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Hey, if we all played like the pros we'd be out there playing. The key is to find out the advantages that are out there and how to get them.

Bob Vansweden

One of the main advantages of this foam is, it?s more environmentally friendly.

Leroy Whinnery

There is here, as in all countries, advantages and disadvantages.

Nathaniel Smith

The key advantages are the low chance of inaccuracy, and the fast refund.

Martin Nissenbaum

Adam and Eve had many advantages, but the principle one was that they escaped teething.

Mark Twain

It has its advantages in many instances.

Diane Shober

I have had certain advantages because of who my dad is.

Rory Reid

I think youth always helps you. Youth always has its advantages.

Dr. Larry Roberts

L-mode is the I-mode without the advantages (of mobility).

Tim Clark

We played them before, so we knew what to expect. We knew our advantages and disadvantages.

Abyee Maracigan

We have some distinct economic advantages in this region.

William Duncan

We had a lot of turnovers on the perimeter, which led to odd-man advantages.

Steve Bartos

If we have to park 300 trucks, the advantages automatically die.

Eric Rose