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I assumed it would be like this. Everyone's improving right along with us.

Barb Gibson

It is assumed that the adverse affects were based on a drug reaction.

Dr. Herman Scholtz

It was just assumed that I was wrong. It was a blatant lie.

Sherron Watkins

I guess they assumed Rocco would be there.

Paul Formica

We assumed that everyone was out of the house because they were all together.

Todd Cartner

All the treatments assumed you had access to heat.

Bob Collins

It would be an assumed incremental target.

Sherrie Nickell

It turns out that the labor market is far more flexible than anyone assumed.

Robert Reich

If I talk to a girl, it's assumed that I'm having a scene with her. If I don't, then it's assumed that I'm gay.

Shahrukh Khan

We assumed the existing lease. It's not a bad lease.

Will Gustafson

I just assumed that since I was a resident, I was covered.

Ervin Lindsey