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We should have had socialism already, but for the socialists.

George Bernard Shaw

Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't.

Erica Jong

He who fears will suffer, he already suffers from his fear.

Michel de Montaigne

There are so many unpleasant things in the world already that there is no use in imagining any more.

Lucy Maud Montgomery

You can only find truth with logic if you have already found truth without it.

G. K. Chesterton

When we treat man as he is, we make him worse than he is; when we treat him as if he already were what he potentially could be, we make him what he should be.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

When you are already in Detroit, you don't have to take a bus to get there.

Ram Dass

We've been able to run some offensive plays already.

Clara Kassel

We must not think that we've already achieved something great. We are in a good situation, no more and no less.

Rudi Voeller

Would I do it again? I've said no three times already. I would ? only if he accepted me for who I am.

Gayle Nakama

An old doting fool, with one foot already in the grave.


What they have in common is that if the reviewer did not already possess them, he would long for them most greedily.

Christopher Lehmann haupt

We've got a huge benefit here in that the structure is already built.

David Landry

Already got its fingers in the continental pie, and will continue that way.

Paul Beaver

The market had already discounted the election results.

Roberto Galvan

I have already been over there to check it out, to see what we are getting into.

Rick Nelson

If one were to take the bible seriously one would go mad. But to take the bible seriously, one must be already mad.

Aleister Crowley

The solutions all are simple / after you have arrived at them. But they're simple only when you know already what they are.

Robert M. Pirsig

Leo already attempted to do that one at the first meeting.

Terry Pendleton

They are already stretched too thin and we didn't want to be more of a burden.

Andy Hughes

There have been some big positives already.

Michael Krensavage

It's a fast ramp and a wide ramp. We know the demand is out there already.

Dave Girouard

I already know that. I'll be talking to the police about that, not to the media.

Douglas Green

We've already put in two surveillance cameras and gotten ADT [alarm security]. We had to do something.

Santosh Mahey

We're becoming more and more of a bedroom community than we already were.

Michael Edwards

We've brought that up already. We just came up short at the end.

Jay Freese

I feel at home already, man.

Rondell White

I will be voting against this. It is superfluous. We've already called on her (Kay) to remain until a change.

Joseph Powers

We're already set up for expansion.

Bob Kroupa

It makes me already looking forward to November.

Shelly Main

There was a need for immediate action. In the public, it was already my responsibility. I had to do it.

Thomas Middelhoff

Who is staring at the sea is already sailing a little.

Paul Carvel

That was hilarious. Fortunately the deal was already closed.

Aaron Howard

We've already seen a lot of IT hiring activity in the past two quarters of 2005.

Jeff Markham

Half a point is already priced in.

Tomi Taterka

Our guys are very motivated to go. Some have already gone two times.

Maj. Kuido Pettai

The wheels were already in motion at that time.

Romero Iral

I was waving but she had already turned the corner (at second).

Bill Mcchesney

The entire area?s been logged off already.

Bill Allread

We had the heart and the drive already, but we needed to be pushed.

Kathy Bowman

It's a bomb. I've already called law enforcement. Let's get out of here.

Richard Jewell

This way, you see what you already have and get an idea for what you need.

Chelsey Lentini

It's already behind me. It's not how you start, it's how you finish.

Lenny Walls

The contracts have already been let, and the work is under way.

Kevin M. Spiegel

They have already refused to sign and they are un likely to participate.

Dr Zibani Maundeni

Most people had their slots already filled, and here I come out of nowhere.

Timmy Bailey

Your notebook knows all that about you already. We think we could put this information to use.

Rick Rashid

It's something that you always prepare for. I've already done it in my head.

Kyle Schlicher

They're smaller portions of things that are already on our menu.

John Limberopoulos

We're already experiencing the hot, dynamic environment of Venus.

Hakan Svedhem

There already is a present law against torture.

Duncan Hunter

He was a very good teacher, and I?d already admired his work.

Kevin Bergen

Oh my God. I have a lot of respect for him. Even a little bit more than I already had.

Michael Robinson

If you're a customer of ours, we've already got that information. These callers are very aggressive.

Jackie Castle

If it could've happened, it would've happened already.

Phil Burress

The stimulus already in the pipeline is sufficient.

David Hubbard

Some 300,000 vaccines arrived today but it is of no use as we cannot administer them to those already infected.

Kp Kushwaha

We're here forever. We already bought our cemetery plot.

Robert Kessler

Look, she is already using her left hand!

Mumtaz Ahmed

We're approved from the city, and the steel is already ordered.

Brad Butler

We are already strained in terms of our staff and space.

Cherry Loney

That is extremely high in an area that is not already urbanized.

Jack Larson

Once he threw it, I already knew I was going to get it. I was so glad he threw it to me.

Antonio Smith

When the father woke up it had already started.

Gabriel Ortiz

There's enough of my rear end already.

Kevin Bacon

There's no question there's already a premium in the market for that. This will drive that up.

Stan Soloway

I'm already breaking the rules.

Ian Parton

To me it's scandalous that it's not on air. So what we're not doing is building every year on what we've already got.

Jenny Buckland

You can't take a picture of this. It's already gone.

Alan Ball

There already is a class system.

Loren Mcdonald

She's going to be a good baby. I already know it.

Paula Parker

Almost every gift that comes to the school is already restricted.

Michelle Clark

It's already well organized. I just picked it up and finished it off.

Jacob Hunter

Already, six women have made use of the financial assistance.

Pat Loosen

We have evacuated once this year already.

Dorothy Berry

We're pretty sure that it's gone. We've cried about that already.

Betsy Kuyt

What we are planning on is to incorporate the program with the teachers we already have.

Jeff Roberts

We were already looking at Southern California when he approached us.

Peter Stoessel

We already had one of each. We wanted to be surprised this time.

Melissa Lundgren's

I don't think we are late to the party. I would already have liked to do it.

Charles O. Prince Iii

An affirmation is a strong, positive statement that something is already so.

Shakti Gawain

We are already in discussion with a number of states in the United States.

Will Whitehorn

He's already their best player, isn't he.

Jerry Coleman

It was already on the ground when we got there.

Jerry Bell

It's all about what you can do with what you already have.

Nancy Allen

Some people have spent a lot of time on this proposal already.

Bill Bullard

The assumption is that you're comfortable with the Internet and e-mail already.

Steve Swasey

A year has already gone by and to me, it's still unbelievable yet.

Sue Roy

See, it's packing up already!

Dr. Who

Arrived too late. Act already done.


Well into the millions of dollars already this year.

Pat Toomey

Everybody is already talking about the big party we'll have when it's done.

Jessica Keizer

The reality is that there are already a lot of competitors out there, and they're trying to set up their own solution.

James Faucette

We already have a plan in place for disease outbreaks, but this one must be much more specific.

Robert Higgins

We had books in our library already on this art. That meant we could do research in our own collection.

Karen Mcguire

Our big lesson from Iraq was that we got there too late. A lot of things had already happened.

James Mitchell

We are already more than half way toward reaching this goal.

David Griffith

They go into debt to get an education -- and you're already in debt just living.

Patricia Houston

By and large, they offer something that is already in existence for free.

Vicky Taylor

We have a very large membership already. We're expecting a very big turnout.

Craig Drucker

He's already won all the mile races he needs.

Paul Makin

We have visited him twice today. He is feeling better [and] he can already sit up in bed.

Valery Zolotov

No, because by the time the bus comes here, we'll already be home.

Arnell Britt

We have already designed the project around that issue.

Bob Gronauer

We've already made preparations to provide 500,000 hot meals a day.

Jeannie Burns

It's too late when you're reactive. You're already losing kids.

Greg Hudnall

Fame, I have already. Now I need the money.

Wilhelm Steinitz

We're already making plans to go to that one.

Tim Miller

Already seething with social injustice.

Clement Attlee

They've probably got a billboard up for Sparks already.

Chuck Hayes

We needed a few additions to an already impressive roster.

Adriano Galliani

It's always nice when we get younger siblings of students we already have.

Colette Jenson

If you build it, they will come. We won't have to build it. Theirs is already here.

Arthur Morgan

We've already met for next year.

Anita Lundy

They sprayed the hell out of it, but it was too late. It had already spread.

J. Howard Frank

At that age, she could already jump serve and place it wherever she wanted.

Sherri Frye

It requires an application and approval of something that is already approved.

Brent Kohere

These stocks already reflect liquidation value.

Charles Peabody

A logical extension of what we already do.

Paul Armstrong

We've already noticed a difference.

Mike Fisher

The market had already incorporated this.

Francisco Lepeley

This project is already under budget.

Kevin Mcqueen

We come in at least one evening a week, already.

Nadia Ochoa

They're already up a little bit over 10 percent so far, and could be up another 5, 6 percent come summertime.

Vera Gibbons

We have already visited them twice.

Nancy Wickberg

It was staggering that he's already spent $47 million to get elected.

Gene Russianoff

I'd already got that speech from Hunts.

Dave Hunter

I think I have already spoken a lot. Now it is time for me to play.

Sachin Tendulkar

This money doesn't replace the funding that's already in place. It's layered on top.

Katherine Harris

The employees already have it; they were our beta-testers.

Alan Pollock

Honestly, if I hadn't already paid for this semester I would have stayed. There's so much to do.

Ayshia Welsh

We're ready to go, it's already been a long wait.

Mark Nichols

There seems to be quite a bit of traffic. It's already stopping up there -- that's not good.

Jeanie Simpson

We already paid for this condo for two weeks, and we had to get there.

Susan Little

We've sold quite a few already this year.

John Breeding

We set aside $500 for this project, and we've gone through two lanyards already.

Barbara Collins

He's already a diamond. We've just buffed him a little.

Ned Mcginley

It's fantastic for the game, hopefully we have done a lot for it already and hopefully we can do a bit more yet.

Ashley Giles

The secret of happiness is to be happy already.

Julian Barnes

Some of us thought we had it already won.

Lacey Albrent

Over what is already the most lucrative contract in the industry.

Radio City Entertainment

There are already signs of a substantial reduction in these flows so far.

Bernie Schaeffer

Already more severe than the rest of the country.

Alistair Darling

We've seen the major car wrecks already.

David Hendler

Fortunately, they didn't find anything that contradicted what I had already written.

Ben Bova

There is a lot that we already know how to do. Unfortunately, there's a big gap between what we know and what we're doing.

Lee Schwamm

We are already struggling. Please, invest in the future. Invest in me.

Jillian Curtis

I am surprised. It's so new and there are so many cracks already on the floor.

Denise Richards

With the PL-100, the cabling's already done. It was done when the house was built.

Andy Ju

What we already know. It's not a huge about-face.

Rachel Johnson

I was already set up with a place to live in Louisville. All that is put on hold.

Chris Denorfia

So for us we have already forgotten about the Malaysia Cup.

John Koh

Oh yes, I already went on an interview already.

Suzanne Freeman

I didn't murder him, he was already dead when I cut his throat.

Jack Mccann

What he showed me was not what I had to get, but what I already have. I am just myself, and who I am is a lot.

Phylicia Rashad

What you have here is already so much better.

Ronald Neumann

A lot of guys come in here who think they're tough already.

Steve Rice

They are taking out some flights where they already have other flights anyway.

Alan Sbarra

Patients have already started calling in.

Dr. Kathy Albain

We have already made big progress in banking reforms.

Liu Mingkang

For us, $125 million is enormous. We are trying to do better what we already do well.

Jeff Bishop

I've already been criticized by some on the right and that's okay.

Matt Daniels

We've already implemented separation of duties.

Gerry Egan

People are going to start listening. People are already listening.

Vic Lawson

They had already shot him five times. They didn't have to beat him.

Tracey Jones

Tuition is expensive already. I don't see a reason to increase it.

Marquette College

What we suggest is that they look at ones already in place to see if they are necessary.

Don Brunell

UC was hit less than a lot of universities around the U.S. for things [we have] already done.

Greg Hand

We were underdogs from the beginning and we are again. Everyone is writing us off already.

Jed Ortmeyer

The mayor has already voiced her concerns with the premier.

Ian Neilson

Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor.

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

All the indications are that this 'extraordinary rendition' was already known about.

Dick Marty

I think the market's already corrected for the downplay in EPS.

Robert Peck

Are we forgetting about 9/11 already?

Bill Hemmer

This thing isn't even off the ground yet, and we're already $16,000 above.

Larry Sullivan

Not going home is already like death.

E. Catherine Tobler

Any action that may be planned will already be under way.

Phil Goff

I've already got butterflies. I'm anxious to see how we play, how prepared we are.

Mike Whitaker

For the remaining players it's going to be tough. It's tough already.

Andrew Forman

When you don't get up and going until July 20, a lot of the corporate sponsors have already allocated.

Roy Mlakar

We were talking to him about it, and I'm sure he's hungry already.

Jason Emmons

We've already had some dangerous situations, and I am really dreading March.

Todd Matthews

By the time we got to the hospital, the driver said she was already feeling better.

Annie Clark

Six have pled guilty already. There's two left to go through.

Cindi Measles

We didn't hear anything new that we hadn't heard already.

John Sawers

This is also a very fast one. It could arrive already tomorrow afternoon or evening if it does not slow down.

Paal Brekke

It's for damage already incurred.

Joe Hickson

We already know where he ends up.

Rick Mccallum

Never doubt that you can change history. You already have.

Marge Piercy

It is an expansion of what are we are doing already. A very nice expansion.

Lou Mancini

But we'll be back. I'm already excited about Spring Training.

Doug Miller

She's already run a 63 flat in the 400 and a 27.2 in the 200. She's doing really well.

Danielle Hoselton

Times have changed. It has already worn out its value.

Miriam Defensor Santiago

The dogs build on what they are already capable of, as far as behavior.

Peter Gould

The date we have already announced of June 18 will be put back.

Apollinaire Malu Malu

Yes, and we've already taken all the classes and shots.

Dixie Aiazzi

... We already have two changes in the secondary. I'd like not to make a third one.

Jim Daley

He's already got one.

John M. Ford

Here you don't have to create anything, ... because it's already here.

Pete Dye

Already this year, we have 600,000 auctions a week, which is 85,000 a day.

Michael O'donnell