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We would still have athletics at Manual. We would still have basketball at every school.

Jeff Hanni

He ran exceptionally well, we're elated and it's a big achievement for athletics.

Joe Rodan

I think it will be fine as far as athletics are concerned.

George Morgan

They are allowed to participate in athletics.

Francis Borrego

It certainly doesn't reflect well on athletics. And it doesn't reflect well on the people we are.

Matt Shirvington

It's another setback for Duquesne athletics.

Montel Staples

What we're doing will be UH. It will be something that makes sense for us and our athletics program.

Neal Smatresk

Intercollegiate athletics is a big business, ... For anyone to say it's not would be disingenuous.

Jim Delany

They really want to see their players succeed, not only in athletics, but academically.

Ivory Pitts

Athletics can be a magnet.

Eugene White