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From next April we will be directly funded by the Welsh Assembly.

Peter Bellingham

We talked about 'being back' at the pep assembly and that is what we are now.

City High

Right now the focus is on the General Assembly.

Bob Aherin

We want to be the best in the world at airplane assembly.

Jim Schuster

It is one of the most complex station assembly flights that we will conduct.

Ron Dittemore

Would be nice if I could have talked to them or had an assembly on what they did.

Chuck Cooper

The National Assembly may prod everyone to do things differently.

Jean Arnault

Let's have no empty talk from this assembly, let's get something done.

Betty Williams

It is PSL assembly policy that sponsors will be announced at the AGM.

Joseph Goromonzi

We were going to have an assembly in the gym 10 minutes later.

Don Cannard

This is incomplete. The constitutional assembly is the aspiration of the people.

Minendra Risal

Eloquence is in the assembly, not merely in the speaker.

William Pitt

This is a general assembly like no other.

Ray Kelly

This could only be done through self-assembly.

Angela Belcher

It's a clear defeat for the bill's supporters in the Assembly.

Tim Rosales

State law prevents us from auditing the General Assembly.

Robert Teplitz

It would not pay to transfer that technology to China, but assembly - I don't have a problem with that.

Larry Wortzel

We're going into the General Assembly against a lot of other stuff.

Ben Ruffin

There would have to be legislation passed by the General Assembly allowing for that transfer.

Leanne Winner

The role of the General Assembly in all of this is crucial.

Emyr Jones Parry