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Whenever you are asked if you can do a job, tell 'em, 'Certainly I can!' Then get busy and find out how to do it.

Theodore Roosevelt

Give neither advice nor salt, until you are asked for it.

English Proverb

Never give advice unless asked.

German Proverb

The victor will never be asked if he told the truth.

Adolf Hitler

He is one who is always doing what he is supposed to do without being asked.

Mark Bedenbaugh

In a sense I've made the same film over and over again. In all of them I've asked, 'Who are we as Americans?

Ken Burns

Our family did what the Abu Sayyaf asked and we believed them.

Gracia Burnham

Many times I asked myself, 'Who is a painter in your own eyes?'

Peter Malkin

It's like a campground, but a campground nobody asked to stay at.

Jonathan Harris

In big time situations we couldn't have asked for better competitors.

Dan Wohl

They asked me why we were open, I said it was pressure from the public.

Keith Allen

It was a bit of a joke, really. They came in and asked if I wanted to do it and there was a chance to win $10,000, so I said OK.

Ben Windsor

They have basically asked us to be patient.

John Wodele

I asked you not to tell me that.

Don Adams

No one ever asked me to lie and I was never promised a job for my silence.

David Kendall

If you'd asked him, he'd have told you that was the most beloved part of his practice.

Bill Wagner

The Queen Tamale herself cam in and asked to order some things.

Donna Hudson

I sang for him several times. He always asked me to play this one ...

Marcelino Martinez Garcia

They asked me to put together a sample.

Richard Neer

We've asked for additional federal review.

Jennifer Kerns

The White House has asked, ... and so we're going to do that.

Stuart Roy

I have asked the players for more.

Mark Robson

That was a special group of kids who would do anything you asked them to do.

Mike Bosco

She was so nervous that she couldn't open it, so they asked her for the combination.

Kevin Bourque

We've given them what they asked for and then people take responsibility about whether they add it up or not add it up.

Jim Skinner

It's not her fault. She did exactly what she was asked to do.

Brent Bartlett

They did everything that we asked them to do. It's a great win for our team and our program.

Doug Stiverson

When the paramedics arrived, they asked her how she was feeling and what happened.

Ken Disselkoen

That's about all I've really asked for.

Frances Parnell

I asked them why they did it and they said they had no reason.

Loren Walch

I asked him about it, and he didn't say anything, he just looked at the floor.

Daniel Clark

He couldn't have asked for much more from his body. He did the best he could.

Chris Lynne

They asked for some more historical background to strengthen the application.

Whit Field

[That's when she was asked what the day meant to her.] I think it's bittersweet, ... I've never been to a game without him.

Glenn Davis

He (Lester Russell) did more there to keep the place up than we asked him to.

Barry Bell

I asked her to join us and she jumped at it immediately. She is so generous.

Linda Decramer

There were a lot of games that I could have taken but I had fun out there. In my first U.S. Open I couldn't have asked for any more.

Sania Mirza

Well, you know, we've been asked not to speak so it's really hard.

Lorraine Bracco

He was asked to come to some workouts and they liked him and offered him a scholarship.

Scott Justus

I called Kyle, and he answered. I asked him about it, and he acted surprised. Molly? What? Who? I didn't hear anything more.

Mick Mullink

I get asked some of the same questions.

Don Hoth

As a councilman, they asked me to intervene and I did. My job is to protect the neighborhood.

Bob Margolis

Whatever they asked of me. That's my job to do.

Ty Wigginton

So you're saying no one asked for it?

Rep. Gary Odom

That is the job I have been asked to do and that is the job I'll do.

Lord Stevens

We asked them to bring in the car so that we can search it for evidence, and they never contacted us.

Roger Wade

He never asked me the question, 'Are you going to be there in 2007 or 2008?' because I would have answered yes.

Patrick Faure

We asked them to do a tremendous amount.

Langdon Neal

If you whipped out the marketing handbook and asked what we've done, the answer would be we've done it all.

Ron Batory

We asked her not to stay.

Brother Emile

'Whom are you?' he asked, for he had attended business college.

George Ade

On that first Thanksgiving Day, no one asked the pilgrims if they were here legally.

Juan Garcia

I called her up and asked, 'How would you like to win $10,000?' and she started screaming.

Cameron Jones

Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the one who asked why.

Bernard M. Baruch

The only reason why I know is because I get asked all the time.

Darin Schreck

You could have asked anything but that. I'll tell you how old I am. I was born in 1914. I'll let you figure that out.

Clayton Moore

I was really impressed with the questions that were asked.

John Mcginnis

I knew he was tired but I asked him to go the extra mile.

Vernon Isabella

Don't give advice unless you're asked.

Amy Alcott

So many asked, 'How could this happen?' We're asking that, too.

Michehl R. Gent

They haven't asked a lot of questions.

Ben Jackson

I was concerned and when I asked Ashton if she was OK, she smiled. I knew then that she would be OK.

Deena Applebury

Will you pitch to Bonds? That's what everybody asked me.

Bruce Bochy

I wish we had asked her more questions than we did.

Christine Jamison Berdeguez

We asked for an apology or a censure of the city attorney, but we never got anything from the city.

Carol Cox

I asked him, 'Dad, why didn't you just retreat and get out of there?'. He said, 'Well, we were Americans and we didn't know how to lose'.

Greg Rogers

Several of you will be asked to help.

Carolyn Turner

Daniel Island will be disposed of as the governor has asked us to do.

Bill Stern

If they had asked us a month earlier, we would've adjusted our schedule.

Barry Harper

I kind of asked the guy a crazy question.

Scott Podsednik

Six years in (from the last upgrade) and the state asked for another upgrade.

James Wallace

The only thing we asked for was smart and scary.

Mick Garris

We were not asked to close, and we won't close until we are.

Michael Pastore

I asked her if there was anything we could do for her. She said, 'No, I can't really think of anything,' so I told her we could pray together.

Jeff Rolen

I was asked to come to Chicago because Chicago is one of our fifty-two states.

Raquel Welch

There are over 40,000 job boards out there. We asked ourselves how we could distinguish ourselves.

Robert Epstein

He asked to play receiver in the preseason, but it has all worked out.

Joe Lusardi

I knew that he had asked for me and I have looked forward to this moment.

Brian Lara

What we asked for today is ultimately what happened.

Marsha Kight

That would be amazing. It would be a good plan to go for. It was awesome, I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Kara Cook

I moved everybody out of the way and asked them to find me a white towel.

Cheryl Brown

Glenn has gone above and beyond what we've asked him to do as far as a volunteer.

Capt. Toby Mcswain

One little girl asked her mom if she could take $20 out of her piggy bank, ... I asked her if she did. She said, 'It was more.'

Troy Miller

That kid would run through a wall if you asked him to.

Kelvin Sampson

They have not met what we asked for.

Drexel Gomez

This is something very, very different for them. One of them asked 'what is that?' when they smelled fertilizer on the bus ride.

Stephen Fitzgerald

We are responding to where we are asked to go and for that we rely on Pakistan to determine.

John Stufflebeem

(The student) called me and asked me if I liked it. I said 'Yes,' and he actually sent me another one.

Damon Fugett

We get asked for things we don't have, a lot of Asian ingredients.

Frank Locante

Roe has asked for an additional hearing because he wanted to get a little more information.

Bob Pederson

They respect the idea that we have asked them to do something.

Bill Gorton

We have never asked for anything. We need money. Cash.

Jacqueline Roberts

When you asked that, you had a smile on your face. That's why we do it.

Tom Loughlin

We've been asked not to speak.

Lorraine Bracco

Everything we could've ever asked for, they've done.

Robert Moore

These are the questions that need to be asked by an independent commission.

Rebecca Kirszner

Somebody asked me who I thought would win this thing. It's too hard to say. There aren't any teams that are out of it.

Jimmy Newman

We asked the president what we should do with the people we capture.

Michael Scheuer

I asked that he be relayed the message as soon as possible.

Scott Coffey

The phone company can also be asked to make contact with the owner.

M. Hardman

We couldn't have asked for a better date.

Justin Conrad

I called Southwest Airlines and asked how quickly they could get me from here to Biloxi.

Chris Gill

I don't think we could have asked for more from them or our defense.

Steve Brewer

If it's on your driver's license, your next of kin still have to be asked.

Robin Davis

So when Andy called, I asked him if he would mind waiting.

Julian Allen

That's the most commonly asked question, and without a doubt the most difficult to answer.

Jeff Copeland

I approached him and I asked his name. He says, 'I'm Brennan,'.

Forrest Nunley

I think we're doing exactly what the City Council has asked us to do.

Lesli Andrews

101 Frequently Asked Questions About Homosexuality.

Mike Haley

It started out that the residents there asked for more permit parking.

Janet Cook

William asked me if I would be interested in collaborating on a piece. So here we are.

Joe D'alicandro

The only thing I've asked England for is communication and that's been good.

Darren Gough

That's all we've ever asked for.

Gayle Ruzicka

I asked the students if they wanted to do it and they said they wanted to go for it.

Marinee Payne

We asked, 'Hey, if we were going to do this thing from scratch, what would we do?'

Mike Caldwell

They say that there is evidence. I've asked that, if there is evidence, please bring it forward.

Sonya Jackson

They wanted to know a little, but every one of them asked if I was OK, and that was the first thing they said.

Matthew Alarie

I was like, 'Well, why not? This is what you do. This is your job.' So when I asked him for help, he sat down and helped me.

Bryan Mattison

This is a great group of Marines, ... They did everything that was asked of them.

John Knapp

If you asked me last week where I would finish, I had no idea.

Greg Hart

He wanted to take her to the hospital. But she asked to go to Mom.

Theresa Campbell

[Evans asked:] Well, what do you want me to do? ... I don't know, honestly I don't.

Nicholas Witchell

I gave him a big hug and kiss and he asked how I was doing.

Terry Novak

A lot was asked of us, and we're not asking for more than we are entitled to.

Rebecca Smith

I asked her if she was OK. She was adamant that she would call in 30 minutes.

Bernadette Mcelroy

He got half of what he asked for. It sets no legal precedent.

Martin Feldman

He may be asked to testify in future actions. . . for that, we will have to stay tuned.

Conrad Black

That's our theory. We've asked the Coast Guard to verify it.

Bob Dickinson

I think the commission did a good job of doing what we asked them to do.

Linda Mauger

Yes, I asked her and she said 'no,'.

Francis Carter

That was something special, to be asked to create the invitation.

Susan Sparks

I would not have even asked my dog to live in there.

Jack Stephens

He got smart with me and my son, when we were up there. He asked my son why he was there?

Herbert Perry

They were freaked out, they were rude, they were hostile. They were doing what they were asked not to do.

Tom Crosby

At that meeting they asked if they could do another (safety check) at Coolidge.

Jimmy Walker

If I were asked for a one-sentence sound bite on religion, I would say I was against it.

Salman Rushdie

The more questions that are being answered, the more get asked.

Bill Uttley

All of them told me they were asked to destroy certain records. And they did.

Richard Reeves

You answered all the questions I would have asked.

Barbara Reynolds

It's something that I'd been asked over and over for years and I never had a good answer.

Nicholas Wolfinger

We asked where we could be used.

William Brown

I don't think you could have asked for anything more.

Andrew Flintoff

All they've asked is for us to give a response.

Tim Fox

I may have aimed too high sometimes, asked too much of myself and demanded too little from those around me.

Agnetha Faltskog

No one ever asked me.

James Noone

If you'd asked her six years ago, she'd have told you something different.

Linda Lee

If he asked me I would give him an opinion.

Joanne Mcleod

Workers are afraid they will not be asked back if they complain.

Mark Heller

I must admit I never asked him about it and neither did anyone else, ... Everyone was too scared of him.

Trevor Sinclair

I asked him about it and he said I'd be a good fit.

Andy Klink

I'm not disappointed at all. This experience has been more than I could have asked for.

Josh Sharpless

It was an amazing experience, I wouldn't trade it for anything, ... But if you asked me 'Would I do it again?' I'd say no.

Tom Murphy

Man is asked to make of himself what he is supposed to become to fulfill his destiny.

Paul Tillich

I was not asked to serve on one. I think it was an oversight by our president.

Charles Ross

The other one is 'asked' after 'Jack'. Jack asked.

George Guidall

The kids asked me to come and play, and it was a magical moment.

Kevin Carroll

We asked the girls to do some moves we thought would get us in position (to win). We can't ask for anything more.

Jeff Jodon

He asked me to fight ... he came after me and dropped his gloves.

Chris Neil

I don't care how it turns out now. I couldn't have asked them to play any better.

Denise Albrecht

My mom actually asked him, ... He said he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon as long as his health didn't act up.

Richard Goodman

He was pretty good in the stuff we asked him to do.

Colin Macaulay

I addressed the tax issue straight up without any fluff. The questions were asked and I answered them.

Charles Parr

I couldn't have asked for anything to be any better right now. They're taking care of me like one of their own and that's all I can ask for.

Peyton Sellers

When people asked him where he was from, he would go, 'I'm from Houston,' because he loved Houston.

Arna Selimic

It was a place where no one asked if you were rich or poor.

Susan Kent

It's great to have him back and I've already asked Markus to return in 2007.

Oleg Caetani

They were asked to do some site survey. They never got in the water.

Judy Orihuela

They are doing ... what we have asked them to do, which is to put a 'For sale' sign on the company.

Richard Sands

She was our go-to player. She did everything we asked her to do. Anything we needed, she could do it.

Rob Reisbeck

My youngest one, who is 9, asked why is it her daddy that is going.

Joe Peel

We asked them about selling water and they said they'll look at it.

Mayor Leon Rockingham

We're feeling very solid. What we have asked from (the players), they have shown us.

Terri Swaney

In the next place, it will be asked, who shall pay these men? I answer, everybody.

William Petty

We are still in the dark about where this is going to go. There are still a lot of questions to be asked.

Alisdair Gray

When he called, I asked him if he believed it or not. I said he better tell somebody.

Doyle Davidson

He asked questions at every stage of the demonstration.

Lou Gellos

If asked if it's possible or not, it is possible. But we are not in negotiations now.

Yasuhide Uno

It looked like I (asked Phillips for advice), didn't it?.

Peter Schaefer

Yes. I've been asked to pose nude, but I never have, and I probably never will.

Rebecca Romijn Stamos

We asked them to make big plays. They did most of what we asked them to do.

Joe Gardi

We've never asked the Commission for help before.

Joe Edwards

This is a modest request. We could have asked for the moon, but we're not.

David Carle

The kids did everything we asked of them.

Ray Flaherty

He asked Bud if he wanted it in pennies.

Chuck Newman

When I asked for pictures, I got pictures like you wouldn't believe. They're proud of what they do.

Debbie Kolosh

If they straight up asked Congress to amend the law, it would fail.

Duane Woerth

He had an amazing game. He did everything we asked of him.

Paul Neville

The Number 1 reason Americans give is because they're asked.

Daniel Borochoff

She never asked for nothing.

Tammy Pearson

I have asked to meet and he has agreed, I am waiting for a call back.

Frank Williams

I asked them if these were good ghosts or bad ghosts, and if they were good ghosts why it was a problem.

David Simmons

Finally, I tapped him on the shoulder and asked him why he was hating on my son.

Regina Davis

We've asked them to slow down and think this thing through a little bit better.

Bill Stenger

I called time out and I asked the girls if anyone was worried. They weren't.

John Chernick

She asked us some questions and told us about her family.

Tracie Griego

He did? I asked him, and he said it was deflected in.

Michael Leighton

That's thanks to them sending me to Regina. They could have asked for more time.

Larry Fisher

I do get asked a lot, but no one believes me I think.

Matt Giteau

Greyhound called us on Friday and asked us not to refer to it as Camp Greyhound anymore.

Pam Laborde

We had our little spats ah you know he's asked why don't you leave why don't you go home you know and I would say no this is my home and if anybody is gonna leave it will be you.

Karen Orr