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Where's the proof here? I have no facts, just allegations.

Robert Keats

I am shocked by the allegations.

Kirt Webster

I have not made any allegations about these guys cheating.

Kayne Scott

If these allegations are true, then the governor's administration has come to an end.

Chris Redfern

That there were conflicting allegations on the situation in Zimbabwe.

Jonathan Moyo

We take all allegations of employee misconduct seriously.

Pete Crum

May was released this evening. The allegations are false, and we will be able to prove it.

Vernon Brown

I did nothing wrong and these allegations are totally unfounded.

Adam Kidan

Categorically denies the allegations.

John Rosenberg

The allegations are totally baseless and we will prove that in court.

Joel Cohen

We will defend ourselves vigorously against the allegations.

Jeff Prescott

If they really had proof of the allegations, they would be in the indictment.

Barry Levin

The allegations are that he struck somebody outside a bar, and then absconded with his wallet.

David Traub

I am ready to accept all accusations, allegations, anger - but I have to succeed.

Boris Trajkovski

We don't have any information on that. We've got some allegations but no concrete evidence.

Adam Day

We have not come across any evidence which will suggest that the kidnapping allegation is true. These are only allegations.

Rienzie Perera

So far as we can determine from our records, these are the first allegations of sexual abuse against him.

Dan Andriacco

We're aware of the allegations.

Deborah Scott

We'll be reviewing the reports that they've received to better understand the allegations.

Kristen Kinley

Certainly we're looking at those allegations. And we take them very seriously.

Mike Burns

There are still very serious allegations that as of yet are unanswered or uninvestigated.

Steve Hinchman

We're very concerned about those allegations.

Norman Black

This is an extraordinary case. The allegations are very serious.

Robin Parker

This decision does not reflect a judgment as to the substance of the allegations.

Rep. Dudley Goodlette

The allegations are entirely without merit and will be defended vigorously.

Jennifer Glass

I have faith I can prove the allegations in my petition.

Shannon Sullivan

Informed me of the same allegations that he made in (the) press conference...

Patrick Ryan

I wrote to Mr. Coleman, ... and I told him that all allegations about myself are false.

Charles Pasqua

I now understand [the allegations] to be untrue.

Scott Brison

We are surprised and dismayed by these allegations. That is not how we do we business.

David Margulies

The issue has been cleared up and all allegations dispelled.

Norbert Roettgen

We are not on a witch hunt or out to get Mr X, Y or Z. We are out to establish the truth of these allegations.

Ian Neilson

This is one of the allegations brought up.

Jeff Holcombe

I don't know if those allegations were termed domestic abuse.

Robert Janssen

We've looked into the allegations. There's absolutely no truth to it.

Sheriff Wayne Gay

Things may not be what they appear in regards to these allegations.

Joseph Tacopina

There's nothing to say. He doesn't know what all the allegations are and what the charges are.

Kirt Webster

These are serious allegations and I will ensure that they are fully investigated.

Tony Mcnulty

These are serious allegations if true.

David Cameron

We have evidence to support the allegations against Mr. Lewis, or else they wouldn't be in there.

Michael Sussman

We have to investigate those allegations as well as the intimidating note.

Eugene Opperman

These are mere allegations, ... We don't know what happened here.

Eric Brewer