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We are a very athletic team and we're going to try to maximize our opportunities with our athleticism.

Chris Vermeer

Their athleticism is what makes them so good. They are outstanding athletes, but they are not a better team than we are.

Pat Fuscaldo

We have athleticism, speed, everything. If we're hitting on all cylinders, we can go far.

Terry Coleman

They are really athletic and have some new guys that make them more athletic. They have more athleticism than us and are quicker than us.

David Chiotti

I'm constantly amazed at her athleticism. She's tenacious.

Michele Nagamine

Choose fight over athleticism.

Kerry Joseph

We have a lot of athleticism.

Scott Timmer

His athleticism is amazing. And he plays hard, which is really nice.

Mike Predmore

It's all over the board. There's a broad spectrum of athleticism there.

Josh Finck

The athleticism and the size and strength are an amazing package.

Mike Bellotti

We thought eventually our athleticism would take over, and it did.

Brian Hess