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Aaron SorkinAaron SpellingAndrew BrownArthur Cohn
Arthur FreedBob WeinsteinBruce PaltrowCecil B. DeMille
Chuck BarrisDavid E. KelleyDavid MerrickDick Wolf
Don HewittGene RoddenberryGeorge CukorGeorge Martin
George MartinezHarvey WeinsteinHoward LindsayIrving Thalberg
J. Michael StraczynskiJeffrey KatzenbergJerry BruckheimerJoel Silver
Joel SilvermanJosh SchwartzLew WassermanLorne Michaels
Matthew VaughnMichael ToddMichael WinnerMike Judge
Mike ToddNorman LearPete WatermanPeter Brook
Peter BrookesPeter BrooksRobert WiseRoger Corman
Samuel GoldwynSteven BochcoTrey Parker and Matt Stone