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We will await a response from the club.

Patrick Keane

We are awaiting New Delhi's response on it.

Tasneem Ahmed

Anarchy may await America, due to the daily injustices suffered by the people.

Louis Farrakhan

We're anxiously awaiting the OK from these guys.

John Cunliffe

We're anxiously awaiting the Court of Appeals decision.

Mark Basham

We continue to be on red alert We are still awaiting the assessment of our commanders.

Captain Ramon Zagala

We are anxiously awaiting more aid because it's much needed.

Ann Brown

We're eagerly awaiting a sign-off.

Dan Ballou

PENITENT, adj. Undergoing or awaiting punishment.

Ambrose Bierce

The market is eagerly awaiting what their decision will be.

Mike Cahill

We will await the results of the testing.

Tom Kelly

Most people are awaiting Virtual Reality; I'm awaiting virtuous reality.

Eli Khamarov