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Don't get the impression that you arouse my anger. You see, one can only be angry with those he respects.

Richard M. Nixon

When angry, count ten before you speak; if very angry, a hundred.

Thomas Jefferson

An angry man is again angry with himself when he returns to reason.

Publilius Syrus

A man who has never made a woman angry is a failure in life.

Christopher Morley

You should make a woman angry if you wish her to love.

Publilius Syrus

It is a waste of energy to be angry with a man who behaves badly, just as it is to be angry with a car that won't go.

Bertrand Russell

The angry man always thinks he can do more than he can.

Albertano of Brescia

They moved it themselves. When we saw that, we were angry.

Alex Post

It`s not really going to do me any good to be angry, ... I`m a positive person.

Rex Grossman

We got swept. ... We are angry, disappointed, displeased. All those things. That's how it is when you lose.

Adrian Casanova

He was angry with me and I was angry with him because he would not get medical attention.

John Gadd

We are very angry. It is not very gentlemanly.

Alfred Eder

I can't be angry at the driver. I feel sorry for him.

Boris Lyubnar

Very angry Portuguese people.

Christine Johnson

I'm very angry. This is something we had trust in.

Dave Reed

Never get angry. Never make a threat. Reason with people.

Mario Puzo

There is no one quite as angry as someone who has just lost a lot of money.

David Williamson

The angry people are those people who are most afraid.

Dr. Robert Anthony

God is angry with me, but I cannot be angry with him. This is a test of my faith. I have nothing else.

Fazlur Rahman

I really got tired of it all. I was angry about the johns.

Aileen Wuornos

Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath.


My father was often angry when I was most like him.

Lillian Hellman

Absolutely – they should be angry.

Daphne Greene

The best way to know a man is to watch him when he is angry.

Hebrew Proverb

That kind of thing makes me angry.

James Miller

I think Albertans will feel angry and frustrated because this is our gas.

Brian Mason

They're angry. That's why they did it, I think.

Hugo Weaving

What really makes me angry is he told the truth. How can you punish somebody for that?

Mindy Haney

We have a right to be angry.

Vinie Burrows

Never forget what a man says to you when he is angry.

Henry Ward Beecher

He was a really nice kid, but sometimes he would get kind of stupid and angry.

Mick Mullink

There are two things a person should never be angry at, what they can help, and what they cannot.


When people get angry with him, I remind them that he's a kid.

Ramon Leyba

Our employers are not being passive. They're becoming very, very angry.

Sandy Parker

But if he's often angry and difficult to live with.

Bill Vogler

Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be.

Thomas a Kempis

Whatever it takes to make yourself a little angry.

Phil Simms

I am angry that 60,000 people made a judgement without even bothering to see it.

Richard Thomas

I think people would be very angry.

Andy Schultheiss

I was quite angry. But it all worked out.

Carlos Santos

Russ Potts is an angry, bitter, spiteful man.

Tim Murtaugh

Microsoft is frustrated, a little bit angry and basically saying, 'Let's get on with it,'.

Harvey Saferstein

Some have gotten very angry, however, ... That's the reality.

David Pearson

We're very angry about it.

Josh Paul

No, she won't be angry. She will be thankful.

Mark Dowd

Larsen then became angry with me and said that she felt I was interrogating her.

John Rushing

I think it's just somebody who is angry at churches or maybe angry at God.

Jan Johnson

I am too weary to listen, too angry to hear.

Daniel Bell

Those who believe in nothing are very, very jealous and angry at those who believe in something.

Dennis Prager

People are very angry ... farmers are fighting for their lives.

Jose Bove

Lot of angry people.

Jim Davidson

Some are angry at the government and sympathize with the insurgents.

Abdul Rahim

Marianne was angry after the 500 so I think she deserved to win.

Anni Friesinger

I just don't get what you don't get about angry citizens!

Anne Martin

Guy did a great job, I'm not angry. We were victorious that's what matters to me.

Horace Jenkins

The staff left more angry than when they started.

Ann Livingstone

There are a lot of angry people down there.

John Szabo

I get so angry about it.

Sue Brown

Our members are hopped up and very angry.

Dan Scott

'When angry, count four; when very angry, swear.

Mark Twain

I'm angry for all the hurt ... more for you, the viewers ... African-American, all Americans.

Chris Berman

Fortunately we were not hit, but there was a lot of volatility. People are understandably and justifiably angry.

Tony Leon

We live in a very angry society.

Dan Vinson

I'm very angry. We'll be going through regular channels to appeal.

Li Datong

But we are angry about Sept. 11.

Thomas Flynn

This guy was angry. Probably at us.

Michael Larson

I'm angry that they are playing politics with this.

Gloria Mills

People are very angry at the Bush administration.

Brian Becker

My friends and I were very angry to hear the comments.

Donman Phongmahung

We didn't do it to be angry, we did it to look cool. We thought it would be appealing to us.

Kevin Gibson

We are very, very angry about the sentence that he got. He got 35 years, but he will not serve 35 years.

Cruz Carder

I wouldn't say we're angry, just frustrated. We're frustrated. We're looking for an answer.

Chris Barclay

They are angry, they are disappointed, they are disgusted, and they feel cheated.

Carrie Meek

I wasn't even angry. I wasn't disappointed, just absolutely shocked.

Verena Wieloch

I am angry all the time.

Sandra Bullock

She is what inspired me. I was so angry.

Jessie Miller

People are very angry about the price of gas.

Ryan Johnson

I'm so angry, so angry.

Donna Payne

I had to explain that I was disappointed in myself, but they got a read that I was angry with an attitude, ... I was angry with myself.

Marlon Byrd

I shut him out when he was talking. But that remark made me angry.

John Neace

I wasn't really scared. I was more angry. I felt violated.

Lori Kennedy

I was too stunned to be angry at that point.

Judi Rodrigues Wallis

There is real discontent. There are some that are very angry.

Rep Anne Northup

I was very bitter. We were all angry.

Melvin Smith

There's no explanation for that. After the game, we were really angry with the way we played. It wasn't up to our potential.

Pam Tambini

And why do you think the snowman's angry? It's because he's having sex.

Young Jeezy

He was quiet, but when he got angry about something, he would get violent.

Derrick Allen

She saw the knife. She knows her husband was angry.

Vicki Hutchinson

Do something that makes a difference - because, by God, there's a lot to make you angry.

Neil Kinnock

That's why a lot of people are angry.

Christopher Krohn

It offers them a shoulder to cry on of someone who understands. This shows them if they are angry or sad, it's OK.

Denisha Remble

She actually caught it. It was extremely angry and she bound the snout.

Mary Rayner

Be upfront, but don't be angry.

Chris Blyth

There's very little value in getting angry over the telephone.

Nancy Friedman

It's my responsibility that he didn't play from the start. We discussed it. He was angry.

Pierre Littbarski

I know that you're here because you're angry and frustrated and want to hit out at someone. Well, that's me.

Bruce Douglas

I have to say, I was surprised at how angry the press were.

Andrea Wong

My family is bored, frustrated and angry.

Nicole Edwards

It's a wonderful feeling to have my son back, ... I'm not angry, I'm thankful.

Larry Peterson

I don't remember a single time where I would have been angry at her.

Mayme Olson

I used to be an angry young man. But I'm not angry anymore.

Vernon Baker

When he got angry, he would have a tone of voice that really scared me.

Sarah Garuti

He was very angry, because here was somebody who he embraced.

Raymone Bain

I'm very angry.

Amy Campbell

He is so different from his persona, not angry at all.

Joy Behar

You're an angry man.

Larry L. King

We have the power to make the other branches of government really angry.

Lawton Chiles

Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes angry.


It's more than OK to get angry. It's a part of being really alive.

Deborah Cox

I don't want to do it when I'm angry.

Jeff Francis

The only thing that did was make a bunch of angry Raiders.

Aaron Nelson

They can be as angry as they want to. They ought to be ashamed. They`re the ones that let a paedophile go.

Eleanor Cook