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To re-attract tourists into the country we have to adopt new policies.

Huseyin Baraner

But they adopt new software very quickly -- faster than the rest of Asia.

Biren Ghose

And there's a strategic moment now to adopt a new approach.

Alex Neve

Our greatest hope is that somebody will adopt her.

Yvonne Hester

The goal is to have the schools adopt the program. They're not there yet.

Karen Huxtable

This is one of those views which are so absolutely absurd that only very learned men could possibly adopt them.

Bertrand Russell

Nowadays, the Catholic population is adopting the use of condoms more and more.

Pedro Chequer

I don't know if you'd say we're adopting this place, but if it goes well, it's a place we'll keep in our minds.

Sharon Williams

Really it's better for them to be back on campus than in a cage waiting for somebody to adopt them.

Whitney Milligan

If you adopt a room, you not only buy the furnishings, but you do the decorating.

Jerry Ryan

I won't say they're all intolerant, ... Some of them are adopting our approach to cultural communities.

Pierre Pettigrew

I'm begging friends to adopt families.

Donna Brazile

It would be a bit of a stretch that someone would want to adopt him.

Roberta Synal

There's no reason to adopt this.

Tom Stone