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Abraham KuyperAlain de LilleAlbert BarnesAlbert Schweitzer
Andrew MelvilleArthur HertzbergAustin FarrerBenjamin Jowett
Bishop Robert SouthBruno BauerCharles HodgeCharles Hodges
Cotton MatherDietrich BonhoefferDorothee SolleEberhard Arnold
Ernest HolmesFrancis SchaefferGeorge GillespieGerald Vann
Hans KungHarvey CoxHugh BlairHugo Grotius
Huston SmithJean ClaudeJean Claude DuvalierJean Claude Killy
Johann G. SeumeJohann Kaspar LavaterJohn CalvinJohn Owen
John OwensJohn PearsonJohn TillotsonJohn Wycliffe
Karl BarthKarl RahnerMary Baker EddyMary Daly
Oswald ChambersPasquier QuesnelPaul TillichPeter Berger
Peter BergeronPeter LombardRalph CudworthReinhold Niebuhr
Richard HookerRobert Mcafee BrownRoger WilliamsRonald Knox
Rowan WilliamsSaint Thomas AquinasSt. Thomas AquinasStefan Wyszynski
Theodore ParkerThomas ErskineTryon EdwardsWilliam Barclay
William Paley