Durability is part of what makes a great athlete.

Bill Russell

The athletes were more accustomed to the area and we had a better plan. In general it was a better event.

Paul Huddle

You've got good athletes guarding good athletes out there, and they really did a good job on them.

Mike Conner

Fans think there's this greatness with athletes.

Allyce Najimy

She is probably, without question, one of the greatest female athletes of our time.

Carolyn Bivens

That he was in the same area (as the athletes) created quite some concern for us.

Arne Ljungqvist

She better be ready. Real athletes play hurt.

Joseph Garcia

If there are more than five athletes, then the standard is adjusted to make it tougher.

Jeff Guy

I think it would be awesome to work with athletes and help them.

Jon Koller

He's one of our best athletes on the field, and he's also very intelligent.

Dave Bunton

There are cyber-athletes who make six figures.

Tyler Blake

Every once and awhile there are those great athletes out there.

Dennis Person

She's got to be one of the top returning athletes in the state.

Travis Rauh

We always have the health and safety of our athletes and of our competitors as our top priority.

Tim Calderwood

The only regulation is that you can't have anything obscene showing on you. If [athletes] had a tattoo that was obscene but not showing, that is up to them.

Keith Boucher

It's an honor. I got my name with a lot of great athletes.

Dashaun Wood

They have athletes at every position. They're really aggressive and they make things hard.

Kraig Clifton

They did what they had to do and they had the athletes to do it. We didn't have an answer offensively tonight.

Matt Prisk

The athletes are youngsters whose time is still to come.

Craig Ross

They had a lot of big, fast athletes and we just weren't able to keep up with them.

Greg Brochetti

Because the area is so small, it's hard to get any athletes from around here.

Adel Dessouky

On Saturday we expect well over 100 athletes.

Greg Meade

We're not trying to make great athletes. We're trying to make great people.

George Meyer

It leaves me almost speechless, which my athletes will tell you is a rarity.

Mike Holman

We've got some athletes on offense. We try to use them to the best of our ability.

Blanda Wolfe

Those two athletes can give us a lot of points.

Jake Winslow

She is very deserving of such a night. It was a night that all athletes dream about.

Cary Thompson

Take nothing away from Ashland. Those are some good athletes.

Bob Skubal

I'm getting some education here and good coaching. I'm around some good athletes.

Andre Hall

We will not put our athletes at risk at all.

Phillip Fulmer

Because they're so limited in time because of what we're asking them as athletes to do for us, they needed to have access to things.

Shari Acho

I was pleased with the performances of many of our athletes.

John Mcnichols

We were very happy with the performances of many of our athletes.

Walt Beaulieu

They did an exceptional job. They are both extremely good athletes.

Patrick O'brien

I have a quality group of athletes.

Nancy Mcdonald

Nick is one of the outstanding athletes in the league.

Tom Lamb

He made a great play and a great basket. That's what athletes do.

Joe Coleman

You see athletes in all sports in today's arena who have accomplished what Tom's accomplished and they can really be unreasonable.

Robert Kraft

He's one of the better athletes I've ever coached here.

Mark Clark

Who can argue with the results that you're seeing from these athletes?

Steve Roush

This is a big win for us. We feel like we have the athletes to play with anyone in the conference.

Grover Battle

This was kind of cool. Typically, all the athletes get all the attention.

Michael Huggins

Mike was a great example to all the other athletes.

Marc Quarles

He's probably one of the better all-around athletes we have.

Mark Bedenbaugh

Those are two great athletes. There's no doubt about that. But that's something for down the road.

John Lowery

I'm very happy with a lot of our freshmen athletes. They are performing quite admirably.

John Izzo

They have the athletes. We got the championship trophy, by default.

Jody Grove

We were shooting for 20 athletes. We ended up with 36.

David Standifer

The British fans really know hoe to get behind their athletes.

Jason Gardener

(Athletes) were cheating and you helped them do that, ... You were complicit in the cheating.

Susan Illston

We are professionals. We are athletes that entertain people. They go hand in hand.

Little Kato

It has given the sport back to the athletes.

Charlie Cyr

We're going to match our athletes against their athletes.

Donte Whitner

Charlotte Amalie may not have won any games yet, but they have good athletes, good players.

Derek Heyliger

I will carry our flag for all the athletes.

Danielle Goyette

For a lot of recreational athletes, the principle is very important. It's even more important as you age.

Brandon Harrison

That was absolutely improper and something we have taken great measures to have our athletes not do.

Jim Scherr

Speedway has some really good athletes so we have to cut down on their big plays.

Mark Wildman

Our goal is to get the athletes back on the field as quickly as possible.

Chris Linde

That was a good run by a sophomore. There were a lot good athletes on the track.

Bill Harrelson

We have a lot of good freshman athletes.

Scott Touchette

I'm not just looking for super athletes.

Dan Epstein

We've got the athletes to be very good. We'll see how it all plays out.

Shawn Marsh

We retain the footwear rights and the ability to market our athletes.

Paul Harrington

The IOC will follow the procedure to remove the athletes' accreditations.

Giselle Davies

We will have some of the legacy athletes there jumping for the anniversary.

Connie Hagler

There were a lot of very good teams and athletes here today. We had a good day to finish were we did.

Brad Bevis

We have athletes and good heart. They are really together.

Ken Burghy

They have a lot of good athletes. They have a good quarterback, good receivers and a good tailback.

Robbie Blanton

I was just trying to get the ball to the athletes around me.

Matt Flynn

I was expecting our athletes to do their best and be competitive.

Robyne Johnson

It went well. We had 34 schools and 900 athletes here and we got them out of here by 4:15.

Lance Carter

It's not about her. Her athletes put out what they want and she helps them get there.

Corey Bosworth

She was a campaigner for equal pay for the value of her talented athletes.

Larry Lester

Athletes have these same challenges.

Todd Durkin

He was one of the most gifted athletes since I've been here.

John Mcnichols

They're a good team. They get athletes from all over the place . . . so what the hell.

Ray Groth

We are not extraordinary athletes at all.

Marcia Powers

We have the athletes that can bang the shots. We just have to get more confident and we'll be alright.

Jason Lawson

I have a good feeling. We have some good athletes and good attitudes.

Doug Dexheimer

All of the athletes are so close it's just making the best a little bit better.

Lance Williams

Offensive linemen arent real athletes.

Anthony Weaver

I'm disappointed at not winning, although I was running against some good athletes.

Daniel Caines

It was a nice meet. The athletes we put out there were competitive and we did some nice things today.

Matt Henry

He's a great athlete. The whole family are great athletes.

Jason Fojt

We're always interested in hearing from athletes about our products.

Kelly Olmstead

And they have great athletes. You always have to be wary of that.

Jeff Parker

That's a fun one for the athletes.

Elyah Gordon