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That drop in attendance overwhelmed the lower costs.

Paul Richard

But God forbid we lose a game. Attendance will go down.

Peter Shugarman

The attendance thing has been the roughest thing.

Bruce Sevy

Attendance boundaries are in the process of being drawn up.

Lauren Roberts

If the weather is good, we expect attendance to be exceptional.

Brian Distefano

We do expect this to drive attendance.

Bob Caruso

I wouldn't be surprised if attendance is down a little bit.

Barney Bishop

It went really great. It was a really diverse attendance.

Jose Ochoa

We'd like to have record attendance this year.

Jody Johnson

It's a direct promotion to increase attendance.

Dennis Speigel

We've been overwhelmed by this year's attendance.

Inez Frid

All schools have improved attendance.

Michael Picarsic

We've been doing a lot of outings. Attendance has been great.

Bob Clark

The idea behind that was to encourage regular attendance.

Irwin Shaw

One of the things we're trying to do is expand our attendance numbers.

Rob Valli

Our attendance was down, but we don't have any statistics.

James Novak

Ports are there to compete for the services of those in attendance.

Steve Tyndal

You won't get a chance to play against some rivals. You also worry a little about how the (attendance) will be.

Steve Pardue

I do not consider violent protest is in any way appropriate before or after attendance at the worship of Almighty God.

Robin Eames