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It is not the magnitude of our actions but the amount of love that is put into them that matters.

Mother Teresa

We are spending a substantial amount of money on benefits.

Amy Hill

I would admit to you that we could take some credit, but there's a fair amount of luck in that too.

Louis Gerstner

It's nice to have someone with his amount of experience in the band.

Joel Blackmon

There's a certain amount of resonance about that idea.

Larry Newman

This should reduce the amount of product we have going into our landfill.

Mike Hunter

It's the amount of runoff, not rainfall itself.

Ted Hart

This causes a certain amount of difficulty for us.

Joe May

This was a major event. There was an incredible amount of water.

Brendan Ferry

The benefits derived did not justify the amount of the loan.

Peter Gray

There is just a certain amount you can deal with.

Daryl Miller

Bigger than Andrew by a reasonable amount.

Robert Davis

It does have a tremendous amount of people.

Jeff Corey

The incoming bills exceed the amount we have right now.

Sheriff Gary Painter

That is a very nice amount of money for any family.

Ray Salazar

You'll see an incredible amount of competition.

Phil Gardner

We've checked and that is the more or less the amount sporting franchises are getting.

Dave Emslie

There's a fair amount of resilience in the consumer.

David Abella

It's got a huge amount of ambiguity in it.

John Negroponte

The bids came in at twice the amount budgeted.

Mark Mcgregor

We asked them to do a tremendous amount.

Langdon Neal

We have been getting sugar, but not the amount we have paid for already.

Paul Quesnel

That's still a significant amount of money.

Courtney Hill

It's not that drought effects the amount of water in the ground. Drought affects the amount of water that we use.

Marlon Cook

It is bad. But it probably should have been worse due to the amount of fire.

Bob Amber

This offsets the amount of the rate increase.

Michael Twomey

I'm impressed with the turnout and the amount of support.

Brian Daley

It's amazing the amount of paperwork that needs to be done.

Robert Denham

This is a generation that has a tremendous amount of disposable income.

Gary Colen

Her virtue was that she said what she thought, her vice that what she thought didn't amount to much.

Peter Ustinov

It has eliminated a tremendous amount of man hours.

Domenic Alfonzetti

It was a fair amount of exercise.

Steve Layson

Students put in a huge amount of time.

Matt Lang

It's still an amazing amount of garbage overall.

Andrew Lochart

They can do a tremendous amount of damage.

Bob Oleson

We're still working on what a reasonable amount of time is.

Barry Arnold

The council is concerned about spending any amount of money on this.

Councilman Van Pearlberg

Describing the new species, it is an incredible amount of work to do this.

Bob Stone

He owes approximately $30,000. I believe it's a little bit over that amount.

Melissa Clark

I would love for that to be the amount of time I spend in jail.

Mark Koenig

They are allowed to do a substantial amount of political activity, but they are not allowed to make it their primary purpose.

Craig Holman

There is a substantial amount that takes place in the week before an election.

Denis Kennedy

It's just an amazing amount of information.

Sepideh Zareparsi

That's a tremendous amount for any consumer.

Ted Smith

Maybe there are some women ... who can never. That is a possibility, but that would be a small amount.

Dr. Virginia Sadock

We have a very, very small amount of vehicle incidents on our streets.

Leah Hardesty

There is a fair amount of self-policing among the runners.

Guy Morse

I would think with that amount of undercarriage damage, you wouldn't be able to fix it.

Robert Nichols

Clearly, there is a tremendous amount of security involved.

Stephen Klein

We encountered a significant amount of questions about the project.

Wilson Nolan

This little device has a significant amount of storage.

Scott Larson

Last year the amount over that [base] was $40,000. Last year, we weren't really very far off.

John Donner

It's hard to say exactly what amount of money is involved, but it's huge.

Bob Wright

It's huge. This is a huge amount of money and this is a huge seizure. So this would have had to be organized.

Michele Paradis

It's very unusual for us to get this amount of rain this early in the season.

Chris Dagenais

That was not expecting that amount of electicity.

Byron Myers

There's always going to be a certain amount of congestion to deal with.

David Vaughn

We've never experienced the amount of damage to the rig fleet we've experienced from these two storms.

Tom Marsh

It's the largest amount of filings ever.

Terry Miller

This is an area with a tremendous amount of innovation right now.

Tim O'reilly

Though it's an incredible amount of money, that's not what this is all about.

Peter Likins

It's an insane amount of work.

Laura Smith

There's going to be an incredible amount of interest in this property.

Scott Mitchell

There's a tremendous amount of support, a network of support, for this kind of thing.

Tom Hudson

When you have that amount of concentrated power, bad things tend to happen.

Michael Shifter

It adds up to a substantial amount. We tell them it's a charitable donation.

Christy Fusco

It fell when we had the maximum amount of our stock.

Dave Read

There are two kinds of men who never amount to much: those who cannot do what they are told and those who can do nothing else.

Cyrus H. Curtis

We seen a tremendous amount of new customers.

Randy Ferreira

I have been very blessed with a great amount of support.

Shannon Schonrock

It's a relatively small amount of the budget as total.

Gail Reese

We're not going to pay that amount.

Dwight Tankersley

We've had an incredible amount of contributions.

James Wagner

It is only a very small amount of material, powder really.

Kiyotaka Yashiro

With the amount of dogs at the campground, it's surprising a cat would get too close.

Sandy Nelson

We'll take donations of any amount.

Georgia De Araujo

This is the amount of money it costs to run our schools.

Jim Ball

There was a horrid amount of smoke.

Barbara Rush

You really open yourself up to an unlimited amount of people.

Paul Brennan

Patrice and I have taken in almost the same amount. We're almost neck and neck.

James Grady

This amount of effort is very rare. They're not getting overconfident.

Lester Funk

We believe they could have known and should have known with a reasonable amount of diligence.

Mike Stratton

Like your income tax schedule that you pay based on your ability, this is the amount you pay based on your ability.

Marc Basnight

We were met with a surprising amount of resistance.

Jennifer Conkie

There is a small amount of sockeye that could be harvested.

Paul Ryall

There was an enormous amount of firepower.

Martha Coakley

Amount of data is appropriate.

Michael Klein

Our assets are small, and the amount we make isn't much bigger.

Bob Sowders

We will try to buy a similar amount in Dallas next year.

David W. Cobb

That's twice the amount from the 2001 survey.

Lt. Edwin Torres

It was the amount of studying we actually had to do every day, every weekend.

Shane Kimbrough

It's only August. It's unprecedented the amount of money behind this.

Kristina Wilfore

The dollar amount is your target.

Jon Duncan

That's another project that will increase the amount of air operations here.

Dennis Blazak

I think it's here now, but it may not stay, ... I don't know that it will level out at this amount.

Scott Butler

Our smallest amount of miles in one day is 33 miles. And then, our largest is 105. I'm really scared for 105. But, that's okay. There's a 103 one too. There are two 100 ones.

Becky Powell

We have a minimum amount of risk for a really substantial reward.

Patrick Ryan

There are a significant amount of safety hazards on the road.

Mike Gipko

When there is an income tax, the just man will pay more and the unjust less on the same amount of income.


There is so little appreciation of the amount of foreign investment in the U.S..

Dan Ikenson

We're getting a lot of facility for a small amount of building.

Dana Smith

How much computation can you squeeze from a given amount of energy.

Kwabena Boahen

Do a large amount of devastation.

Gil Kleiman

We didn't expect such a large amount of sales.

Pan Yu

The amount collected today won't even make a scratch in the amount that is owed.

Michael Myers

What is a reasonable amount? One percent of the balance was what was decided to be reasonable.

Dean Debuck

As a parent and a taxpayer, this dollar amount is too big to ignore.

Barbara Hartford

On occasion anyone who does any amount of this is going to get hit, or you are going to hit somebody.

Clint Walker

For some, it's a significant amount of their net worth.

Ross B. Intelisano

It's just a huge amount of work.

John Rymer

It's not a huge amount.... We would have liked it to be more.

Kateri Callahan

We have lost a significant amount of capacity out of the Gulf.

John Segner

There's just a tremendous amount of need out here.

Jerry Hovel

It helps reduce the amount you might owe at the end of the year.

Stephanie Mcfarland

The government has come to the conclusion that that is the appropriate amount that he should receive.

John Mccallum

He's putting in an unbelievable amount of effort.

Matthew Stewart

In the end they have the same amount of money but not to the financial-aid people.

Kalman Chany

It?s amazing he?s here because there was a tremendous amount of damage to the windshield.

Sgt. Daniel Devine

It is not the amount that we usually have at this time of the year.

Christine Bartlett

This is quite a significant amount of affected installations.

Jeff Campbell

The amount of jail they gave him, that will stay in my mind and will never come out.

Patrick Benjamin

Is it a way to get rich? No. But there's a tremendous amount of satisfaction in doing this.

Hillman Saddlery

All you have to do is to add a zero before the amount you want to give.

Ma Zhongqi

She will gain an enormous amount of power.

Kate Buckley

There was still a significant amount of activity on that Friday.

Joan Williams

They sold an incredible amount of tickets. That was the difference.

Jeff Sanders

It's a significant amount of oil. If he were successful it would be very significant. But I don't think it will come to pass.

Sarah Emerson

There is a certain amount of disconnect here.

Cody Acree

We've gotten an overwhelming amount of help.

Christopher Lyons

It's not even a fraction of a percent. The dollar amount is insignificant.

Ken Chalk

How can you know with any amount of certainty that what they're telling you now is the truth?

Jeremy Karlin

Either way we have a certain amount of energy that we can use for drilling.

Suparna Mukherjee

Look at all the people we had on IR. That's an absurd amount. That's got to be some kind of NFL record.

Will Whitticker

There was a substantial amount of profit taking, but the market absorbed it.

Marcelo Porto

I should ask to be paid by the amount of pounds I coach.

Mouse Davis

We could stand to lose a large amount of jobs.

Mike Ferguson

As you can see, we have come a long way, especially in the amount of original programming on our air.

Dawn Ostroff

There will be a tremendous amount of work after the roll-out.

Gale Klappa

I do believe the size will dictate the amount.

Charles Lyons

We're very concerned because of the amount of time that has passed.

Pam Lepley

It's way overdue. You have no idea how much the amount of [runway] backup there is.

Michael Pierce

We're in the works figuring out what the exact dollar amount will be.

Nate Feltman

We have the same amount in the budget, but we will be able to get more streets done.

Denise Griffin

It's been phenomenal, the amount of what we've received.

Aaron Smith

There will be changes this week because of the amount of games.

Bryan Robson

The amount of crime is not out of proportion to the people living there.

Tom Martin

He is feeling a tremendous amount of disappointment.

Dave Allen

It's nice to let someone else do the driving and get there in the same amount of time. And I don't have to pay for gas.

Amy Baker

If a man cannot forget, he will never amount to much.

Soren Kierkegaard

That establishes their flat bill amount. For 12 months. Their bill will not go above that amount.

Buddy Eiland

We won't know the true amount until the dust settles.

John Whiting

We knew we were gonna owe a large amount, and we know we have to pay it.

Peggy Ferlini

I think a certain amount of air would come out.

Arthur Blank

It is a huge amount of acreage.

Bob Wisner

There's a tremendous amount of exhilaration, but I also think that this is what we expected.

Brandon Hoyte

It's incredible, the amount of damage.

Russ Springer

A very, very significant amount of equity.

Jeff Smulyan

It's overwhelming the amount of support that the community has put forth.

Regina Lewis

It was an immense amount of work.

David Lang

It is not an enormous amount of money considering how much the aircraft is worth.

John Leahy

That opens up a huge amount of opportunity.

Michael Ellison

That?s a pretty significant amount. But it kind of fit with our expectations.

Jon Keesecker

After an amount of time, it's not fresh in people's minds.

Dan Westfield

The stipend is not excessive. It's a very small amount.

Donald L. Cleary

In some of them that we did have, the amount (the district paid) did not agree with the contract.

Bruce Myers

The state mandated amount is totally insufficient.

Duncan Mcmillan

In a lot of cases . . . the CEO does get a disproportionate amount of credit.

Robert Warren

The amount of fraud is less than the previous elections, it is very small.

Abdul Hussein Hindawi

I suppose it [the loan amount] would be impacted by the amount that they have paid to the IMF.

Joel Netshitenzhe

We received a tremendous amount of community support.

Keith Lawrence

It's probably a very nominal amount.

James Crawford

You can see very clearly a considerable amount of breaching and inundation.

Gregory Stone

The amount accepted was lower than expected.

Alberto Ramos

The amount of residential property is rapidly approaching the end.

William Davidson

We've had a really good run in a short amount of time.

Bo Batts

He's put in an awesome amount of time learning what he has to do.

Deon Mcphee

No amount of pressure is going to make him cave in.

Victor Sherman

There is no amount of revenue they can get that is worth a life.

Denny Crowe

The way positive reinforcement is carried out is more important than the amount.

B. F. Skinner

It's crunching all that in a very short amount of time.

Eric Mann

No amount of skill on the part of the actress can make up for the loss of youth.

Ellen Terry

It's too soon to put a dollar amount (DEP penalty) on it, if there is one.

Elaine Makatura

This is a huge amount of money the state does not have.

Elaine Clark

People were way overstating the amount of skills they had.

Ed Jensen