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I can't go to Auburn to stay with you with that snake there.

Judy Webster

We think there are some great opportunities in Auburn.

Jim Branham

I've been tailgating here for about 15 years, and I like tailgating here better than at Auburn.

Harriet Van Horne

I don't try to compare us to anybody else. We're trying to make Auburn as good as it can be. We aspire to do our own thing.

Tommy Slater

We have a chance to do something really special here. We should be ranked first in the SEC if we win at Auburn.

Meghan Boenig

It would be nice if I could come back to Auburn. It would be nice to give back.

Jonathan Simon

At the time, Auburn was not accepting any blacks in veterinarian medicine.

Herbert Carter

They got beat pretty bad. They (Auburn) lost a lot of people.

Chris Jackson

Beating Auburn was great, but it's behind us now.

Eric Henderson