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This evening we'll put all aircraft up in the air.

Mark Giuffre

It was just a very small helicopter operation with two aircraft.

Bob Cole

You always want to be sure to be aware of other aircraft.

Andrew Bartlett

Up until now, the aircraft carried no major defects.

James Boyd

Certainly we're in the process of investigating how that did get on the aircraft.

Andrea Mccauley

We are in discussion with the Chinese on 30 to 50 aircraft.

John Leahy

The air crew did a marvelous job of saving the aircraft.

Joseph Prueher

You could estimate 50 per cent of the aircraft had fallen apart in the sky.

John Lee

We never saw the plane on radar or had any contact with the aircraft.

Kathleen Bergen

It could potentially cause a lot more tension and a lot more problems on the aircraft.

Dawn Deeks

Used to be that we paid for (use of) the whole aircraft.

Bill Carr

They're American aircraft, built by Americans for Americans.

Randy Belote

There is trauma on the body. It is consistent with an aircraft crash.

Paul Emanovsky

Any target in Kosovo that's a military target will be vulnerable from these aircraft.

Charles Wald

It's a matter now of the procedures that we have to go through to have the aircraft returned.

Henry Shelton

I think the main concern was with the aircraft frame.

Paul Takemoto

We've got everything, from vintage aircraft all the way to the most current aircraft available.

Chris Ball

To operate at a profit, we must invest in these aircraft, and we must do so quickly.

Doug Steenland

In that capacity he was in charge of all 36 pilots and all 36 or so aircraft in Alaska.

Bruce Woods

We'll do a complete inspection of the aircraft now and we'll report our findings to the FAA.

Ned Walker

It's still a dangerous aircraft.

Eric Miller

We're urging governments to stop getting these old aircraft.

Elijah Hingosso

It will help pilots better manage the course of the aircraft.

Ed Wheeler