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Analysis kills spontaneity.

Henri Frederic Amiel

Nothing has changed our analysis.

Kathleen Allenbaugh

We will know that answer after a lot of analysis.

Jerry Milhorn

This is a complicated and thorough analysis that will go on for this process.

Phillip Johnson

We will do a structural analysis of the buildings and keep as many as we can.

Jim Popp

We don't want to speculate on any possibilities until our analysis is complete.

Henry Franke

We haven't finished our analysis, and so it's too soon to say what the secretary will recommend.

Glenn Flood

Our reaction will be based on a realistic analysis.

Isa Gambar

From our early analysis we are disappointed with the new EU proposal.

Christin Baker

There can be as much value in the blink of an eye as in months of rational analysis.

Malcolm Gladwell

All share analysis is based on a flawed concept.

James Ferguson

I hope we will have the analysis (Thursday) night.

Jean Claude

There is a syndrome in sports called ''paralysis by analysis.''.

Arthur Ashe

Truth is subject to too much analysis.

Frank Herbert

I couldn't be happier with their analysis. It bodes well for Democrats.

Kevin Griffis

Today the analysis and the speculation ends.

James Rogan

In the case of Iraq the quality of intelligence and the analysis of that intelligence was abysmally bad.

Gary Samore

It is a facade. They will simply use the same analysis but come to different conclusions.

Stephen Tindale

Half of analysis is anal.

Marty Indik

Most of them take around 72 hours. You mail it to a lab and they do an analysis.

Liz James

They have to do the capability analysis for the sage grouse.

Laurie Rule

In our analysis, knowing what the law is, there's not anything that could have been done.

George Johnson

There has to be a complete analysis.

Brandon Powell

Progress is slow, ... It has to do with our lab analysis. You can't rush those things.

Jim Duncan

There's not a company that's not swept up in this wave of cost analysis.

Tony Butler

Evolutionary analysis is a handmaiden to human medicine.

Eric Lander

We have a position which is one of analysis.

Elio Di Rupo

We're in a phase of analysis that will last several days.

Elio Di Rupo

We are in a period of analysis.

Elio Di Rupo

Our analysis was very detailed on what habitat is suitable to be occupied.

Ed Bangs