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We always have to be on our toes and be alert and ready.

Bryan Rayner

If you have chaos going on around you, you're in your own zone, you're more alert.

Cheryl Dileo

Two weeks ago we issued an alert to blood banks.

Jesse Goodman

Until yesterday, they (at First Alert) were less than helpful.

Tim Knisely

It's worked out so far, but a wireless alert wouldn't hurt.

John Burke

We can do alerting and reporting through the base appliance.

Sheila Baker

We are on maximum alert.

Felix Gonzalez

It's like there's two of her out there. She's everywhere you don't want her to be. You have to be alert.

Doug Light

We have issued an alert of a measles outbreak in the country.

James Nyikal

Our goal is to alert 100 percent of the population.

Tina Merlitti

She was talking. She was alert but in pain.

Alvin Wright

We are on alert because we do not know at this time if [the suspect] was acting on his own or if he has accomplices.

Vidal Querol

We suspect it is a terrorist act. We are high alert for tomorrow.

Yashpal Singh

He is alert, strong and feisty.

Brenda Zaun

When you kick in a door, all it does is alert them that someone is coming that they don't want to see.

Jack Cole

Absolutely no alert measures ... are necessary at this time or contemplated.

Larry Speakes

This (downgrading of the alert) would depend on the prevailing situation.

Tristan Kison

I'm thoroughly amazed at how bright and alert she is.

Dr. Roger Hudgins

He was alert and showed no signs of dizziness. It was the same after the fight.

Dr. Margaret Goodman

Eyes and ears of alert citizens.

Richard Reid

When you live with color, in some way you're always alert.

Sister Irene Muñoz

We are very active and alert to any opportunities for non-organic growth.

Francisco Gonzalez

As an IT engineer, Fang was very alert to any bugs in the system.

Peng Yong

It's still a red-alert situation.

Frederick Jones

The red alert is on for Germany's World Cup committee.

Sepp Blatter

People are very concerned, and it's crucial that they stay alert.

Kamyar Dahim

Our people are still on alert, but, yes, there is a truce.

Edmundo Espindola

Some people there (in the countryside) are not alert for bird flu.

Zhong Nanshan