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Abe FortasAntonin ScaliaArthur J. GoldbergBen Lindsey
Benjamin CardozoCharles BowenCharles Evans HughesClarence Thomas
Dr. John MarshallEarl WarrenEdward LivingstonElena Kagan
Felix FrankfurterFrancis JeffreyGeorge JesselGeorge Sutherland
Giovanni FalconeHarold H. GreeneHarry A. BlackmunHugo Black
Irving R. KaufmanJames KentJohn AtkinsonJohn Haynes Holmes
John J. SiricaJohn JayJohn Jay ChapmanJohn Marshall (aide)
John Marshall (football Coach)John Marshall (researcher)John Marshall (us Army)John Paul Stevens
Joseph StoryJustice Anthony KennedyLearned HandLouis D. Brandeis
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.Potter StewartRichard PosnerRoy Moore
Ruth Bader GinsburgSir James MacKintoshSol WachtlerThomas Hughes
Thurgood MarshallTroy MooreWarren E. BurgerWilliam Blackstone
William J. Brennan, Jr.William O. Douglas