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Except our own thoughts, there is nothing absolutely in our power.

Rene Descartes

Love is the only wealth that man absolutely needs. Love is the only wealth that God precisely is.

Sri Chinmoy

Not to be absolutely certain is, I think, one of the essential things in rationality.

Bertrand Russell

This is completely and absolutely unacceptable. The FAA has a lot to answer for.

Brian Kulpin

The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.

Samuel Johnson

The kids absolutely adore her. She loves it and is exhausted at the end of the day.

Alyson Mike

It would absolutely be built on.

Scott Worley

There is absolutely nothing wrong with honoring her. It's a big church.

Jerome Hames

Absolutely not. It's wrong, end of story.

Greg Mitchell

I have absolutely nothing to say.

Denise Griffin

Absolute faith corrupts as absolutely as absolute power.

Eric Hoffer

We deny this fabrication absolutely categorically.

Neil Hamilton

It's all hands on deck, absolutely.

Margaret Spellings

Right now it's all up in the air. We don't want to close the doors until we absolutely have to.

Karen Ruble

I love it, absolutely love it. I was thrilled to death to come over here.

Kathy Jones

They are absolutely delighted with the settlement.

Michael Alexander

Not to say that a monster storm couldn't take us out--that could absolutely happen.

Marsh Davis

If absolute power corrupts absolutely, does absolute powerlessness make you pure?

Harry Shearer

I'm absolutely shocked. I can't believe he went that high.

Dick Vitale

We cannot have an interchange at I-90 come out to a cow path. There are some needs that absolutely need to be met and that's one of them.

Sunil Puri

To be absolutely certain about something, one must know everything or nothing about it.


Only the madman is absolutely sure.

Robert Anton Wilson

Absolutely I'm asking for revenge.

Fernando Vargas

Absolutely, I'm worried about that.

Bruce Lanni

There are so many types of onions out there, it's absolutely unreal.

Larry Jensen

Absolutely. I couldn't have more confidence, and I fly the airplanes.

Kevin Finan

There should be absolutely no "Separation of Church and State" in America.

David Barton

This was absolutely, really needed because we were doing really badly this year.

Andy Serkis

He has been absolutely outstanding.

Rich Papirio

It was absolutely amazing how little panic there was.

Mark Rogers

Danny Nikolic made absolutely no attempt to do so.

Russell Lewis

Yes, it does. With what he's done to her, absolutely it does.

Detective Joanne Winston

I was absolutely impressed. I thought he was a wonderful man.

Lisa Johnson's

He will be absolutely over the moon.

Dorothy Woodward

It sounds like the knockout bid, it absolutely does.

Chuck Bradford

That had nothing to do with it, absolutely nothing. I was sorry he said that.

Robert Novak

I have absolutely nothing but praise for you. You played with focus.

Brian Lynch

I think that was absolutely the right choice.

Bill Black

We have absolutely no bearing and no influence on what [the industry is] saying.

Matthew Clark

I said, 'Absolutely!' I had always wanted to.

Jim Lucas

Absolutely untrue. It's just a damned lie.

Jim Hansen

The response has been absolutely fantastic - it has been overwhelming.

Chris Cook

We think this the absolutely easiest way to communicate it.

Jim Skinner

I'm going to look at accelerating it, ... I'm not going to say I can absolutely guarantee it, but I'm going to look at it.

Peter Kalikow

Absolutely. That's perfectly within the realm of what should be done.

Allen Lichtenstein

Absolutely not. I had none.

Rahm Emanuel

There is absolutely no idling.

George Curtin

He blew everything out. It was as bad as it gets, absolutely as bad as it gets.

George Paletta

You learn words you don't use ? like positively, absolutely and never.

Bud Grant

He was an absolutely beautiful person. Everybody who knew him said that.

Warren Cowan

Do we absolutely, absolutely know this is true?

Cathy Guisewite

That spot was absolutely atrocious.

Deron Clark

Oh, and she absolutely adored Reggie Miller. She was sad to see him leave.

Kris Beck

They had an absolutely blowout second quarter.

Jennifer Chao

I love it, I absolutely love it. I'm competitive. I want to win.

Rose Taylor

It's absolutely great. Especially as my birthday is on New Year's Eve.

Dianne Thompson

I absolutely remember where I was when I first heard it. It got me through adolescence.

Patti Smith

There is absolutely no indication that this is anything but an accident.

Craig Harvey

Oh, they'll go back, absolutely. Absolutely. Hey, they didn't stop coming, and that's a big thing.

Ron Santo

It's just absolutely gorgeous.

Kelly Klein

We're absolutely thrilled. He's a proven all-star and one of the top players in the NBA.

Rick Sund

I think they're silly in a way that's absolutely undemanding.

Janet Maslin

By the end of the year I was absolutely hooked.

Curtis Shaw

Absolutely. It would be hard not to take one of those four players.

Dan Hughes

Absolutely critical for interpretation of the battlefield.

Robert Sutton

Absolutely – they should be angry.

Daphne Greene

We got up in Dungog's faces and really tackled well, it was brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

Admiral Sir Alan West

Any other hurricane chaser has absolutely no respect for this guy at all.

Roger Hill

Yes, it will. It absolutely will.

Morley Safer

He was absolutely right, ... I have taken that to heart.

Jamie Lee Curtis

We've become absolutely the best of friends ever since.

Tom Cross

This is absolutely what was needed to satisfy Wall Street.

Csaba Csere

There is absolutely no indication this is a problem beyond the mailroom.

Phil Budahn

He absolutely is not guilty and did not strike that woman.

Orlando Gonzalez

Brandon was absolutely everywhere the whole game.

Bill Olsen

I'm just absolutely amazed at how things have worked out this year.

Kai Madsen

Know from whence you came. If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go.

James Baldwin

I'm surprised I haven't won a race -- absolutely.

Brendan Gaughan

It's spot on, absolutely perfect.

Craig Newitt

I'm stunned, absolutely stunned.

Robert Reid

I was the first guy of my era to do this. Everybody thought I was absolutely out of my mind.

Frank Stallone

I will absolutely not resign. I've been put here by shareholders to do a job, which I will do.

Gordon Miller

That's it, they had settled it absolutely.

Darren Prince

If she had wanted to kill Ford, she would have killed him. Absolutely.

John Virga

Has absolutely nothing to do with what you say.

Imad Eddin Barakat Yarkas

The evidence I have seen is absolutely clear-cut. If it wasn't clear-cut before, it's absolutely categorical now.

Peter Hain

It's an absolutely fantastic end to the mission.

Carlton Allen

There's absolutely no telling what was wrong with her.

Brandy King

I think it's absolutely ridiculous. It's just profiling.

Daniel White

We're powerhouses. We absolutely love life and new experiences.

Dacotah Splichalova

There is absolutely no connection.

Graham Morris

I am absolutely thrilled, ... It is magnificent.

Bernadette Castro

Like Chuck Franklin said, and like she said, she lost it. She absolutely lost it.

Mark Calhoon

I absolutely hate waste.

William Hall

This is total lunacy. It is absolutely not true.

Anton Nikiforov

We just absolutely pay zero (attention) to it.

Randy Ross

I'm absolutely fascinated every day that I'm up here.

Mary Phillips

A red herring... There's absolutely no gain for him out of it.

Arthur Anderson

I more than anyone am interested in an absolutely free election.

Leonid Kuchma

I couldn't wait to get in. I absolutely couldn't wait. It's going to be a new era in education.

Dexter Jackson

My childhood was absolutely delightful.

Kate Phillips

We are hopeful that it will (survive), but even if it does not, it is absolutely worth trying.

Stephen Peroutka

I absolutely felt the project was imminent. This is really an insult.

David Woods

It would be criminal to scrap it, absolutely terrible.

Frank Braynard

Comfort food is absolutely moving upscale.

Danny Meyer

She wanted more and more and her demands were absolutely exorbitant.

Bob Montgomery

It's been a whirlwind. Absolutely amazing.

Megan Vrabel

We'll absolutely be a part of whatever they piece together.

Steve Jordan

It is absolutely beautiful... This is one of most picturesque grounds in India.

Javagal Srinath

The bottom line was that absolutely nothing sold.

Barbara Haskell

There are absolutely no treatments for stroke in children. Zero.

Bradley Schlaggar

That's an absolutely false statement.

Robert Clark

They way these polar pits are retreating is absolutely astounding.

Jack Mustard

Absolutely, ... Is it a move to make another move, or is it the right move? If it's a move to make another move, then I really don't need to do it.

Al Golden

It was just an absolutely exciting experience.

Maggie Germaine

We've had to do absolutely nothing to the race car.

Jeff Horton

Absolutely, we owe her one.

Jill Officer

It's not true. It's absolutely not true.

Tad Decker

Oh yeah, absolutely. Upsets happen all the time.

Matt Worsham

A district championship, any time you can get it is absolutely huge.

Joe Kalb

I'm positively absolutely amazed at some of the things that people will do for $1,000.

Neil Bauman

They have absolutely no contact with these horses.

Sally Goswell

Today's performance was absolutely amazing.

Michael Strahan

I think that would be the ultimate goal. It would be absolutely hysterical.

Christopher Corbin

At one point I just felt I was absolutely gone.

Graeme Dott

It feels absolutely amazing.

Amanda Beard

It's absolutely incredible, and his retirement should be a celebration more than anything else.

Randy Cross

Was this out of the blue? Absolutely.

Steve Ruggiero

Absolutely, positively not. No way.

Mark Delegal

He was absolutely ecstatic. There was no way he was going to walk away without it.

Thomas Lindgren

His record as a prime minister is absolutely mediocre.

Brian Mulroney

When I saw [those reports], I called the two people who would have done that and they said they're absolutely not true.

Stephanie Cutter

He didn't say anything until he absolutely had to -- when his life was on the line.

Jeffrey Hawk

Tell us what you absolutely have to have to function.

Ray Graham

It was phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal. It's Billy Joel - what else do you have to say?

Josh Davis

Absolutely not. The only way of leaving is by the slab. You're in the mob for life.

Bruce Mouw

There absolutely will never be a situation like this again.

Bruce Levenson

AT&T is absolutely on the right track.

Brownlee Thomas

Absolutely, positively, from my point of view, it is DOA.

Sen. Susan Bartlett

She is absolutely herself. And that's just an absolute fact.

Jim Scantlin

What we are is a pharmacy clerk. We are absolutely not a pharmacist.

Linda Pinney

It's absolutely a real phenomenon. There are a lot of reasons why it's happening.

Peter Francese

I've had several things come my way. I would absolutely love to do things like that.

Mandisa Hundley

Is the climate more permissive now? Absolutely.

Phil Weiser

Same old, same old. Nothing special, but he's absolutely ready.

Brandon Macnaught

Let's do it. Absolutely. We will bear the cost.

Jim Petro

Syria had nothing to do with this murder, absolutely nothing.

Bashar Assad

There was absolutely no truth to what was said.

Jerry Keane

This is absolutely not the same thing as credit card fraud.

Richard Holmes

Are we paying him too much money? Absolutely not.

Linda Mitchell

An Englishman's way of speaking absolutely classifies him.

Alan Jay Lerner

That's what drives me absolutely crazy. I get that little out of (my round).

Scott Masingill

Now is absolutely the worst time for an optical IPO to come to market.

George Nichols

Yes, absolutely. That's the way the officer will measure it starting July 1.

Lee Schlesinger

There are a lot of songs that I absolutely love what I did.

Bill Wyman

Absolutely ... we can cause an upset.

Peter Drinnen

Absolutely. You're not laughing at them. You're really laughing with them. There are a lot of jokes in this movie, and they're in on them all.

Peter Farrelly

I absolutely never said such a thing. Nobody knew.

Geoffrey Fieger

There is absolutely no question about the sheer brutality of this act.

Roger Falk

Absolutely. I Cheetah all the time.

Ben Johnson

We're absolutely elated that the case is still alive.

Barbara Lyons

The world is watching us. Go have fun, absolutely go have fun, but don't disrespect anyone.

Toby Dawson

If I sound a little jealous, you are absolutely right.

Randy Jones

He was absolutely stoked. He was humbled and absolutely surprised when he found out.

Susan Miller

The cease-fire agreement is in jeopardy, absolutely.

Hagrup Haukland

We've absolutely called it a top-tier race.

Sarah Feinberg

Absolutely not. Are you kidding me?

Lee Corso

Absolutely. I have confidence in my team.

Stephanie Marshall

The message coming from Dave is absolutely spot-on.

Liz Nicholl

Did I practice a bit of hyperbole about the caravan process? Absolutely.

Jon Dolan

Absolutely not. We've got plenty of good guys. We've just got to get more out of them.

Glen Taylor

Absolutely no scientific track record.

Robert Lanza

They absolutely shut me down right off the bat.

Will James

Business Embezzlement -- Are You Absolutely Sure Your Business is Safe?

Jay Myers

They absolutely have to be out of that location by the end of April.

Megan Crandall

I absolutely think it has further to go.

Thomas Underwood

There is absolutely nothing in the file to indicate that.

Donald Manasse

Absolutely, there's nothing like it in the country.

Leah Rush

To my mind, from my understanding it's absolutely nonsense and it's ridiculous.

Maria Zakharova

This was absolutely a game that we should have won.

Dan Heckman

There's absolutely no connection between the campaign and government.

Melanie Fonder

The kids are absolutely thrilled. They've been very antsy.

Larry Haggquist

To die for a religion is easier than to live it absolutely.

Jorge Luis Borges

The scientific evidence is absolutely clear.

Linda Rosenstock

It absolutely has had a major impact on what?s coming in.

Terry Wood

We can't absolutely guess (the weight). We can only go by the parents and the breeders.

Nicole Rosenthal

It's ambitious ... it absolutely could get delayed.

Malcolm Bricklin

The problem is you've got to build something that's absolutely bombproof.

Michael Hawley

Absolutely. We thought we were better than what we showed that day. We were very crisp today.

John Bores

Do I think someone else will come to the table? Absolutely.

Gareth Jenkins

I am very proud of my deputies, ... They handled this situation absolutely perfectly.

Mike Winters

They absolutely ruined the race. I was already a little bit tired yesterday.

Martin Tauber

I have absolutely no knowledge of what Mr. Shah was talking about.

Peter Mcgowan

Definitely one of the highlights of my life. Absolutely.

Ronald Young

It is absolutely obvious that we have to keep up contacts.

Sergei Yastrzhembsky

We found that absolutely was not true.

Fred Harris

Absolutely, that's been a priority. That's been a purpose from the start.

Sandy Alderson

They absolutely have a monopoly over our operation. There was no alternative for us.

Mike Eggl

No, Blue Cross is absolutely not stockpiling cash.

Colleen Reitan

I don't have any degrees. I was a dropout. So I guess it's not absolutely necessary!

Walter Becker