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It's rare that you see an artist in his 30s or 40s able to really contribute something amazing.

Steve Jobs

It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.

Harry S Truman

You can find WS-Security in all SOA products, but almost no one's using it. It's amazing how few people are using it.

Anne Thomas Manes

The document itself is amazing.

Marc Rotenberg

It's amazing what modern medicine has done.

Roxanne Steele

It is amazing, I have learned a lot.

Stephen Bull

Kelly is amazing, the way she relates to the kids.

Lisa Zentner

She should be an inspiration to everybody. She is just an amazing adult.

Linda Krohn

It's an amazing experience to be able to sit with them.

Mark Ross

It was amazing. I have chills all over my body.

Albert Miller

We walked into the center and it was just an amazing experience.

Kathy Gallant

It's amazing what you can do with an E in A-level art, twisted imagination and a chainsaw.

Damien Hirst

He's an amazing player. He's really making a name for himself.

Randy Shuman

We've been struggling all year, but this win was really amazing.

Steve Holloway

Those transformer cars are my favorite. It's amazing how they must make it.

John Moyer

It's amazing it took him so long to do the right thing.

Kevin Griffis

Hannah's amazing and she's humble about it.

Cara Lambert

We've seen a lot of businesses come and go. It's really amazing.

Barry Gibson

This stuff is really new, and it's amazing how quickly it is moving.

Garth Tuck

It's amazing what they turn up in those archives.

Will Ferrell

It's amazing. I have anything and everything I need and more.

Michael Reyes

It was absolutely amazing how little panic there was.

Mark Rogers

I was giddy when I found out how well she had done. They are really amazing to see.

Gary Dunn

It is amazing. It is amazing what mother nature has don to the building.

John Pappas

We're all so close. It was just amazing for us. We were almost crying.

Alexandra Orlando

Those guys are good. Amazing players.

Zach Bond

It's amazing what the playoffs does for a team. I don't understand it.

Dwan Hurt

She's worked so hard and she's accomplished so much, it's amazing.

Cindy Balsam

She had an amazing beam routine. She was really deserving.

Ashley Felicelli

Amazing Fantasy # 13-14.

Karl Kesel

They'll sell 2,000 gallons. It's amazing.

Tim Reed

We usually do really well. I thought it was really amazing that everybody got something.

Lucinda Hitchner

This is an amazing accomplishment and speaks to the quality of education at your school.

Heather Johnson

It's amazing the stuff you have in Ohio that you didn't know about.

Steve Hicks

It could be within 200 votes, which is amazing.

Scott Hart

It's just amazing how well they behave.

Lloyd Ferguson Wednesday

Finally. It's an amazing feeling.

Jeff Wehling

It's an amazing run.

Paul Dergarabedian

He did an amazing landing.

Barbara Groves

R.C. is amazing.

James Walker

It's amazing what you can see through Sven's specs - I must get a pair.

Gary Lineker

Rick is making amazing gains.

Superintendent Michael Cormier

You do 25 to 30 haircuts a day and everyone shows up on time? It's amazing.

Rod Grover

This is amazing that I get awarded for something I love to do.

Jim Waters

I believe we're going to have a really amazing turnout.

Rep. Kyrsten Sinema

If a kid has a passion, parents will go to any extreme. It's amazing the things parents will do for their kids.

Bill Hanzlik

He put it together on the fly and did an amazing job.

Warde Manuel

The title is amazing.

Vinton Cerf

It remains hot. It's somewhat amazing.

Alan Nevin

The support we get from the state is amazing.

David Burroughs

It's amazing what is happening with technology.

Aeryca Steinbauer

It was kind of an amazing sequence of events.

Peter Black

He's going to be an amazing player.

Steve Wiseley

It's an amazing feeling, ... just that they would trust in me to be able to get the job done.

Angela Daigle

They did not let me down. They were amazing.

Laura Heyl

It really is amazing what it does for scheduling and everything else.

Brian Kemp

Joe is amazing. He knows everyone and he's been everywhere.

Julia Olin

He's the fittest of the lot of us. Really. He's in amazing shape. No one is fitter.

Ray Price

The military guys, they can just sit up and sleep. It's amazing.

Lyndell Lewis

That's not much, but for this time of year, it's pretty amazing.

Lonny Schmadeke

It's amazing the amount of paperwork that needs to be done.

Robert Denham

Otis is amazing, ... I admire him. He has an amazing way with animals.

Robin Birley

It was amazing to be able to do that, to have that opportunity.

Barbara Walker

It was an amazing experience to be on that field. Every kid was happy to have had that experience.

Kyle Mcduffee

That was such an amazing effort. They had to put out their own money to get them there, ... kindertransports.

Sharon Nichols

That was an amazing score. That was her PR.

Nikki Anagnoston

It's amazing what the whisper of gold will do.

Chuck Blanchard

There were about 700 of us on this hike. It was amazing.

Summer Komaromi

They signed him that day. It was amazing. The timing was perfect. And that was that.

Randy Geib

He's still Mr. Amazing.

Ray Durham

It were amazing. That day it was like, 'Sky News wants to talk to you'.

Alex Turner

It's almost like giving birth to a child. It's amazing.

Roger Schiffman

It's an amazing feeling. I want to go through it again because I want to share it with them.

Vonetta Flowers

There must have been 40 to 45 scouts there. It was amazing.

Ron Fussell

It's still an amazing amount of garbage overall.

Andrew Lochart

It's amazing that someone could be out in front like that and still hit it as far as he does.

Brad Hennessey

If they can stand for a full period, it'll be something amazing.

Tim Hides

She's amazing. I was shocked I was able to do that because she's so great.

Heather Stephens

It's just been incredible. The changes in him have just been amazing.

Kelly Adams

What he brought to this school was amazing.

Myron Branning

He was an amazing guy. He managed to find a way to do really fun things, but scientifically very important research.

Steve Zimmerman

I set a goal when I was a tenth grader and to achieve it is amazing.

Isaiah Dahlman

It's amazing how far the arguments can go.

Patrick Doyle

They keep coming in everyday it seems. It's been amazing.

Jerry Kelley

We've been dreaming of this day since 1997. This is just an amazing feeling.

Jen Uhl

It's a pretty amazing jump technologically for us.

Cameron Purdy

It's pretty amazing what Coach Pearl has done.

Jerry Meyer

That's amazing. I had to digest that for a minute.

Dave Nutting

It was amazing to see him get this far.

Steffi Graf

She was slipping (on) gasoline. It's amazing these kids didn't ignite.

Steve Villegas

People have gone out of their way to make me feel welcome. It's amazing.

David Pak

Oh, my God, he was outstanding. It's unbelievable. Amazing.

Tomas Surovy

Fan Fair is just the most amazing thing.

Rascal Flatts

It's an incredible accident of history and an amazing event it's come back here.

Stephen Little

This, to me, was the most amazing.

Mickey Hatcher

It's just an amazing amount of information.

Sepideh Zareparsi

Amazing. There's just no other word for it. Amazing.

Darrell Royal

It's been an amazing day. I was very proud of Marc, and very proud of The Citadel.

Joel Thompson

He says the spirit of the people is just amazing.

Gayle Gennett

It's amazing what the soldiers are doing to help the Afghan people.

Darryl Worley

Our height finally caught up with us. But even to come this far with our height was pretty amazing.

Kelly O'connell

It really is amazing. Most tax professionals probably would not be aware of it.

Andrew Pincus

It's amazing to be here. I mean, look at that.

Martin Cohen

We've acquired these amazing high school twirlers.

Corinne Mcgown

This region has been amazing.

Vince Morris

What they didn't block, they dug. They were amazing.

Christine Grunewald

It's amazing and it's a lot of fun.

Lee Andrews

I walked in and I thought, 'Oh my God, I'm really here'. These facilities are amazing.

Patrick Mills

It's really a pretty amazing project.

Michael Portolese

It's been a whirlwind. Absolutely amazing.

Megan Vrabel

She's truly amazing, and she doesn't even know it.

Candi Coursens

It is amazing how the mountain just has gotten busier.

Daryl Miller

This is crazy. This is so amazing.

Lisa Tucker

This is my first time in Seoul. It's amazing to me that I've never been here before.

Joichi Ito

The amazing thing about Tolerance was that it's standing against movies that weren't made in a day.

Mark Hedengren

That is what I really want. It would mean so much to me, and to compete at that level would be amazing.

Andrew Oh

An amazing invention - but who would ever want to use one?

Rutherford B. Hayes

It is just absolutely amazing that 2 weeks after August 29 we are standing where we are at.

Joe Spraggins

It's very special. It's amazing accomplishment. Hopefully, I'll be able to get the record.

Sherill Baker

There is an amazing world of artisan sakes out there.

Christopher Golub

It was just the most amazing thing, right there in our camp.

Stephen Richards

There are no individuals on this team. We have amazing chemistry.

Brooks Mckowen

And she promised to wear it, ... That's an amazing compliment.

Rick Meyer

I wish I could send you some. It's amazing stuff.

Gene Cernan

It's amazing how much people really do want to conform.

Aaron White

It was truly an amazing storm.

Douglas Vogelsang

It's amazing that people's lives have depended on this system.

Charles Saunders

Candice gave us an amazing spark.

Ashleigh Braxton

It was fun, but in a far more amazing way.

Rich Robinson

A lot of guys had amazing swims to keep us in the meet.

Dan Flannery

She's an amazing person and I'm so glad I could help her make it here.

Ryan O'meara

They were dying to. It was amazing. We actually had more photographers than we could use.

Jennifer Bishop

He's an amazing running back.

Tony Rogers

It's amazing that there are all these stories out there, and that it's so dangerous, and yet no one seems to care all that much about it.

Greg Skidmore

It's amazing. When you put a little bit of pressure on her, then she's OK. Like it makes it easier.

Krista Sanchez

Just an amazing meet. We're a lot better off now than we were last week.

Shari Hayes

An amazing play. She was horizontal with the floor and she called time out.

Shannon Kynoch

It was very difficult. The quality was amazing.

Ryan Grover

Today's performance was absolutely amazing.

Michael Strahan

Wonderful hymns. I'll Fly Away. Amazing Grace.

Barbary Chaapel

Every year they are amazing. Most of these students do very sophisticated research.

Shirley Morrison

It feels absolutely amazing.

Amanda Beard

It's amazing how inaccurate some statistics are.

Scott Mccullough

It's amazing how beautifully made these things are.

Jane White

It definitely was an anachronism. It's amazing it survived this long.

Tom Noel

It was the most amazing thing we've ever seen in our lives.

George Adams

It's been amazing, I loved coming to practice every day.

Sharon Cole

I found that the statistics were amazing.

Meghan Mcguire

It's amazing; it's definitely a sense of pride. You don't see this very often.

Danyel Scott

It's amazing how quickly emotions can change.

Vance Law

One of the things I could say is he had an amazing ability to focus in on anything he wanted to.

Vincent Wilkins

That was an amazing night. I remember it very well.

Guy Berryman

It's amazing, a lot of people won't break in if it's locked.

Scott Mcdonald

It's amazing to go out this way.

Leeann Palo

The young people here are just amazing.

Susan Roberts

We kept in it and I'm so proud of these kids. It's just amazing.

Vince Testa

It looks amazing. I'm dying to get in there, trust me.

Kevin Boyle

I just can't stop smiling now 'cause it's amazing.

Kedric Golston

We've had a good response, amazing response.

Annette Pang

And the dancing is amazing.

Nick Nelson

It was amazing how good we were, ... I had forgotten how good we could be, because it had gotten so bad.

Charlie Whitehurst

I didn't think it would be anything like this. Amazing.

Chris Johnson

It was an amazing game. It took our best to beat them.

Chris Whirlow

I think that's something rather amazing.

Mary Groskloss

I don't know if we'll ever get the Gay Games here, but that would be amazing.

Harold Kelly

It's amazing how things work out, ... When your opportunity comes, you've got to make the most of it.

Ryan Nece

It's amazing, I couldn't believe how popular they've become.

Don Domite

Just with those two handicaps, she's pretty amazing doing what she does.

Steve Berkowitz

It was amazing to see how those toys they won, so simple and cheap, meant so much to them.

Stephen Heath

You go up there and it's just this amazing place on top of a mountain.

My Morning Jacket

They have passion and are hard-driven. They're amazing.

Alan Stark

It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness.

Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy

It's amazing how it all came together.

Jack Evans

That doesn't get old. We've all had amazing experiences with kids in the backcountry.

Jim Himmes

It was an amazing experience, I wouldn't trade it for anything, ... But if you asked me 'Would I do it again?' I'd say no.

Tom Murphy

It's amazing to me that this could have happened.

Ray Close

It's pretty amazing that she's vaulting after all the surgeries, but it's even more amazing that she's really vaulting well.

Jim Stintzi

It's amazing to see all the baskets going onto the truck.

Terry Cooper

It's pretty amazing to see the devastation. The people here are so strong and amazing.

Johnny Rzeznik

She had an amazing figure and her clothes were very severe and elegant.

Isabella Blow

This was a 120-piece band, and everybody can really play. It was amazing.

Ben Rogers

She is genuinely adorable, but she will say to people she doesn't know, 'Have an amazing day'.

Catherine Tate

It's amazing how this thing emptied the city. You would never believe it.

Jennifer Smith

We're still learning. It's amazing to say that, but we're still learning to win.

Scott Mcmillin

When we get back, we'll have some amazing new recipes and wines to talk about.

Blair Taylor

What's really amazing is some of them hated Bill more than they hated me.

Patrick Barry

It really is amazing when you think about it.

Sarah Peters

Grace is an amazing person.

Jamie Bird

It's really amazing. They're so much hotter when they wear the glasses.

Neil Sedlak

It's amazing how things work out.

Travis Britt

I think it's amazing.

Bob Burns

Even with how amazing that turnaround was, our best days are easily ahead of us.

Jim Lanzone

The way they gutted it out was amazing.

Joe Frappolli

This is amazing, man. I've always dreamed this. We finally did it.

Roman Martinez

We're doing great. It's amazing. We've got lots of patients already.

Gayle Miller

He's been amazing. He's stronger this year.

Lester Hampton

It's amazing -- not necessarily how large the fund is now -- how small we were then.

Paul Cook

It was awesome. It can't believe we made it this far. It was an amazing ride.

Chase Yoder

He's always working on behalf of the hospital; he's amazing.

Becky Pape

She used theatricals in her sermons, which was pretty amazing.

Richard Rossi