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Clearly, the Guidant vascular acquisition will positively contribute to that.

Miles White

The TCI acquisition shows how worried AT&T is about all this.

Robert Lucky

BOI needs an acquisition to maintain its growth.

David Liston

We will not actively pursue a US acquisition, and that is a significant change from where we were before.

Leonard Asper

Every acquisition of accommodation becomes material for assimilation, but assimilation always resists new accommodations.

Jean Piaget

We are extremely excited about this acquisition.

Bill Reeves

This seems to justify the Westinghouse acquisition from a strategic perspective.

Yoshiharu Izumi

The Syrian acquisition is a major breakthrough for us.

Subir Raha

The acquisition climate appears to be slowly improving.

David Rogers

It's a very good acquisition for P&G.

Robert Millen

We are confident that Abbott will enjoy the full benefits of the acquisition.

Jonathon Hamilton

This acquisition complements our strategy in medical products.

Miles White

Based on our PeopleSoft acquisition we should be able to integrate without much disruption.

Gregory Maffei

We've done one acquisition a year since 2003, so there is a chance of another one next year.

Keith Young

The acquisition of One2One is clearly not the end of our ambitions in this respect.

Ron Sommer

This acquisition is a logical extension of our existing business.

Tim Hockey

Somebody had to pay the price for the HBOC acquisition.

Michael Krensavage

Our initial focus is acquisition of existing assets.

Terry Thompson

There is no acquisition that is too large for Zapata to consider.

Malcolm Glazer

(It is) an acquisition which we would value as 'not really expensive.

Julius Baer

There are various merger and acquisition options that we can and will explore.

Frans Van Houten

Our acquisition strategy is still very much the same as before, but we are opening up our thinking a little.

Anders Igel

It is our hope that that commitment expands with this historic acquisition.

Ernie Suggs