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We've got old people who can't get an ambulance.

George Edwards

I don't really want to kill nobody. If I would have hit him, I would have called an ambulance.

Joshua Borklund

Our newest ambulance is seven years old.

Terry Buddemeyer

Ultimately, they end up coming to the hospital in an ambulance.

Paul Powers

You've got to strive to collect ambulance fees.

Nick Surratt

Someone asked, ?Do you need an ambulance?' and he said yes. He collapsed, and never came to.

Jacquie Swan

The ambulance is ready to go to the dump.

George Franco

He saw the ambulance, he saw the police and he still did nothing from across the street.

Heathcliff Segal

There was hatred in the back of that ambulance.

Robert Perry

It was the middle of the night. We waited for the ambulance for 45 minutes.

Jacqueline Roberts