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This era, as with any era, illustrates the struggle of the African-American to be recognized.

John Kisch

None of that's there in an African village. How can we give it to them?

Seymour Papert

African-American males are where we are shortest.

Kathleen Smith

African-American history is American history.

Joyce Williams

He was an African boy who was all-American.

Bruce Turner

So the African-Americans' candidates are progressing to the runoff.

Greg Rigamer

I thought that it was important visually to say it's a new day ? a new day ? for African women.

Larry Gibson

As far as African-American lieutenants, I believe I am the first.

Lt. Wayne Hudson

African aid is never, never going to end food insecurity.

Firmino Mucavele

If it is Asia today, then the African continent cannot be far behind.

Mukesh Ambani

I think it could happen at the African Cup of Nations - you never know!

Chris Katongo

Ours is not just a Nigerian bid, but the African bid.

Yakubu Gowon

This is building from the African tradition of storytelling.

Fayanne Hayes

AFRICAN, n. A nigger that votes our way.

Ambrose Bierce

If she were not an African American woman, she wouldn't be going through this.

Waukeen Mccoy

With most of the African Union against them on this, it may be very difficult for them to resist.

Richard Goldstone

We have several options to get into the South African market.

Hung Song

There are more African-American men with suspended licenses than valid licenses.

Gwen Moore

African-American voters had solid turnout.

Brian Brox