guns aimed at our backs.

Enzo Bottillo

Our backs were against the wall, but we pulled it off.

Emily Mcnamara

This was a must win. Our backs were against the wall starting 0-2 and we got the job done in a big way tonight.

Ed Carlson