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Everything in this audit is accounting issues.

Don Mcgahn

This is Wal-Mart auditing Wal-Mart.

Fred Furth

Stronger, more independent audit system.

Arthur Andersen

The bedrock of all this is: Do an audit.

Anne Kelley

We are very pleased with the audit. This is best every year we have and I'm sure the administration is pleased.

Paul Leary

They do all of the auditing and testifying of the products and certify they are clean.

Frank Coonelly

This is a normal process. It's like a normal tax audit by the IRS.

Ali Moshiri

We have no problem with the audit. Our books are open to everyone.

Ron Cooper

Well, I don't -- we never agreed with the audit.

Jarvis Johnson

I don't know what kind of audit was done, but apparently it wasn't sufficient.

Lowell Johnson

It's a lot like going through a financial audit.

Dr. Joel Levine

I'm very pleased with how the audit went.

Paul Gilbert

State law prevents us from auditing the General Assembly.

Robert Teplitz

Even the new audit has a lot of the functions of the old one, with some new features.

Andy Zircher

I'm pleased with the audit results, she was proven innocent.

Joe Mares

I can't wait for his tax audit.

Errol Morris