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It's a fabulous appointment. Bob will be great. Stanford couldn't have found a better guy.

Ted Leland

It's a bizarre appointment. It doesn't make any sense.

Maurice Hinchey

We do not have anyone in mind but would hope to make an appointment in the next fortnight.

Gordon Mcdougall

I couldn't think of a better appointment.

Warwick Mckibbin

After Nov. 10, if we have flu vaccine left, we'll administer it by appointment.

Pat Schloeder

He set up an appointment, he said his associate would come over tomorrow, could he meet with her.

Jim Mills

She was not an employee of the Police Department until she met the conditions of her appointment.

Keith Furlong

We actually get more people out here by appointment than during our open hours.

Krystyna Phillips

Here's an appointment where Bush really can't make a mistake.

Roger Kubarych

There is now a shortlist and we should make an appointment within the week.

Alan Williams