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The audition is the final performance.

Irene Gillies

We hold a very extensive audition process. We audition probably 1,000 kids.

Tom Massey

It was like an audition, ... And at the end of the lesson, he asked me how I would feel if I competed and didn't win.

Michelle Lombardo

Every time you go out there it's an audition.

Josh Reed

As an actor, I'm trying to get as much experience auditioning and acting as I can. It's an opportunity to learn more and get more experience.

Jose Luis Rodriguez

There are men in town who could play this role. The problem is, they didn't audition!

Yt Blair Bybee

I got on a plane to audition for this part, ... I could relate to it really easily, which is good.

Lou Pucci

I made it all the way to the end, and I froze in the last audition.

Tina Simpson

I saw it right before I went into the audition.

Selma Blair