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I can't believe it! Reading and writing actually paid off!

Matt Groening

I'm a little bit concerned about the rocks, actually.

Anette Norberg

We were on some high ground and made it through with actually very little damage.

Jim Hoskins

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

Andy Warhol

Actually, we are young this year. Next year should be the year we put it all together.

Mike Surrency

I wanna do something that people could actually go home and do.

Mignon Waterman

We actually sell them below cost.

Stan Stephens

As evidence that the remembered event actually occurred.

Frederick Crews

It's actually pretty incredible, ... It's a lot more instinctual than I thought.

Nelly Furtado

They actually run a pretty tight ship.

Jamie Thompson

They're actually pretty cool for the most part. They're not that old, you know.

Casey Hoeft

It?s really nice. We actually feel a connection to the farmers.

Candy Berlin

(The U.N.) actually took a lot of trouble to protect him.

Brian Urquhart

You hear about it and then you actually come here and get to see it, that is something that my dad would want to see so I'm taping it for him.

Walter Young

There is not actually anyone in charge of enforcing it.

Teri Henning

I'm actually a great fan of lucidity.

Henry Flynt

In a way, he's responsible for his own capture. He actually raised us to do exactly what we did.

Clay Ginglen

I did not see it—I would have had to have actually seen it to file a report.

Nancy Williams

It's the first time it's actually shown the difference.

Mark Gurwell

We actually found out about it through a reporter. We didn't have any problem with it.

April Young

We actually hit better today. We just didn't put it together.

Steve Loud

The greens are actually firmer than the fairways.

Stephen Ames

Realistically, it will probably be next year before we are actually able to get started.

Thomas Christie

Passersby would actually notice that there was something there.

Robert Collins

It's still a mystery for a lot of people what he will do or who will actually run the government.

Jeff Vogt

He actually contemplated committing a sexual act on these two people.

Robert Perez

I think (the science) is actually ahead of schedule.

Richard Lerner

I like cappuccino, actually. But even a bad cup of coffee is better than no coffee at all.

David Lynch

He was picking on them, actually.

Terence Newman

They actually had more rain than during the cyclone itself.

Jonty Hall

It is actually permanent emergency housing.

Marianne Cusato

More often than not we are actually falling behind public expectations.

Lord Puttnam

The race was actually very easy.

Fernando Alonso

To pretend, I actually do the thing: I have therefore only pretended to pretend.

Jacques Derrida

The people who recover actually do pretty well in life.

Walter Kaye

It's actually the people with the best equipment that also go to the most movies.

Howard Lichtman

Actually I don't compete without them.

Delroy Mcewan

We're actually about where I thought we'd be. We had a good day. I wouldn't say we had great day. The guys that I thought would get through, got through.

Randy Connelly

It will actually be on two flatbed trailers and will be able to go wherever they need us to go.

Kevin Collier

One must actually protect the ill.

Bernard Kouchner

We actually renovated it so we could show about $20,000 worth of merchandise here.

Chris Fecera

Isn't it true you were actually the person with the gun?

Charlie Johnson

They actually have to pay attention to it.

Sheila Crowley

He has something we can't coach; he has size and he actually moves pretty well for his size.

Mike Rudd

I was actually a little hesitant (to be in the musical) at first, but I've come to like it a lot more.

Scott Simpkins

We haven't actually measured that directly.

Dr. John Bailey

It's fun, actually. I work better with him than I possibly could with anybody else.

Vickie Woodham

Our emotions actually hurt us.

Kerri Burke

I got called up from New Orleans, actually.

Mark Loretta

There are some things that we can actually get a better a price, because of our size.

Steve Johns

Now they actually know where we are.

Rebecca Reynolds

We may actually have 24 or 25 guys when it's all said and done.

Bruce Hoffman

She's actually innocent of the charges.

Bruce Barket

They are estimated higher than what they will actually be.

Terry Smith

I thought maybe we would have more than what we're actually receiving.

Gary Kurokawa

Actually to be honest with you, I know we are, I know we are.

Garfield White

For new stuff, we've got a lot of things actually. We've got some new entertainment, but we also have the old favorites.

Kelly Watkins

The portfolio [exposure] of $50,000 is quite low, actually.

Leo Melamed

This is actually our first stop of our nationwide tour.

Vanessa Mason

That's not too bad, actually. It's about what we expected.

Ralph Henning

He is very smart - actually gifted.

Sandra Hollis

That's actually good news.

Charles Lieberman

Maybe if she would've put more action in it, it would've been better. It was actually very boring.

Christy Byers

Everything was actually very close in line where we thought it would be.

Guy Hallwright

So, I think it's one of the few that are actually still rolling around.

Wayne Barlow

I felt we were actually beaten.

Helen Pitts

It's way too much fun. It's actually dangerously fun. And I haven't had dangerously fun in a while.

Linda Metzger

They're investigating whether he was actually a target or not.

Steve Whitmore

We were actually trying for a 3 there, as crazy as that may sound.

Kevin Kruger

I really thought we were past it and I think he thought so, too. It actually surprised me yesterday.

Jim Hickey

We chipped away and actually had the lead here and there.

Bill Otte

I actually thought it was closer than that. It was close enough.

Dario Franchitti

It's actually going to be the hassle of your life and the hassle of your family's life and you may never get out.

Dick Atkins

Did he actually touch your penis or your testicles?

Ron Zonen

Jim was actually born in what is now our computer room.

Jane Goblirsch

We can actually get a look before we have divers go down.

Rob Popkin

Reality isn't the way you wish things to be, nor the way they appear to be, but the way they actually are.

Robert J. Ringer

They actually made a new category for me.

Rafe Judkins

There's actually a hole in the insulation where the rats are going in and out.

Jim Blake

The feeling was that we were able to tell the story without actually showing it.

Sandra Genelius

That one was actually swapped for some wine originally.

Geoffrey Cassidy

She actually looked us in the eye and responded. That was our Christmas present.

Cathy Moeller

I don't like money, actually, but it quiets my nerves.

Joe Louis

Some of the guys actually slept in the clubhouse.

Clay Harris

You can say it, but you actually have to do it.

Kay Christian

Sideways rain. We threw it 59 times (actually 57).

Philip Rivers

(The student) called me and asked me if I liked it. I said 'Yes,' and he actually sent me another one.

Damon Fugett

It actually was Gov. Guinn and my wife handing out candy.

Rich Johnston

I think the California game was actually a big start for us.

Christian Moody

She never contacted the office or the nurse to find out if someone was actually picking him up.

Kristie Baker

She had so many complications that we were actually just dealing with complications.

Humberto Seimandi

I actually have been concerned about whether I could get back.

Tom Page

You don't actually want to cut the wires.

Andy Black

Very similar. Very similar. And that's something I'm actually quite excited about.

Bob Morton

There's actually now a well-established procedure for every project.

Robert Poole

One of the neighbors actually followed him as far as he could.

Shelly Williams

I could see that, if not actually disgruntled, he was far from being gruntled.

P. G. Wodehouse

We did a lot better than I thought. Losing 4-5 was pretty good, actually.

Cheryl Bianchi

It's not something that happens very often, and actually it's something we practice with.

John Stimberis

His bed was actually touching the nurses' station.

Helen Bolanos

I actually felt kind of bad for him, because I've been there.

John Force

I discovered that you can actually do it in about seven minutes.

Donald Byrd

We were so lost in generica, I actually forgot what city we were in.

John Perry Barlow

You actually hit your children?

Tim Russert

I actually sat out in the audience a few times with my mother.

Denzel Washington

The good news is we may actually pass a bill. The bad news is we may actually pass a bill.

Sen. Kip Averitt

] have actually done better than ever, but far fewer of them do any business at all.

Mark Urman

We don't want them actually dousing the actors by spraying them.

Phil Murphy

I was actually pleasantly surprised with how well we did (in cold, wet conditions).

Dave Beeler

We're actually taking a wait-and-see attitude with this.

John Amat

This is actually a very sprawling, epic movie.

Robert Luketic

I am now convinced that theoretical physics is actually philosophy.

Max Born

When you least expect it, someone may actually listen to what you have to say.

Maggie Kuhn

Now I'm about a hundred and sixty . Actually 160 should be a good weight for me.

Walt Bayes

We actually collected about 40.5 million with about 7 million dollars pledged.

Pat Taylor

They're actually willing to give up everything they have in most cases.

Mike Cohen

She is dying to come and I think she's actually going to be here at the end of the month.

Nicolette Sheridan

They were dying to. It was amazing. We actually had more photographers than we could use.

Jennifer Bishop

No court has actually defined clearly what administrative purposes is.

John Carter

In this case, you are actually playing against these.

Howard Lederer

So exports actually contributed to net GDP growth in November.

Marc Levesque

This has actually been warmer than we would like it to be.

Bob Blakely

We may actually start before we'd like to, but we expected that.

John Byrd

His brain damage actually washed away his brain.

Carrie Smith

Many people may listen, but few people actually hear.

Harvey Mackay

We actually started having meetings yesterday morning.

Gary Abell

Has it (surveillance) actually stopped any bombings? It's not clear about that.

Kevin Haggerty

It was actually pretty well set up, I would say. But obviously they made a mistake and were caught.

Raphael Bergeron

It has been that way for about 25 years. Training has actually decreased.

Dan Manz

It is absolutely beautiful. I think it's actually more beautiful than when it was originally built.

Sheldon Kurtz

You can actually out-clever yourself in these situations.

Jim Merlis

I actually enjoy these spots and these moments. That's when you coach.

Rich Lee

Investment in China is actually accelerating.

Chen Xingdong

There actually wasn't a danger to the public during that time.

Patti Thompson

For the record, he can tell you he actually has no memory of the accident whatsoever.

Jim Schaefer

I don't know if it's actually going to work.

Kay Hughes

I think one of the things they are too easy on people that actually do this.

Barbara Green

I've had friends dead and see friends dead here that I actually grew up with.

David Kenney

He was revived actually at (mile) 25.

Rick Weiss

We're actually a major employer within the community.

Donna Green

They've done very well. They actually, as a group, are a little bit ahead of where I expected them to be.

Rick Lewis

This is actually really good news.

Tobias Brambrink

It was actually really empowering.

Stacey Simcik

We knew they could do well, but we were surprised at just how well they actually did.

Keith Cole

It actually helps to have played them, we know a little of what they're about.

Mark Slotsve

Here's one place where we're actually able to outbid the market.

Harold Levy

The AOL division actually came in worse than expected.

Fred Moran

For some of them it's actually their first tennis experience.

Doug Dexheimer

I'm actually surprised at the number of people who have come from out of state to come to CU.

Karen Reed

I actually think it's hilarious. It's really to the point.

George Drake

He is a man who has shown himself not to be the Minister for Social Development or actually a minister at all.

Judith Collins

So, I got up at 11 and it was actually 10 o'clock. Well, so it was 10 or it was 11. Well, it was 11 o'clock, but it felt like 10 o'clock.

Stephanie Black

Well, actually. Yeah it is.

Simon King

We actually have some interest from another pet store operator.

Larry Adler

You can actually see the bones of a mouse.

Adrian Benepe

We're actually still working on some of these things.

Kurt Kalb

Actually, I have to ask you: What's the weather going to be like tomorrow?

Helio Castroneves

You are actually talking to Obeidi? ... Where is he? What did he say?

David Albright

I made $215 - the $200 I figured I'd lose and the $15 I actually won.

Ken Harrelson

I'm actually more curious to hear what other people say to him.

Mark Finkelstein

When we get to the top of Kilimanjaro, we'll actually get to see the curvature of the Earth.

R.q. Shupe

This is actually a switch we could make very easily and very quickly.

Daniel Kammen

It was actually good, especially for the first harvest.

Carmen Maines

When you touched it, blood would actually squirt out. It was very realistic.

Lauren Arnett

Well, actually I have made the step to call them mom and dad.

Dominick Ballard

I have been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.

Mark Twain

I actually had a little R&B group, and Tito performed with me once.

Jerry Brookings

I never envisioned that I would actually have to get my hands dirty and start one of these things up and run it.

Roger Krapfl

I just hit the weights all summer. It actually paid off.

Rob Robinson

I actually danced as a child with my mom. There were very few boys who would dance.

Shuler Hensley

It turned out better actually than I thought it would, you know. This is outstanding.

Buck O'neil

I'm actually a rocker, stuck in a '70s dance tune.

Anwar Robinson

It was actually kind of thrilling to see it in person.

David Pagel

People actually started to come in just to see it.

Rainlove Lampariello

Actually I do not give interviews.

Christa Wolf

We're actually loose. I'll have to let that go.

Charlie Weis Jr

I actually learned a lot. I learned about the recruiting process and what it can do for you.

Patrick Jones

You never know how you will react until the situation actually occurs.

Martin Corry

We did not actually get to witness the reunion.

Deon Santisteven

You make me laugh so hard that I actually pee in my knickers.

Rachel Weisz

Actually, that's when I feel better. Giving up those two runs in the first got me mad.

Gilbert Diaz

I am a huge fan of lists (I actually make lists of the lists that I need to make).

Amber Smith

It's one thing to say you can't have executable code and another to actually prevent that from happening.

Andrew Jaquith

Our trails are actually in pretty good shape.

Bob Holloway

It was pretty fast for me, actually. I worked on it in very concentrated ways. . . .

James Still

We're actually a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Dirk Johnson

I'm not actually surprised. I think it's to be expected.

Debbie Wang

Actually, that's not true.

Chris Cornell

We're actually having practice today.

Blanche Arakaki

It was the amount of studying we actually had to do every day, every weekend.

Shane Kimbrough

I've never grown my hair much. It's actually fun just to be able to hold on to something.

Sergio Garcia

I can actually go to bed with this one without fear of losing my soul.

David Boreanaz

Telling Saddam that they were further along than they actually were.

Joseph Cirincione

This scene didn't actually make it to the final cut. I'm sure it'll be on the DVD.

Tony Wilson

Actually, having a ponytail made me who I am.

Chris Lasoya

George! ... Actually, I sort of like it when she does that.

Nicole Krauss

If we stay tighter and stay strong, it could actually help us.

Tyler Jones

He is better known for what he has promised to the sciences than for what he as actually done for them.

Antoine Lavoisier

Actually, we're crazy to do it.

Tom Fletcher

Give us a little bit of credit where we actually deserve credit.

Jennifer Holder